Desmoid Tumour after twin pregnancy.

desmoid tumour

Author: Naomi Dorland

September is Desmoid Tumour Awareness Month. 

What is a Desmoid Tumour I hear you ask?  I didn’t know either, until I was diagnosed with one. And I certainly never expected to be diagnosed with a Desmoid Tumour after twin pregnancy.

A lump under my c-section scar

When our twins were about 17 months old, I was laying in bed and I realised that there was a solid “bump” at one end of my c-section scar.  I’m not talking about an infected hair follicle sized bump, I’m talking about something that was firm, and felt like it was about the diameter of a golf ball.  

I was lucky in that my stomach went all the way down, back to pre-baby size, very quickly.  Also, I am of fairly slim build. When I lay on my back, my hip bones protrude.  So this lump was easy to feel when I was laying down.  When I stood up though, you could barely feel it.  I was busy with our 17mth old twins, so I didn’t really worry.  I’ve had at least a dozen lots of surgery for endometriosis, and I am extremely prone to adhesions.   So I just assumed it was endometriosis adhesions or scar tissue adhesions.  I decided to ignore it, as I didn’t have time to have more surgery to remove it, and it wasn’t life threatening.   Or so I thought!

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Adult Twin Relationship – Interview with 46 Year Old Twins

adult twin relationship

All twin parents wonder at some stage what their “babies” adult twin relationship will be like. Twinfo has been conducting a series of “twinterviews” to find out.

Denise and Linda are 46 years old.   They live at opposite ends of the country, however have an amazing bond.    Denise lives in Brisbane, Queensland, and Linda lives in Mandurah, Western Australia.

They are unsure if they are identical or fraternal.  We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

Adult Twin Relationship Twinterview

Are you identical twins or fraternal twins?

Denise:   Not sure as we haven’t been tested. We are the same blood type but my sister can curl her tongue and I can’t and that is a DNA trait. If identical (from a DNA point of view) then we wouldn’t be.

Linda:  Unsure.

8 year old twins
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Relationship after twins or triplets

our relationship after twins

Relationship after twins or triplets

When you are the parent of a small baby, you learn pretty quickly that you have less time for your partner than you did before. In general, you have less time for everything. When you are parenting twins or multiple babies there seems to be even less.

Twins are incredibly special and a blessing, no doubt, but with great blessings comes great responsibility (I stole that line from Spiderman).

The effort that goes into caring for one newborn is huge, and vastly different to anything either parent has experienced before. Then you double that with twins, and in the first twelve months of their young lives, the time commitment and work burden on the parents is simply overwhelming. It takes up virtually all of their waking hours (which are about 20 hours a day when you have newborn twins!). 

couple time after twins

Your relationship after twins or triplets

Some of the main reasons why parenting twins or triplets puts a strain on your relationship:

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Inline double prams for twins

Choosing Inline double prams for twins

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Choosing a pram is one of the hardest purchasing decisions when you find out you are pregnant with more than one baby.  There is so much to consider, and every multiple birth family has different requirements for a pram.

This blog highlights five of the inline double prams for twins currently on the market, written from the point of view of a twin parent. 

Each pram has been chosen for its unique point of difference, rather than for comparison of its similarities. 

5 advantages of an inline double pram for twins

  • Inline double prams can easily adjust from a single to a double pram.  On the (albeit possibly rare!) occasions where you only take one child out, you aren’t left pushing a double pram with only one child in it.
  • Inline prams are no wider than a single pram so you can fit through standard doorways.
  • Most inline prams have more versatile seating options.  You can choose to have both babies facing inwards, or both facing outwards.  You can also have the babies facing each other.
  • The majority of inline prams take a bassinet and convert to a travel system whereby compatible car capsules will attach to the pram.
  • Inline double prams are easier to lift into your boot. By taking the seats off the pram frame itself is much lighter to lift.

Twinfo has done a review on 5 of inline double prams for twins currently on the market

Prams are reviewed in alphabetical order

twin inline pram

The Babyhood Doppio XX Double is light to push, easy to fold, and looks fancy without breaking the budget.

Winning feature of the Babyhood Doppio XX Double for multi parents

The seats can be transformed from an upright seat to a fully flat bassinet with just a couple of clicks.  This makes the pram suitable from birth AND you don’t need to purchase separate bassinets for the pram – a double win!

If you are out for an extended time, and your babies get tired, you can easily change the seats into bassinets.   This means you don’t need to store the bassinets when using the seats and vice versa.

