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Highchair Footrest

Multiple Birth Parent: Yes
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Designed by a twin mum!


Are your little ones kicking their legs rather than eating????

Imagine yourself sitting at a bar, eating your meal and having a drink. Imagine if you were sitting there, with your feet just dangling. It would be pretty uncomfortable! Babies can’t tell you how they feel. So, they spend their time wriggling and trying to get comfortable – rather than eating!


ikea highchair footrest twins


The Footsi® is a height adjustable footrest which attaches to the Ikea Antilop high chair, the Kmart Quadro, The Target Snacka, Big W Uno, Aldi Mamia or similar. It straps on and produces a stable rest point for feet, aligned under their knees.


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The simple, but clever invention, is attached quickly to highchairs and helps babies and toddlers achieve the ‘90,90,90’ posture recommended for eating by occupational therapists and nutritionists.


"When children sat in the chair with no footrest, they seemed to move more because they had less support for their body, resulting in fidgeting as they tried to get comfortable while performing the task. The body stabilization results between the two conditions also showed a statistically significant difference. Children moved more in the no footrest condition because they were trying to stabilize their lower bodies by wrapping their feet around the chair legs or trying to use the small cross bar beneath the seat, whereas in the condition with the footrest they had a place to rest their feet.“

Dr Greene


Most highchairs on the market DON’T have good foot support!


Either the child’s legs are dangling, or the foot support only ever suits them at the short time when their legs are a perfect length to reach the bar.


The benefits of having a footrest on the highchair means children have something to push against which adds a huge amount of comfort and support for them, usually without them even knowing it.


The Footsi is handmade from beautiful  timer and is height adjustable.   The wooden  highchair footrest is installed by o-rings underneath (and above if required) the footrest board.

The o-rings can be installed at various heights on the chair to adjust the footrest height.


high chair footrest nibble and rest


Shop for the Footsi HERE.

Use the code TWINFO10 for 10% off.


Fundamental foot support is vital for children of ALL ages!


The Nibble and Rest Footsi Grow is a height adjustable children's footrest.  The first of its kind worldwide, this footrest has been designed for children aged 3-9 years old.


dangling feet while eating


Shop for the Footsi Grow HERE.

Use the code TWINFO10 for 10% off.






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