Outnumbered – Twin Poem

poem about twins

Author: Monica Harber

A poem I wrote about what it is like to have twins.

It’s called ‘Outnumbered’ and it’s about just that, being outnumbered.


There’s more of them than there is of me.
How can I explain so that you can see?
You never experience the transition from one to two.
Instead, it goes straight from me to a few.
It’s reciting their birth order to remember their name.
Having to choose who first to tend to, torments you, fills you with shame.
So many products, places, outings so inaccessible.
The barriers, preparation, and multi-tasking; unimaginable.
You must sacrifice one to put the other in the car.
Checking that vehicles aren’t near but far.
Your needs don’t come second, but third or fourth.
Still, your heart when you cuddle them fills with such warmth.
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Tips for increasing female libido after having twins or triplets

female libido triplets

Author: Lovehoney Ambassador Chantelle Otten

Everyone’s libido (sex drive) is different and will have peaks and declines over time, this is completely normal and if you are experiencing either you are not alone.

Many things like lifestyles, sleep, stress, anxiety diet and physical wellbeing can all play a part in our sex drives. Pregnancy and motherhood affect most of the things just mentioned. Some women experience a higher sex drive whilst some women experience a lower sex drive after giving birth. The important thing to remember is to not compare yourself to others. Libido is based on what turns you on and how your body responds. 

increasing sexual desire after twins

If you’re looking for ways to boost or improve your libido after having twins or triplets, continue reading;

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Left hand dominance in twins and triplets

teaching twins to write

Author: Tarryn Dee from My Diffability Australia

Did you know that being left-handed can be the result of genetics as well as your surrounding environment? Males are more likely than females to be left-handed and even more interestingly, in about 20% of identical twins one is right-handed and the other is left-handed. 

I am an occupational therapist with over 10 years of experience in helping children to develop their fine motor skills and pre-writing skills. I am here to share some strategies and activities to help with developing hand dominance, and in particular to make things a little easier for the little lefties in our lives. Whether a child is left-handed or right-handed, it is still important for them to develop the use of a tripod pencil grasp.  This grasp is where the index finger and thumb pinch together and rest on the middle finger. 

hand dominance in twins
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Awakening your intimacy after twins, triplets or more

intimacy after having twins

Author: Isiah McKimmie

Taking care of your relationship can be challenging with little people around, more so with multiples! You’re tired, stressed, touched out, and have so little time for anything else anymore.

So how can you keep your relationship strong and, even, manage to keep a spark alive?  

I’m not going to tell you that it’s easy, but here are some tips to help awaken your intimacy after twins, triplets or more.

intimacy after triplets
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Tips for increasing male libido after having twins or triplets

male sex drive after twins

By Lovehoney Sex Coach Cam Fraser

Libido/sex drives are not a consistent straight line throughout our lives, it has ups and downs. Many things and factors influence our libido including hormones, life stage, and emotional and physical states. 

Becoming a parent to multiples is a massive life event and is full of ups and downs and learning all on its own. I love being a parent, and it’s so rewarding, but don’t get me wrong it comes with its challenges. 

The is stress, anxiety and worry can be multiplied with multiples. Add to this, the stress and anxiety over the last couple of years as a result of the pandemic and you have a heightened state of stress which isn’t conducive to sexual activity. Stress and libido do not mix. Lovehoney’s lockdown survey indicated that two thirds of Aussies said heightened stress impacted their sex lives. 

decreased male libido after triplets
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Left Over Right: How to Help Your Left-Handed Twins and Triplets Learn Life Skills

percentage of left handed twins

Author: Deb Hopper – Life Skills 4 Kids

Left-handed twins and triplets

It’s no secret that left-handed people are in the minority, with approximately 75% of the population being right-handed (one study estimates that truly left-handed people make up around 10% of the population. Men are more likely to be lefthanded than women, and twins and triplets are more likely to be left-handed than the rest of the population.

Lefties have some advantages …

Being left-handed in a right-handed world comes with some challenges, especially when it comes to the tools and gadgets we use to make everyday life easier.

But left-handed people also have some innate advantages over the rest of the population. Some sports, such as tennis, cricket and boxing, favour left-handed sportsmen as their opponents struggle to adjust to a different playing technique. Many of the world’s top sporting stars are left-handed.

