A Natural Monochorionic Twin Birth – A Christian Twin Birth Story

Natural Monochorionic Twin Birth

Author:  Jemma Lichtendonk

I went into spontaneous labour at 36+6 and had a natural monochorionic twin birth. Our boys were both head down and arrived after only 2 hours of established labour.

My husband and I had been ‘training’ for this day

My husband and I had been ‘training’ for this day spiritually, physically and emotionally since we found out we were having twins at our 20 week scan. Twin pregnancy is so full on, especially being so ‘high risk’ with babies sharing a placenta, we prayed for a natural monochorionic twin birth.

On Sunday night we had a long prayer meeting with friends and committed all our fears to Jesus, it was hard, but we had to let go of what we were worried about, especially the timing of when I went into labour.

I feel like I spent most of my pregnancy worrying about pre term labour

Through God’s divine intervention we were able to escape induction talks twice and thankfully, Monday morning at 36+6, less than 10 hours from releasing our fears, my waters broke in bed at 6am. I was so over the moon! We had been told to call an ambulance as soon as I went into labour. My second birth had progressed quite quickly so the hospital staff weren’t interested in mucking around this time, especially not with monochorionic twins. Despite this, I felt totally at peace and knew we had enough time. I had a relaxing shower and prayed over what was about to come!

It was so bizarre being in a delivery suite and not being in active labour, I was pretty much just walking around trying to get things started! Not much was happening, I was being looked after and intermittently monitored by a beautiful midwife who kept very calm.

I had been praying that the right people would be rostered on for our birth.  And this midwife was definitely hand picked by God. At 10.30am a team of doctors came in.  We had a long, serious and scary talk about the need for an epidural again. It was so hard to hear. And quite exhausting trying to respectfully listen to all the risks but also not let the fear take over. The desire of our hearts was to have a natural, intervention free birth, but everywhere we turned we were told it was just too risky and just not possible.

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An unexpected twin vaginal birth at 28+3 weeks

Vaginal twin birth

Author:  Rebecca Story

Friday the 16th December 2016, I had my 28 week scan (a few days early) everything was fine. The boys were perfect, healthy and growing nicely as they should be.

That Sunday I started to feel uncomfortable.

I wasn’t worried though just thought I’d done too much around the house and needed to rest. I went to work on Monday and struggled to sit for as long as I normally could. I couldn’t get comfy in the seat. I was moody as hell and told my boss I wouldn’t be in the following day. So Tuesday I went to get a medical certificate from my GP, he wanted to give me 1 for the rest of the week but I said it would be fine as I was due to finish work that Friday. I then went and got my nails done. Walked around trying to find somewhere that sold my foundation and get my clients at work Christmas presents and it was hard. I was in so much pain. I told Shane he would have to go to the supermarket as the thought of walking around there almost bought me to tears.

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An amazing twin natural birth story (with professional birth photography)

twin birth photography

Author:  Skye Wilks

We found out we were having twins at our first ultrasound.

I’m always nervous when I go for an ultrasound due to four previous miscarriages before our daughter, so was already on edge. I had my 2 year old daughter and husband with me.  As soon as the technician put the Doppler on my belly I saw something different, she jumped and said ohhh! And removed the Doppler. So as you can imagine my world for a moment went ice cold and terrifying. She then continued and said there’s two babies. Off in the dark corner I hear my husband go “what”?! And my two year old proudly say “two babies!”.  I covered my mouth with both hands and sat quietly in shock. DCDA Twins which I was told was the safest twin pregnancy so we were already a head of the game. As I had been on clomid we knew there was a chance but never thought “it would happen to us”. We were excited, terrified and questioning if we would be capable of raising two babies and a toddler. 3 under 3, can it be done?

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Twin Breech Birth Story

Twin breech birth

Author: Alison Craddock

My doctor knew I wanted to birth my twins naturally, even if one was born breech.

On the 6th July 2017 I had an appointment at the Mercy Hospital for woman in Heidelberg, I was 35w 2d pregnant with my boy / girl twins. During my pregnancy I always knew that my son was head down and my daughter was transverse which means she was laying across under my ribs, my Doctor knew I wanted to give birth vaginally so was always upfront with me and informed me of possible birth scenarios, one being my daughter may be born breech.

I woke in the morning to a slight waters rupture so I waited for my appointment in the afternoon to discuss with my Doctor. I was admitted into hospital on the spot and my Doctor was hopeful I would go into natural labour overnight but if not, I would be getting induced in the morning.

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The average weight of twins is 2.5kg. But not these big boys!

Newborn twins family photo

My fraternal boys Lachlan and Luke, who were not born at the average weight of twins, will be 2 in May and this is their story.

