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Picky Eater No More

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Are your kids displaying signs of fussy eating?

Does your child flat out refuse to try new foods?

Are you constantly trying to slip vegetables in front of an unsuspecting toddler?


fussy eating triplets


If you find yourself dealing with meal-time meltdowns or are concerned that your child isn’t getting the nutrient they need, you are not alone!

Join my FREE Picky Eater No More group today!


Tips and advice on all things picky eating!


As a mum of three fussy eaters, I know that feeding your kids can be a minefield at times. You want to be able to cook one meal for all not 4 individual ones and you want to have a stress free family attitude to food.

I am a parent lead nutritionist for kids and I have created a FREE online group for you to connect with other parents of fussy eaters and professionals who can help you.


fussy feeders twins


What is Picky Eater No More group all about?


  • It is a space for all parents with picky/fussy eaters and for anyone who just want to grow healthy eaters.
  • A space for you to feel safe and not alone in this journey.
  • A space for tips and advice to help you build eating habits for your family resulting in a good relationship with food for all.
  • A group led by a qualified Nutritionist and Health Related Qualified Practitioners.
  • Get weekly handy hints and surprise live chats with special guests.


If you’re in need of help and advice for your family then come join us.

Join my FREE Picky Eater No More group today!


You can find out more about me, and my qualifications HERE.



Figuring out what to feed our kids can be a bit of a minefield - especially when they’re fussy eaters!

Naturally, we want our kids to be as healthy as possible. We want to feel sure that they’re getting all the nutrition they need.   That’s why fussy eating can be a huge source of stress for so many parents out there. And it’s even more frustrating when there’s conflicting information around how to handle it.


picky eating triplets


Conventional advice to ‘ignore it’ or treat it like it’s a phase is well-meaning, but doesn’t consider the bigger issues that can be at play when your child is experiencing fussy eating.  This leaves us at our wits end, trying to think of ways to coax our kids to eat a more varied diet.


Do you feel like you’ve tried all the strategies you can think of…and yet, you’re still coming up short?


If so, join our closed group today.


With so much conflicting advice out there when it comes to food, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. But here’s what I need you to know: Living a healthy life isn’t meant to be so HARD.

Real health isn’t meant to be complicated, costly, or time-consuming, for you or your kids.

If you’re a parent and have a fussy eater join my private group today.

Twins picky eating


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