C-section for twins or triplets: Things you may not expect.

C-Section Delivery for Twins or Triplet

Over half of multiple birth deliveries result in needing a c-section for twins and almost all triplet births. This can be for a number of different reasons including sizing, early delivery, personal choice and emergency c-sections when there are issues that arise.

 Having a c-section can be daunting for mums to be and the thought of it can be worrisome. However, delivering your babies and looking out for both the health of mum and bubs is paramount. It may be the safest way to deliver your babies. When it comes to having a c-section for twins or triplets, you will receive a lot of advice and recommendations from the doctors. They will talk you through the procedure, the preparation, and the healing time. But what about the things you didn’t expect during your c-section? The things no one mentioned? We asked our community at Parents of Multiples Australia what they didn’t expect during their c-section and how they felt. These are their personal responses.

Caesarean Section Delivery of twins

C-section for twins: The amount of people in the room  

You see in the movies where there is you, your partner and a nurse and doctor in the delivery room. However, a twin c-section is very different from this. 

There are a lot of hands involved in both the delivery and taking care of the babies once they are out. Twice the babies means twice the people!

The difficulty of the epidural

Many of our community members mentioned that placing the epidural was difficult. 

You need to be in a particular position for the epidural needle to be placed in the correct spot in the back. When you have two (or three) babies in your belly, it can make moving into the correct position difficult. 

It may take more than one attempt to place the epidural successfully. 

Epidural Anesthesia Injection for C-section Delivery

The movement

Have you ever had a local anaesthetic put in your mouth to have a tooth removed? You can’t feel the tooth being removed, but you can feel the tugging and pulling around your mouth.

A epidural gives the same effect during your c-section. You can’t feel the cutting or any actual pain, but you can feel your body being tugged at, moved around and things being pulled. 

It is a strange feeling.  Someone once referred to it as like tugging off a gumboot that is one size too small! You can feel it, but it doesn’t hurt.

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C-section for twins: The love

A lot of mums when they first find out that they have to have a c-section do become upset. There is the common misconception that giving birth via c-section is not classed as actually giving birth. 

The thought of missing out on a natural birth can be upsetting. Some mothers worry that they won’t have that instant connection of love that they would get with a vaginal birth. 

However, this isn’t the case. In most cases you are still awake (if an epidural is used and not a general anaesthetic), you still hear your baby come out and cry for the first time. And in many cases you will still have your babies put on your chest. 

The love and connection after a c-section for twins or triplets is just as strong as it would have been with a natural birth. Trust us! 

C-section for twins or triplet

The vomiting

It isn’t the nicest of memories to have, but due to the different medications you are given through the c-section there is the chance of throwing up. 

Your medical team will be there to help you through any moments of feeling unwell, cleaning you up if you do vomit and assisting with anti-nausea medications if needed. 

The recovery

A c-section is a major surgery and it is expected that it will take some time to recover. However, many mums in our community said that they weren’t expecting to feel as good as they did in the days following the procedure. 

Pain and discomfort are expected, but when it came to being able to get up, shower and walk around they didn’t expect to be able to do it as well as they did. 

It was a big sigh of relief for them!

Healed Caesarean-Section Wound

C-section for twins or triplets

If you’re scheduled for a c-section for twins or triplets, or are just wanting to prepare yourself, there is a lot of information out there. Make sure you discuss all options with your doctors and decide on what is best for you and your babies. 

Note: The comments above are all based off personal experiences and are not deemed as medical advice.


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