Lefties are also better at problem-solving, a skill that comes in useful in a world that is built for the right-handed. Every day, left-handed people are faced with challenges that call for them to do things differently because they are often required to use tools and equipment designed for the right-handed.

Parents of left-handed twins will recognize the uniqueness a lefty brings to the family, but right-handed parents may also be struggling with teaching their child everyday skills such as tying shoelaces or using scissors.

Check out my tips below for helping your left-handed twins and triplets to learn essential skills.

left handed triplets
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Looking after multiples when sick yourself

Looking after twins when sick

Having multiples means you are already juggling and multi tasking at a pro level.  But looking after multiples when sick yourself adds a whole other level of difficulty.

Read our blog on 5 ways of minimising the spread of germs between multiples HERE.

Please note:  This article is written from a practical parenting point of view of looking after multiples when sick yourself.  Not from a medical point of view. Please contact your local GP or government organisation for medical advice.

Have a conversation and make a plan

Firstly, it is really important you have this conversation with your partner / friends / family BEFORE you get sick. 

You need a back up plan for how you will cope if one of you gets sick, if both of you get sick, if your children get sick, if all of you get sick.  Single parents, it is important you have several plans in place as well, in case your backup caregivers also get sick.

parenting twins when ill
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Triplets, twins and reducing the mental load with Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh and twins

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate blog, but I seriously LOVE Hello Fresh, so that’s why I am sharing it. My only regret is not doing it earlier when we were struggling with multiple newborn babies.

Those of you who are regular Twinfo readers know how much I talk about my twins and reducing the mental load where possible. The mental load of being a multi mum is huge (or Dad, but in my case most of their care falls to me so I am writing this blog from my point of view as a mum of multiples).

Plus….did you know that looking after newborn twins take approximately 19 hours a day?

I was at the point where my mental load was causing me to stress about my mental load! Crazy hey! So I decided to do a few things about it.

Triplets, twins and reducing the mental load

Firstly, I paid upfront for a 50 pack of Pilates classes.   Everyone talks about how exercise helps reduce stress levels, so I decided I would just do it.  And by paying up front I knew that this would mean I would go.  As I had already paid for it as I hate wasting money.

Then I looked at some of big things that put pressure on my mental load and Dave and I talked about what we could do to minimise those things.

My top one is Hello Fresh.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Hello Fresh as it has reduced my mental load considerably, and has actually made me a happier person.  (Seriously!). 

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Separating triplets at school

identical triplet boys same class or not

Author: Belinda Smith

There are decisions that we as parents of multiples make that parents of singletons never have to grapple with.  One that garners many a heated discussion is that of separating or splitting up our multiples when they start school. 

I have seen many multiple birth Facebook groups asking the same questions – “Do I keep them together? Do I separate? What has been everyone’s experience?”

As our boys started Prep this year (2021) I have spent some time over the previous two years asking myself these very same questions. 

I think this decision was compounded for me because I am also a teacher.  My mumma heart was saying ‘Keep them together! Starting school is a big step and they can support each other.’  However, my teacher brain was saying ‘Separate – how will they learn if they are constantly playing up together and not listening to the teacher!’ 

reasons to separate triplets at school
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Twins and Tutoring. Our experience.

choosing a tutor for twins

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Our girl/boy twins turned nine in year three.  We had kept them back a year (they did two years of kindy/pre-school) as they were end of June babies.  In Queensland the cut off is 30 June.  If they hadn’t had been born prematurely, they would have been going to school the following year, so we decided to keep them back.  So far, I don’t regret holding them back at all.

To separate twins at school or not?

Our twins were in the same class in Prep and Year One at school. 

You can read about their first year of school HERE.

We were going to split them in Year Two, however our teacher said that there was absolutely no reason to split them as far as their school work and school relationships went. So why put the extra pressure on myself to have them in separate classes and have to remember two different library days, two different swimming days etc.  She had two children of her own (two years apart). She said if she had a choice hers would be in the same class purely to cut down on the mental load.  

My partner had been away working FIFO for the second half of Year One. We weren’t sure what was happening with his job for the following year. So we decided to keep them together to make MY life easier.

how to find a tutor for twins
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