Losing friends after having twins or triplets

finding twin dad friends

A lot of things change after starting a family.  Sadly one common and unexpected change is losing friends after having twins or triplets.

Things that change after having twins or triplets

Of course you realise that things will change once your multiples are born.  Your day-to-day routines will change. Your career may be put on hold so that you can continue to care for your babies at home. Let’s not even mention the changes in your body! And even your relationship with your partner will change.  But loosing friends is often not something that crosses peoples minds.

losing friends after having twins or triplets
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Finding a Nanny for Twins or More

finding the right nanny for twins

Our babies are so precious and invaluable to us. It is understandable why making the decision of finding a nanny for twins or more can seem overwhelmingly daunting.

Amanda is founder of The Nanny Balance, a Brisbane based childcare solutions agency specialising in nanny and au pair connections Australia wide.

She is going to lighten that load by running through some questions you may have been pondering in your consideration of employing a nanny for twins or more.

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Special Care Nursery and Twins. Tips from a Twin Dad.

special care nursery and twins dads tips

Author: Chris Scott

Until you have been down the Special Care Nursery (SCN) with your own twins, its hard to really understand what it is like.

Twin Dad, Chris, shares his tips.

You can read Chris’s full pregnancy and birth story HERE

Special Care Nursery and Twins. Tips from a Twin Dad.

A few quick pictures of Cathy and kids, a last kiss with her and off I had to go with the kids, I wasn’t expecting this, but as the kids needed to be checked, etc. and no name tags/bands had been placed on them yet, I needed to stay with them to ensure that they were my kids.

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One on one time with twins or multiples. Tips to help.

how to get One on one time with twins

As your babies turn into little people with personalities, opinions and emotions, you should factor in spending some time one on one with twins, or each of your multiples.

Tips to Spend One on One Time with Twins or Multiples

One of the hardest things about having twins or multiple babies is finding the time. Finding the time for anything, I mean. Looking after newborn twins takes approximately 19 hours a day!

You probably fit in the essentials, like keeping your babies alive, and regularly keeping bottoms clean and getting them to stop crying and have some sleep. But beyond that, you might struggle to find time to do anything else.

As your babies turn into little people with personalities, opinions, and emotions, you should factor in spending some time one on one with each of your multiples.

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Fun Triplet Words for Parents of Triplets

fun triplet words trisane

Having triplets is amazing! Its not all hard work, there are many moments where there is triple the joy.

Here are some fun triplet words

Triagonising – When you don’t have enough arms to hold all three babies at once and they are all crying

Triathlon – what you feel like you have done when you try to get out of the house on time in the morning

Tricitement – The reaction upon finding you are pregnant with triplets

Triffic – What it’s like to be a parent of triplets

fun triplet words Trigantic
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Twins and a deployed husband

twins with deployed husband

Author: Sara Otero

My husband had only been away for 6 weeks when I found out I was pregnant. He was in the middle of his basic training in the Military and a very emotional video call was his way of finding out. The pregnancy was the easy bit, even though the majority of the time I was dealing with the scans and hospital visits without him. Fortunately, he was able to call regularly during his time away. There was a period of a few months where he was able to come home for weekends and he also managed to come to the week 20 scan.

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Post-partum hair loss after twins or triplets

twins and hair loss

Post-partum hair loss after twins or triplets

When it comes to pregnancy, we are often faced with different symptoms and side effects. Fortunately, many of these disappear once we have delivered our babies. However, there are a select few that decide to show themselves after we have given birth. Such as post-partum hair loss.

After birth and up to around the 6 month mark post-partum you may start to notice that you are developing a lot of hair loss. Not just the usual few strands being left behind here and there, but losing a LOT of hair. If you have noticed this happening, don’t stress – it is completely normal. It is a hormonal change that many of us go through after birth.

Let’s take a look into post-partum hair loss after twins or triplets in a bit more detail.

Post-partum hair loss and twins
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Fun Twin Words for Parents of Twins

Fun Twin Words for memes

Congratulations on being blessed with twins! Having twins can be so much fun……and then there are the times where you have a “twincident” and its not so much fun!

What is a “twincident” I hear you ask? Well….read on to find out.

Fun Twin Words for Parents of Twins

Twiblings – Siblings who are twins

Twiglets – When your twins act like little piglets

Twhingers – Twins who whinge.  A lot.

Twinadoes – Like a tornado.  But there are two of them.  And they live in your house permanently.

twin memes
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Camping with Twins, Triplets or More

Camping with twins or triplets

Author: Jenni from Big Vans, Kids and Camping

So, you’re thinking of going camping, but are you crazy considering it with twins, triplets or more?

Short answer…….NO YOU’RE NOT!!!

You are definitely not crazy, in our opinion, if you are organised and have thought it out, then it’s definitely a winner.  Camping comes in all sorts of forms and doesn’t have to mean a tent, and why should it be any harder than someone else taking their children.  If you are keen then we say “GO FOR IT”!!  

Here are some of our tips.

caravanning and twins
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Five reasons why backpack harnesses or wrist style leashes for twins, triplets or more are GREAT!

backpack harness for twins

Backpack harnesses or wrist style leashes for twins or triplets

Backpack harnesses or wrist style leashes for twins or triplets can sometimes be a controversial topic.  As the ‘perfect parent I was before I had children’, I certainly ‘judged’ those that used them. 

And then I had children of my own, and not just one child, but two.  At once. And now I understand.   With that said I want to apologize for being the perfect parent (who had no kids!) and was judgy. I never made snide comments to people nor was I rude about it to them about it but in my head I was totally judging.  Which was wrong.

Backpack harnesses or wrist style leashes DO NOT make you a bad parent.  Remember, your babies your rules.  No one has a right to shame you for it, not even family!

As a multiple birth parent myself, I have realised that there is no one way or easy way to take care of your babies.  So if something makes your life simpler, then do it!

leashes for triplets
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