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Being a parent of multiples is amazing.  We get that you’ve already got your hands full without having to worry about cleaning up spew or having to change out of spewy clothes!


Cleaning up multiple lots of vomit is no fun at all.


At Spewy, we just want to make this parenting gig as easy as possible.  We developed a practical, versatile and hygienic product that contains spew, so there is no mess for you to clean up.


triplets vomiting


Whether it's for reflux, a vomiting bug or the car, the Spewy will be right there when you need it most.  Absorbing up to 2 litres of liquid and with the waterproof backing, nothing will leak through. We have you covered, literally!


Once used, it's as easy as placing it in the wash if you're home or popping it into the Wet Bag if you're in the car or out.  And the good news is that they are machine washable and can even go in the dryer (on low heat).


The Spewy™ measures 50cm x 60cm. Perfect to sit comfortably on a child’s lap in the car seat, while also big enough for a child to lay their head on and still have enough of the Spewy™ to protect the bed or lounge.


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For in the car or at home, Spewy will help make life a little easier when your child is sick.


Using the Spewy in the car


The Spewy can be used in the car by placing it over your child's lap. When your child spews, the layers of Microfiber and terry towelling will absorb the vomit and the waterproof backing protects your child and car seat from the spew.


Place the used one into your waterproof bag and this will help prevent that awful vomit car smell. Wash when you arrive home.


vomit catcher for car


Using the Spewy at home


There are several ways that you can you the Spewy at home depending on the age of your children. If you have younger multiples who are unwell and like to rest on you, you can place the it between yourself and them.  When they vomit, the Spewy will save you from having to change your clothes and shower.


twins vomiting


Or you can simply lay it on the lounge or bed. That way if your child is napping and they suddenly wake up and vomit, it's right there ready to be used as needed. It will save you having to clean the couch and having to wash spewy sheets. Just place the used Spewy in the wash and replace with a clean one.


You can use also use it for naked tummy time or as a comforter or blanket for your child.


For more ways to use your Spewy, click HERE.


spewing twins

Using the Spewy while out and about


The Spewy can be used as a change mat at home or when you're out and about.

For toilet training, it can be placed under your child when they are in the pram or even just sitting on a couch at a friends house. Then, if they have an accident your pram, or your friends couch, will stay dry and clean.  Simply place the it and any wet clothes into the waterproof bag.


Spewy vomit catcher twins


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Spewy bundle pack


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Frequently asked questions


For a full list of  FAQ’s please click here.


With lots of designs available, your child will LOVE their Spewy.


Whether it's for reflux, a vomiting bug or the car,
the Spewy will be right there when you need it most.


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twins always vomiting

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