One on one time with twins or multiples. Tips to help.

how to get One on one time with twins

As your babies turn into little people with personalities, opinions and emotions, you should factor in spending some time one on one with twins, or each of your multiples.

Tips to Spend One on One Time with Twins or Multiples

One of the hardest things about having twins or multiple babies is finding the time. Finding the time for anything, I mean. Looking after newborn twins takes approximately 19 hours a day!

You probably fit in the essentials, like keeping your babies alive, and regularly keeping bottoms clean and getting them to stop crying and have some sleep. But beyond that, you might struggle to find time to do anything else.

As your babies turn into little people with personalities, opinions, and emotions, you should factor in spending some time one on one with each of your multiples.

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Fun Triplet Words for Parents of Triplets

fun triplet words trisane

Having triplets is amazing! Its not all hard work, there are many moments where there is triple the joy.

Here are some fun triplet words

Triagonising – When you don’t have enough arms to hold all three babies at once and they are all crying

Triathlon – what you feel like you have done when you try to get out of the house on time in the morning

Tricitement – The reaction upon finding you are pregnant with triplets

Triffic – What it’s like to be a parent of triplets

fun triplet words Trigantic
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Twins and a deployed husband

twins with deployed husband

Author: Sara Otero

My husband had only been away for 6 weeks when I found out I was pregnant. He was in the middle of his basic training in the Military and a very emotional video call was his way of finding out. The pregnancy was the easy bit, even though the majority of the time I was dealing with the scans and hospital visits without him. Fortunately, he was able to call regularly during his time away. There was a period of a few months where he was able to come home for weekends and he also managed to come to the week 20 scan.

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Post-partum hair loss after twins or triplets

twins and hair loss

Post-partum hair loss after twins or triplets

When it comes to pregnancy, we are often faced with different symptoms and side effects. Fortunately, many of these disappear once we have delivered our babies. However, there are a select few that decide to show themselves after we have given birth. Such as post-partum hair loss.

After birth and up to around the 6 month mark post-partum you may start to notice that you are developing a lot of hair loss. Not just the usual few strands being left behind here and there, but losing a LOT of hair. If you have noticed this happening, don’t stress – it is completely normal. It is a hormonal change that many of us go through after birth.

Let’s take a look into post-partum hair loss after twins or triplets in a bit more detail.

Post-partum hair loss and twins
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Fun Twin Words for Parents of Twins

Fun Twin Words for memes

Congratulations on being blessed with twins! Having twins can be so much fun……and then there are the times where you have a “twincident” and its not so much fun!

What is a “twincident” I hear you ask? Well….read on to find out.

Fun Twin Words for Parents of Twins

Twiblings – Siblings who are twins

Twiglets – When your twins act like little piglets

Twhingers – Twins who whinge.  A lot.

Twinadoes – Like a tornado.  But there are two of them.  And they live in your house permanently.

twin memes
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Twins born different days. Part three of my birth story

twins born either side of midnight

Author: Kirsten Smith

Twins born different days. This is part three of my birth story.  You can read part one and part two below.

Pre-eclampsia and twins.  Part one of my twin birth story.

Being induced with twins.  Part two of my twin birth story

Twins born different days was not something I ever thought would ever actually happen to me. But to be fair, I also wasn’t expecting to have twins … but here we are.

Giving birth to twins – Twin A

But suddenly it was go time, I was told to let the epidural wear off so I could feel the urge to push. Everything happened very quickly after that. Twin A was very easy to push out … sorry I mean cough out!

In fact it happened so quickly that the obstetrician almost missed it.

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Being induced with twins. Part two of my twin birth story

Being induced with twins

Author: Kirsten Smith

This is part two of my birth story – being induced with twins.  You can read part one below.

Pre-eclampsia and twins.  Part one of my twin birth story.

Being induced with twins

It was finally time to be done with the hell that was carrying two babies at the same time – I could of cried out of happiness … because there really was a time where I thought I’d be pregnant forever, or the babies wouldn’t last the entire pregnancy.

So off to the birthing suite we go to be induced with twins. Because I was already 3 centimeters all they needed to do was break my waters. So that labour could start.

That sounds pretty simple right … after all when waters break spontaneously its pretty simple with no pain. (I know because it happened with my oldest Bradley, I just thought I was peeing)

Ha ha HA (that’s me laughing at myself for thinking it would be an easy process)

My midwife (who was amazing and quite honestly I would have never got through the next few hours without her) pulls out a HUGE crochet hook … yep you read that right, a GIGANTIC CROCHET HOOK … which she shoved up my cervix and hooked Twin A’s amniotic sac.

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Preeclampsia and twins. Part one of my twin birth story.

preeclampsia in twin pregnancy

Author: Kirsten Smith

36 weeks pregnant with twins

Everything was going pretty well in the pregnancy (except for being unbelievably uncomfortable) until our last ultrasound at 36 weeks. In the lead up to this ultrasound I was so big and so uncomfortable and really just quite miserable – and honestly I was just waiting for the doctors to announce an induction date. I was pretty convinced I’d be pregnant forever, but also on constant alert for pre-term labour. It was a very confusing time.

Anyway, the 36 week ultrasound was FINALLY here and I was so excited to finally know when this was all going to end. (I’m such a miserable pregnant person)

So the ultrasound goes ahead, Twin A was doing really well she was head down and her estimated weight was about 2.7 kgs (awesome!)

But we discover that Twin B is still really small, and we suddenly realise why she had been small through out the pregnancy.

Twin B had a minor chord insertion, which basically meant that her umbilical chord was attached at the very end of the placenta instead of in the centre -so she was working extra hard to get nutrients.

So we spoke with the obstetrician and the midwife, and we agreed to set an induction date for the next week. Which would make the girls 37 weeks.

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Twins and Tutoring. Our experience.

choosing a tutor for twins

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Our girl/boy twins turned nine in year three.  We had kept them back a year (they did two years of kindy/pre-school) as they were end of June babies.  In Queensland the cut off is 30 June.  If they hadn’t had been born prematurely, they would have been going to school the following year, so we decided to keep them back.  So far, I don’t regret holding them back at all.

To separate twins at school or not?

Our twins were in the same class in Prep and Year One at school. 

You can read about their first year of school HERE.

We were going to split them in Year Two, however our teacher said that there was absolutely no reason to split them as far as their school work and school relationships went. So why put the extra pressure on myself to have them in separate classes and have to remember two different library days, two different swimming days etc.  She had two children of her own (two years apart). She said if she had a choice hers would be in the same class purely to cut down on the mental load.  

My partner had been away working FIFO for the second half of Year One. We weren’t sure what was happening with his job for the following year. So we decided to keep them together to make MY life easier.

how to find a tutor for twins
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Having twins – 31 years ago

30 year old twins

Author: Meg Roberts

I saw an ad once for a new birthing centre on the Sunshine Coast.  It said if you have experienced any of these situations, then we are the birthing centre for your next child:

  • High risk pregnancy
  • Low birth weight baby
  • High birth weight baby
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Caesarian Section
  • VBAC

Wow, I didn’t live on the Sunshine Coast and I was done having babies, but I could tick all those boxes.   And I think many of us can.  Having babies is risky business.  But we are very blessed in Australia to have excellent medical care and great health practitioners to help us on the journey.

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