See how easy it is to change the seats to bassinets in this 20 second video HERE.

Babyhood Doppio XX Double twins

Main consideration of the Babyhood Doppio XX Double for multi parents

When you have both seats in bassinet mode it can be a bit awkward to get the bottom baby out.  Also, reaching the foot brake when it is in double bassinette mode can be a bit tricky.

Other benefits of Babyhood Doppio XX Double include:

  • An amazing sun drape which provides full sun coverage for each baby, while still offering breathable zones for air flow.  The added bonus for twin parents is that this is a great way to keep curious people from getting too close to your babies!!!
  • The seats have a summer and a winter mode.  The luxurious winter seat unzips to reveal a breathable mesh summer seat. Perfect for Australia’s changing climate!
  • As well as a large underneath basket, the Babyhood Doppio XX Double has a concealed storage pod in the front of the pram with a magnetic lid. 

Watch a full video on the Babyhood Doppio XX Double HERE.

Babyhood Doppio XX Double for twins

Dimensions of the Babyhood Doppio XX Double

Pram basket capacity:  Rear Storage – 4kg. Front Storage – 2kg

Child Maximum Weight per seat: 30kg per seat

Folded Dimensions:  L: 84cm W: 61.5cm H: 38cm (frame only)

Chassis Weight:  9.5kg

Seat Weight:  3.5kg

Bassinet Weight:  3.5kg

pram twins inline

The Baby Jogger City Select has a reputation as a great pram for twin parents.  The Baby Jogger City Select LUX is even better!  It has 25% more configurations that the standard Baby Jogger and is 30% smaller when folded.

Find out more HERE.

Winning feature of the Baby Jogger City Select LUX for multi parents

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX has a hand operated brake.  This brake can be used for decelerating as well as a parking brake.  As a twin parent, the decelerating brake is a game changer.  Considering you could be pushing 50kg in that pram, when you go down a steep incline there can be a few ‘heart in mouth’ moments.  A decelerating hand brake helps you safely stay in control. 

Baby Jogger City Select LUX for twins

Main consideration of the Baby Jogger City Select LUX for multi parents

When you are buying multiple things for multiple babies, the costs soon add up.  The Baby Jogger City Select LUX comes with the pram only.  They do have a huge range of fabulous accessories for purchase though, i.e. belly bars, cup holders, child snack trays (which are awesome!) etc. 

Other benefits of the Baby Jogger City Select LUX include:

  • A 30% smaller fold than the current City Select. When you fold it up, it automatically locks, which makes it a lot easier to carry, transport, and store.  Plus, the seats fold inwards, which helps keep the seats clean.
  • All wheel suspension and “forever air” tyres will never get a puncture or need pumping up.  No multi parent has time to deal with a flat tyre!
  • The SPF 50+ sun canopy can be adjusted for differing head heights as your toddlers grow.

Watch the full video on the Baby Jogger City Select LUX pram HERE.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX twins

Dimensions of the Baby Jogger City Select LUX

Pram basket capacity: 7kg

Child Maximum Weight per seat:  20kg

Folded Dimensions:   L: 77.5cm W: 54.5cm H: 25.5cm (with one seat)

Chassis Weight:  10.9kg

Seat Weight:  3kg

Bassinet Weight: 1.8kg

inline pram twins

iCandy prams have a great combination of style and functionality, and the iCandy Orange is no exception.  The iCandy Orange has a soft leatherette handle and a rotating bumper, which makes it much easier to get a wriggling child (or two!) in and out.

Find out more HERE.

Winning feature of the iCandy Orange Double for multi parents

iCandy have created rise adapters which gives the pram a ‘cinema seating design.  This allows you to maintain eye contact with both of your children when they are facing towards you.  Once they are older and want to see what’s happening in front of them, it allows the child in the back to easily see over the seat in front of them.  This gives both children an equal view, and we all know that equality is important when you have twins!

iCandy Orange Double twins

Main consideration of the iCandy Orange Double for multi parents

Like all inline prams, the iCandy Orange Double is long.  When you have both seats facing outwards you do need to pay attention to where you are going, as the front seat protrudes a fair way in front of the wheels.

Other benefits of the iCandy Orange Double include:

  • Regardless of if you are using car capsules, bassinets or the seats, you can always have both babies facing you, which is perfect when you have two newborns.
  • Both seats are the same size, so both children have the same amount of room.
  • The basket is enormous!  It will take up to 10kg weight, so there is no need to hunt for an elusive twin trolley at the supermarket. 

