Private hospital for twins or triplets

giving birth to twins private hospital

One of the first “care” decisions you will need to make when you find out you are pregnant with twins or triplets is if you will birth in a public or private hospital.

We asked some of our Twinfo members why they decided to birth in a private hospital for twins or triplets.

Private hospital for twins or triplets


We chose private as I was high risk with my own medical conditions, and after ivf we wanted our own private doctor, I needed my own room as I have anxiety and stress around others.  And wanted my husband to be able to stay.  I was told with being public having him stay wasn’t able option.  Our health fund paid majority of it which is fantastic. We chose our hospital for the facilities though, as they have a pregnancy assessment unit.  Plus our OB’s office is a street behind the hospital.  Great facilities (wards, food wise, rooms, NICU etc) and we live 30 minutes away. We were out of catchment zone for their public hospital though.

choosing a private hospital for twins
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Triplets born at 27 weeks

Identical triplets born at 27 weeks

Author: Belinda Smith

Falling pregnant naturally with identical triplets was of course never part of our plan! We ‘discovered’ our little bundles at the first scan (13 weeks) leaving us very little time to adjust to the news and accept how different our life was about to become.  Of course we knew that being triplets they would be born early. However it was still a bit of a shock when they came at 27 weeks.

Pregnant with identical triplets

My pregnancy was actually pretty enjoyable and incident free.  I had a bit of nausea in the first trimester and tiredness like I had never experienced before.  Once we got to the second trimester I was feeling great.  Given the risk factors we were facing the babies were scanned every two weeks from that first scan and they received great reports every time – great length and weights and no signs of Twin to Twin Syndrome

So when Baby A’s waters broke at 27 weeks and 0 days we weren’t really expecting it.  In fact that next week I had plans to pack my hospital bag and get my hair coloured one last time before the babies were born.

born at 27 weeks prognosis
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Public hospital for twins or triplets

public system for twins

One of the first “care” decisions you will need to make when you find out you are pregnant with twins or triplets is if you will birth in a public or private hospital.

We asked some of our Twinfo members why they decided to birth in a public hospital for twins or triplets.

Public hospital for twins or triplets


Private hospitals are expensive and I don’t have private health cover. I have no complaints about the public system, particularly in my twin pregnancy. Saw the same OB for the vast majority of my appointments. I had a six night stay in a private room after my delivery (my husband also stayed in the room for those nights). Plus received great care both during the pregnancy and after delivery. All I paid for out of pocket was my gestational diabetes supplies and $13 for the vitamins my Twin B was discharged with.

Also, with what I know now I wouldn’t have chosen private even if I did have private health cover. I’ve seen too many people get turfed from private OBs when they became too high risk. And those with complications who were hoping to deliver in a private hospital end up needing to deliver in the public system because private wasn’t equipped to care for them/their babies.

birthing twins public hospital
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My twin vaginal and c-section birth story

twin vaginal and c-section birth story

Author: Natasha Lowrey

As I sit here in the hospital bed with one baby on my chest and the other snuffling in the double cot next to me I thought I’d take a few moments to reflect on the whirlwind of events of the past few days. More to get my head around it than anything else and to preserve a few key images before they disappear into the black hole of sleep deprivation and double newborns. Let’s see how I go.

My twin vaginal and c-section birth story

We’ll start the day before in the obstetrician’s office.

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Twins born different days. Part three of my birth story

twins born either side of midnight

Author: Kirsten Smith

Twins born different days. This is part three of my birth story.  You can read part one and part two below.

Pre-eclampsia and twins.  Part one of my twin birth story.

Being induced with twins.  Part two of my twin birth story

Twins born different days was not something I ever thought would ever actually happen to me. But to be fair, I also wasn’t expecting to have twins … but here we are.

Giving birth to twins – Twin A

But suddenly it was go time, I was told to let the epidural wear off so I could feel the urge to push. Everything happened very quickly after that. Twin A was very easy to push out … sorry I mean cough out!

In fact it happened so quickly that the obstetrician almost missed it.

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Being induced with twins. Part two of my twin birth story

Being induced with twins

Author: Kirsten Smith

This is part two of my birth story – being induced with twins.  You can read part one below.