I was divorced with two girls and at 28 years old I had my tubes tied. I had met someone else who had kids also so we agreed that we were “done”. As the years went on and my girls grew more independent that longing for a baby started up again… we bought a puppy! A few more years past and my husband opened his mouth and said “Yeah a baby would be nice.” You said that to the wrong person, Buddy. Haha. My girls were then 9 and 7. I went to a couple of different doctors about having my tubes reversed and they all gave me the same response… do IVF instead.
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Look at them now – fraternal boy twins, born at 26 weeks, are perfectly happy and healthy two year olds

Fraternal twin boys

Author: Tamara Edwards

We are a same sex couple, from Bathurst NSW. My partner Danni and I decided it was time to expand our family. We found a private donor, did all the legal paperwork to make it official. The donor was a friend who was extremely generous to give us this gift. After 2 1/2 years of trying and finding out I had low fertility and was not ovulating our medical team put me on clomid to help. After the first cycle we found out I was pregnant. We went to doctors and we worked out I was 6wks, our GP did a bedside ultrasound to confirm, he saw 1 sac, then there was another one, he wasn’t sure on 2nd one, so we were sent for ultrasound which confirmed fraternal twins. It was a smooth sailing pregnancy, no morning sickness, was feeling great. We went to Orange base hospital for our 20wk scans to confirm sexes and measurements, it was late Wednesday afternoon, we found out baby B was a boy, we were all smiles, baby A was being difficult, this is when it all changed, halfway through ultrasound sonography stopped, made a few phones calls, doctors came in etc. They found that my cervix was 5cm open and baby A was engaged. I was moved to maternity ward, a large team of doctors arrived and we had to make some hard and quick decisions. First thing Thursday morning I was rushed in for emergency surgery to have a rescue stitch put in and to try and save the pregnancy. The surgery went well, ultrasound didn’t show the full extent and I was more open than first thought, and baby A had to be gently pushed back in. Doctors advised we had a 90% chance of losing them both. The next few days were a blur, my partner was by my side the entire time and never left, we found out 2 days after surgery that baby A was also a boy and the surgeon told us he had blond hair lol. I was told I had an incompetent cervix, this is why I had the complications I spent 5 days in hospital flat on my back and was advised strict bed rest. I had to get to 24 weeks for babies to have a chance. I was sent home back to Bathurst and told to keep fingers, toes, legs crossed hahaha and pray. I had weekly appointments at the high risk clinic at Orange base hospital, who had been consulting with the Nepean hospital specialist about my case. Everything was staying stable and I was beating the odds, our boys were strong, healthy, big and growing very well. I was also told I had gestational diabetes, which would also be helping the boys be so big. Baby A was where all the concerns were, baby B was nice and high, laying transverse and was happy cooking away.

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Triplets (with surviving fraternal boy twins) born at 29+4

Author: Shannon Badke

Finally after 2 years of trying, 30kg weight loss and 2 months of hormone injections I got a positive test. After bloods and waiting for an ultrasound I found out was 6 weeks pregnant. The scan showed 3 sacs and 2 heart beats!! I was so shocked but excited. We went back 2 weeks later at 8 weeks and had 3 heartbeats! Still so shocked but so excited.

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My planned Caesarean for twins was the best option for me

Leo and Sid current photo

Author: Chelsea Millemaci

I was booked in for an elective planned caesarean section for twins on the 18/10/16 to have my little boys. Good date. I like even numbers. Why an elective section when both babies were head down? To put in simply and after having a year to look back and think about it. Fear. I was so scared of three things. One – being induced. I have only heard horror stories about induction, and most of these stories end up in emergency sections anyway. Two – pushing one out and the second one getting stuck and ending in a section anyway. Three – something happening to the babies during vaginal birth, the option of having a section made me feel more in control. If my babies were to get distressed, no worries. We had the support of a full medical team anyway.

Did I discuss these fears with a doctor? No. Should have I? Probably. Do I regret it? NO. I am proud of myself and confident I made the right decision regarding the birth of my baby boys. It was safe, swift and perfect. I have a glimmer of regret that I never felt labor. I feel a glimmer of sadness that I never got to push out a fresh beautiful baby and bring it to my chest. But who am I kidding? How much more can I ask for? I have two beautiful, healthy, thriving baby boys. I am the luckiest lady alive.

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Twin baby momma dance story (with video!)

twin baby momma dance

Author: J Moore

From the moments I was told I was expecting twins it was so surreal. I would never have thought at the time that I would have a viral twin baby momma dance! I was laughing and crying. Crying only because we had planned baby #3 thinking we would be able to be financially stable enough to have “one more”.   I didn’t have morning sickness or any big complications but the biggest hurdle for me was my OB.  At my 12 week appointment my OB told me that he’d be booking in a cesarean at 37 weeks, after 2 natural births and my friend who was also a twin Mum having hers naturally, I knew it was possible. However they weren’t giving me any options to have them naturally.  I left the appointment in tears and my partner and I vowed to at least try to see if I could find an OB that would help me attempt a natural birth – don’t get me wrong, if the babies were breech I’d take the doctors advice and go for the cesarean, but I wanted the option of natural if everything lined up.

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Identical girl twins – born at 34+1

Author:  Anonymous

We found out we were pregnant with twins at 12 weeks, our original scan only showed one bub so finding out it was twins later on was a complete surprise but we were also filled with pure excitement having always wanted twins but never thought it was possible as they don’t run in either of our families.

We were pregnant with Identical twin girls, my pregnancy went pretty smoothly compared to some, I had no morning sickness however did end up with gestational diabetes which was very disappointing considering the life I lived before falling pregnant.

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