Watch the full video on the iCandy Orange Double pram HERE.

iCandy Orange Double for twins

Dimensions of the iCandy Orange Double

Pram basket capacity:  Up to 10kg

Child Maximum Weight per seat: 15kg

Folded Dimensions:  L: 85cm W: 61cm H: 30cm (frame only)

Chassis Weight: 9.4kg

Seat Weight: 2.9kg

Bassinet Weight: 4.0kg

double pram for twins inline

The Joolz Geo2 is for those who like to get out and about with their twins when possible. Combining ergonomic comfort, ease and design, the Joolz Geo2 is the ultimate companion for every family adventure.

Find out more HERE.

Winning feature of the Joolz Geo2 for multi parents

This is an all terrain pram.  Having twins means relying on a pram a bit more that you would with just a single child.    The Joolz Geo2 can go on any surface and has fabulous 4 wheel suspension.

Joolz Geo2 for twins

Main consideration of the Joolz Geo2 for multi parents

When this pram has the second seat attached, the pram basket must be removed. 

Other benefits of the Joolz Geo2 include:

  • The top seat position is at table height.  If you are at a café, you no longer need to find TWO highchairs, plus store a double pram somewhere.  Instead, roll one child straight up to the table. This is a definite bonus for parents of twins.
  • The Joolz Geo2 folds up in one smooth motion.  Even with two seats it is a compact one-piece fold.  
  • Comes with the bassinets, so you don’t need to purchase them additionally, making this pram suitable from birth.

Watch the full video on the Joolz Geo2 pram HERE.

Joolz Geo2 twins

Dimensions of the Joolz Geo2

Pram basket capacity:  Up to 10kg

Child Maximum Weight per seat: 22kg

Folded Dimensions:  L: 97cm W: 60cm H: 55cm (with one seat)

Chassis Weight:  11.3kg

Seat Weight:  3kg

Bassinet Weight:  4kg

choosing a twin inline pram

One of the more luxurious prams on the market.  It features leatherette handlebars, jersey padded seat liners and soft anti bacterial bamboo lining for the Bassinets.  When available, the Wave “twin bundle” is amazing value, as it comes with ALL the accessories i.e. 4 x mosquito nets, 4 rain covers, 2 reversible seat liners, 2 bassinet aprons, 2 seat footmuffs and a cup holder.   

Find out more HERE:

Winning feature of the Silver Cross Wave One plus One for multi parents

The high quality ventilated bassinets meet all Australian Safety standards, making it suitable for overnight sleeping.   Twin parents can save money by using the comfortable pram bassinets as regular bassinets.  You can easily wheel the babies around in the house, moving them from room to room as they sleep.

Silver Cross Wave One plus One twins

Main consideration of the Silver Cross Wave One plus One for multi parents

Due to its quality and sturdiness, the pram is slightly heavier that some. However, the seats can click in and out in seconds, and you can remove the wheels to make it easier to lift in and out of the car. 

Other benefits of the Silver Cross Wave One plus One include:

  • Goes into 30 configurations.  Yes – 30 different configurations!  No matter the mood of each baby, you are sure to find a winning combination for everyone. 
  • Has a smooth, easy fold mechanism and removable (puncture proof!) wheels. 
  • Great sun protection with a fully extending hood with pop out visor that is UPF50+.

Watch the full video on the Silver Cross Wave One plus One pram HERE.

Silver Cross Wave One plus One twins

Dimensions of the Silver Cross Wave One plus One

Pram basket capacity:  Up to 5KG

Child Maximum Weight per seat:  15KG per seat

Folded Dimensions:  L: 94cm  W: 60cm H: 38cm (frame only)

Chassis Weight:  12kg

Seat Weight:  3.3 kg

Bassinet Weight:  4.2kg


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Managing the daycare run with twins or triplets. 5 tips to help you.

daycare run hacks with twins

Managing the daycare run with twins or triplets

Do you have an older toddler who attends daycare and newborn multiples, or are your twins or triplets starting daycare? 

There are plenty of tips online about choosing a daycare. This blog isn’t about that, it’s about physically getting everyone to and from the daycare safely!

Once you have chosen a daycare, it won’t take long for the panic about the logistics sets in.  How on earth are you going manage the daycare run on your own with twins or triplets AND your older toddler, (if applicable)???  How will you manage to carry several capsules plus carry all the paraphernalia you need to take to daycare AND still hold on to your toddlers hand as you cross the carpark?