Pre-eclampsia and twins.  Part one of my twin birth story.

Being induced with twins

It was finally time to be done with the hell that was carrying two babies at the same time – I could of cried out of happiness … because there really was a time where I thought I’d be pregnant forever, or the babies wouldn’t last the entire pregnancy.

So off to the birthing suite we go to be induced with twins. Because I was already 3 centimeters all they needed to do was break my waters. So that labour could start.

That sounds pretty simple right … after all when waters break spontaneously its pretty simple with no pain. (I know because it happened with my oldest Bradley, I just thought I was peeing)

Ha ha HA (that’s me laughing at myself for thinking it would be an easy process)

My midwife (who was amazing and quite honestly I would have never got through the next few hours without her) pulls out a HUGE crochet hook … yep you read that right, a GIGANTIC CROCHET HOOK … which she shoved up my cervix and hooked Twin A’s amniotic sac.

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Having twins – 31 years ago

30 year old twins

Author: Meg Roberts

I saw an ad once for a new birthing centre on the Sunshine Coast.  It said if you have experienced any of these situations, then we are the birthing centre for your next child:

  • High risk pregnancy
  • Low birth weight baby
  • High birth weight baby
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Caesarian Section
  • VBAC

Wow, I didn’t live on the Sunshine Coast and I was done having babies, but I could tick all those boxes.   And I think many of us can.  Having babies is risky business.  But we are very blessed in Australia to have excellent medical care and great health practitioners to help us on the journey.

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Taking one twin home first. MCDA Twins born at 29 weeks.

bringing one twin home from hospital before the other

Author:  Lauren Sinclair

MCDA Twins born at 29 weeks

On October 30th 2019, after a horribly painful last week of pregnancy, our MCDA twins Poppy and Layla were born after sudden onset Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome at 29 weeks. After being lucky enough to escape the early risk of TTTS in MCDA twins, within a two week period our girls went from being almost exact in size, to measuring a 30% discrepancy.

Twin to Twin Transfusion involves the shared placenta “rewiring” to send everything to one twin, and none to the other- resulting in extreme health risks for both babies. This was discovered in a routine ultrasound where I had been sure in my gut something was wrong, and they were delivered via emergency Caesarean section hours later. 

Poppy Gwen was born first weighing 1.4kgs.  She was rushed to NICU immediately because as the recipient twin, they were very concerned about the possibility of organ failure. Layla Louise arrived a minute later at 1kg, and I was allowed a very quick kiss before she too was rushed to NICU with her sister. 

MCDA Twins born at 29 weeks
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Birthing twins during COVID-19

COVID-19 twin birth

Author: Lana Siryani

I gave birth to twins during the enforced lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic. I also gave birth to my singleton in a pre-covid world.

The hardest part of birthing twins during COVID-19

In 2020, during the birth of my twins, I was unable to have any physical contact with my singleton for the duration of my hospital stay. That was the most difficult part of giving birth during COVID-19.

Needless to say, there were numerous video calls which helped my singleton connect with me and his newborn twin siblings. It was also easy for my singleton to reach me because I was able to make myself available as much as I could whilst in hospital.

giving birth to twins during coronavirus
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Drug free natural twin birth story. Twins born in 16 minutes from first push!

drug free twin birth story

Author: Tiffany Visser

My drug free natural twin birth

After a mere 16 minutes of pushing I had just given birth to TWO children and I had done it drug free. Here is my twin birth story.

36 weeks pregnant with MCDA twins

On the evening of April 27th 2016 I was getting ready for bed when I turned to my husband Nathan in tears and said I couldn’t do this anymore. At officially 36 weeks pregnant with MCDA twins I had reach the point of exhaustion both mentally and physically.

Mentally because I had spent my entire pregnancy with what I can now identify as perinatal depression and anxiety.  I was convinced from the moment I was told that I was having twins that something was going to go wrong and I spent my entire pregnancy googling everything that could possibly happen. I was driven to believe that I didn’t deserve to have two healthy children when there were so many women around me that would give anything to experience pregnancy.

Ironically, I actually had a text book perfect pregnancy – morning sickness in the first trimester is the biggest complaint I have.

36 weeks pregnant with MCDA twins
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