Triplets (with surviving fraternal boy twins) born at 29+4

Author: Shannon Badke

Finally after 2 years of trying, 30kg weight loss and 2 months of hormone injections I got a positive test. After bloods and waiting for an ultrasound I found out was 6 weeks pregnant. The scan showed 3 sacs and 2 heart beats!! I was so shocked but excited. We went back 2 weeks later at 8 weeks and had 3 heartbeats! Still so shocked but so excited.

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My planned cesarean for twins

Leo and Sid current photo

Author: Chelsea Millemaci

I was booked in for an elective planned cesarean section on the 18/10/16 to have my little boys. Good date. I like even numbers. Why an elective section when both babies were head down? To put in simply and after having a year to look back and think about it. Fear. I was so scared of three things. One – being induced. I have only heard horror stories about induction, and most of these stories end up in emergency sections anyway. Two – pushing one out and the second one getting stuck and ending in a section anyway. Three – something happening to the babies during vaginal birth, the option of having a section made me feel more in control, if my babies were to get distressed, no worries, we had the support of a full medical team anyway. Did I discuss these fears with a doctor? No. Should have I? Probably. Do I regret it? NO. I am proud of myself and confident I made the right decision regarding the birth of my baby boys. It was safe, swift and perfect. I have a glimmer of regret that I never felt labor, I feel a glimmer of sadness that I never got to push out a fresh beautiful baby and bring it to my chest. But who am I kidding? How much more can I ask for? I have two beautiful, healthy, thriving baby boys. I am the luckiest lady alive.

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I danced my babies out!!! A twin baby momma dance story (with video!).

First cuddles

Author: J Moore

From the moments I was told I was expecting twins it was so surreal I was laughing and crying. Crying only because we had planned baby #3 thinking we would be able to be financially stable enough to have “one more”.  I didn’t have morning sickness or any big complications but the biggest hurdle for me was my OB.  At my 12 week appointment my OB told me that he’d be booking in a cesarean at 37 weeks, after 2 natural births and my friend who was also a twin Mum having hers naturally, I knew it was possible. However they weren’t giving me any options to have them naturally.  I left the appointment in tears and my partner and I vowed to at least try to see if I could find an OB that would help me attempt a natural birth – don’t get me wrong, if the babies were breech I’d take the doctors advice and go for the cesarean, but I wanted the option of natural if everything lined up.

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Identical girl twins – born at 34+1

Author:  Anonymous

We found out we were pregnant with twins at 12 weeks, our original scan only showed one bub so finding out it was twins later on was a complete surprise but we were also filled with pure excitement having always wanted twins but never thought it was possible as they don’t run in either of our families.

We were pregnant with Identical twin girls, my pregnancy went pretty smoothly compared to some, I had no morning sickness however did end up with gestational diabetes which was very disappointing considering the life I lived before falling pregnant.

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Fraternal girls twins – born at 31+6

Author – Kirsty Smith


The nursery was all set up, it had been for five years, a cot that that I had found at the markets and painted white matched the change table and drawers. The linen was in neutral pastel colours.

Month after month and still no pregnancy, it was time for medical intervention. We tried artificial insemination several times with no luck, then on our very first IVF attempt it worked!!!! We could not believe our luck! At seven weeks we went for a scan, I was so nervous, I expected them to say it was a mistake and that we would be back to the drawing board.

Then the sonographer very casually said “Okay, there is a heartbeat, and there is another one.” What the? Two? Surely not! My head was spinning, my husband was beaming! TWINS!!!

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