If you are just dropping your older toddler off, and keeping your multiples at home, AND you have a partner, see if they can do at least one of the drop offs or pickups.  Or ask a nearby grandparent to help.  This will save you having to take your newborn twins or triplets out at all.

If you can’t do this, then there is still no need to stress……Twinfo has you covered with our 5 top tips for managing the daycare run with twins or triplets.

daycare run with triplets
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Buying toys for twins and triplets

choosing toys for twins

When you blessed with twins, or really blessed with triplets, there are times where you do have to buy multiple items.  (Have you ever tried fitting two babies into one car seat?).  However, when it comes to toys, then there are many exceptions to this rule.

When it comes to buying toys for twins or more, as always, it depends on the situation. Should you get the same same, or same but different or totally different?

toys for triplets

Here are seven things you need to think about when it comes to buying toys for twins or triplets.

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5 Organisational tips for Breastfeeding Multiples

breastfeeding multiples

Firstly, this article is in no way meant to make those who were unable to breastfeed feel bad.  There are no tips in here on the physicalities of breastfeeding.  This blog is purely focussing on some organisational tips to help make breastfeeding multiples easier.

Trust me, there is nothing more frustrating than sitting on the couch, covered in multiple babies only to find you need something.  I’ve been there and done that!

Here are our top 5 organisational tips for breastfeeding multiples.

1. Go to the toilet before you start!

Make sure you go to the toilet before you sit down to feed them.  Trust me, 30 seconds of fussing from hungry babies is much preferable to having two babies pressing on your bladder, and then falling asleep on you and you having to wake them up before you wee all over the couch!!  This is especially important if your pelvic floor took a bit of a beating while you were pregnant with multiples.

tips for breastfeeding multiples
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Choosing names for twins, triplets and more

Names for triplets

Choosing one name is hard enough, but choosing two, three or more can be very overwhelming.  And that’s just the first names. 

Add to this, if you don’t know the genders of the babies…………..well you need to double this number again!

With literally thousand upon thousands of names out there, and “baby name books” that can be several inches thick, choosing names for twins or triplets may take a while.   

Please be aware that there are some names that can not be used.  Check your local Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act. 

In Victoria, for example, Section 4(1) of the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1996  defines a prohibited name to mean a name that:

  1. Is obscene or offensive
  2. Can’t be established by repute or usage
  3. Is contrary to the public interest.
rhyming names
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Taking one twin home first. MCDA Twins born at 29 weeks.

bringing one twin home from hospital before the other

Author:  Lauren Sinclair

MCDA Twins born at 29 weeks

On October 30th 2019, after a horribly painful last week of pregnancy, our MCDA twins Poppy and Layla were born after sudden onset Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome at 29 weeks. After being lucky enough to escape the early risk of TTTS in MCDA twins, within a two week period our girls went from being almost exact in size, to measuring a 30% discrepancy.

Twin to Twin Transfusion involves the shared placenta “rewiring” to send everything to one twin, and none to the other- resulting in extreme health risks for both babies. This was discovered in a routine ultrasound where I had been sure in my gut something was wrong, and they were delivered via emergency Caesarean section hours later. 

Poppy Gwen was born first weighing 1.4kgs.  She was rushed to NICU immediately because as the recipient twin, they were very concerned about the possibility of organ failure. Layla Louise arrived a minute later at 1kg, and I was allowed a very quick kiss before she too was rushed to NICU with her sister. 

MCDA Twins born at 29 weeks
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Should I Dress my Multiples the Same? Or Not?

dressing triplets in matching clothes

Author: Kath Doyle

Parents of multiples are faced with many decisions that parents of singletons don’t have to consider.  If your multiples are the same sex, one of the first ones is should I dress my multiples the same or not?

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer to this, but there are a few things to consider when you make this choice about should I dress my multiples the same or not?


Some parents choose to dress their multiples the same so that they only have to choose one outfit each day. While others love the fact that they not only get to choose one cute outfit each morning, they can choose two or three! 

However, choosing just one outfit isn’t as straightforward as it seems.  Babies are messy and often go through several outfit changes in a day.  If you have to change one, will you change them both so they still match?  Are you willing to do twice as much washing as you need to?  Will you take two identical versions of every spare outfit out with you?  There is only so much room in that nappy bag!

dressing twins the same
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