Sleep tips for twins, triplets and more

sleep tips for twins

One of our resident sleep experts, Tanya Greene from Sleep Right Sleep Tight shares her sleep tips for twins, triplets or more.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became a baby sleep consultant?

I have been working with children for 15 years now, and personally am a Mum to 4 gorgeous children.  I worked in Childcare before having my own family, and then gained my qualifications to help other sleep deprived families get a great night sleep.  My passion is helping each individual family get through those sleepless nights and bedtime struggles.

I made the decision to help other families through their sleep struggles after having problems with our daughters sleep.  She was 15 months at the time and waking approx. 5 times a night.  Where we were living at the time there was no help, so I turned to an online program.  We had amazing success!  From this, I knew my path was to help families in similar situations as ours.

Why is it important to help your twins or triplets learn to settle on their own?

A baby’s sleep patterns are affected by what is happening throughout their bedtime.  They generally look for whatever is happening at this point to be repeated throughout their night when they wake.  If your twins or triplet are reliant on outside aids, dummy’s, feeds etc. in order to fall asleep, you will find that waking throughout their night, they need these to come back to get themselves back to sleep.  They are what we call sleep associations.
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Stress free toilet training for twins

toilet training twins

Our guest blogger Shannon from Project Revive and Thrive shares her experience with toilet training twins.


I’ll be the first to admit, toilet training does not excite me, not one bit.

The only thing I like about toilet training is that I won’t have to pay for nappies anymore. As far as the how and the why go, I didn’t really do any research about toilet training.

I just knew it had to be a stress-free toilet training process. Although to be honest, I was hoping daycare would sort it out for me.

Toilet training does seem to be a high traffic topic on the mummy blogs. You’ll find constant questions like how do I train my 18 months to go to the toilet, how to toilet train boys, the guide to toilet training in a day, the secrets to the 3-day toilet training program etc.

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Attachment parenting twins or multiples – what worked for me

attachment parenting twins

Author: Twinfo

I couldn’t wait to be a mother.  Even though I didn’t realise it was an actual term, I was really looking forward to attachment parenting.   It just seemed the natural thing to do.  To be honest, I didn’t realise there was really any other way to parent.

We had a fairly rough start to parenthood. When couples start thinking about having a baby, infertility never comes to mind. Unfortunately for us, it was a subject that we soon knew a lot more about than we had ever expected. Thankfully, after 8 soul destroying rounds of IVF, and one twin miscarriage along the way, we finally able to announce to the world (OK…….Facebook!) that we were having a baby! I couldn’t wait to have a water birth, delay cord clamping and respond to  the beautiful newborn cry. Plus co-sleep, baby wear and breastfeed my single baby. Oh, hang on….its twins??? Really???? OK, our bedroom will only fit a queen bed, how we will all fit in there? I have three bulging discs so I won’t be able to tandem carry them, and what do I do if they are both crying??? How will I possibly breastfeed two babies at once?? Everyone is telling me I won’t be able to have a natural birth or breastfeed???

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How to survive Christmas with twins or multiples

Christmas with triplets

Guest post for KidSpot

Author:  Twinfo


It’s Christmas.  Again.  I am not sure why I am so surprised, seeming as it happens on the same day every year.  It just seems to come around faster every year!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas.  Not many of our family live in the same city as us, so we usually travel to them.  I don’t mind, as it means that we can just sit and relax, and not try to do the endless jobs around the house that the extended time of work would usually lend itself to.  Plus there are often relatives who are happy to entertain your multiples, giving you an opportunity for a break for an hour or two.

Children make Christmas so much more fun.  And having twins, triplets, quads or more makes Christmas multiply more fun!  Christmas is a great time to relax and spend some time with your multiples.

Twinfo have put together some tips to help you survive the festive season with your multiples.

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Biting, and how to minimise it

Author: Twinfo

Biting is a stage that all toddlers seem to go through.  Biting is certainly not just a problem if you have multiples, all toddlers seem to do it at some stage.  It just seems doubly (or triply!) bad when you have several toddlers of the same age who bite each other.  I don’t know if it was just me, but I was always relieved that my twins tended to only bite each other, rather than other children.  Infact, as far as I know, my twins only ever bit another child three times between them (unfortunately it was the same child each time!).  However, they did bite each other occasionally.

Children generally bite for a reason and before they have the language skills to express what they are trying to convey.  They may be trying to express their frustration at something, someone maybe in their personal space, they may not want to share a particular toy, or it may simply be because they are tired, overwhelmed or are teething.  The best way to understand why your toddler has bitten someone is to evaluate what prior to the bite occurring.  If you can identify this, then you can hopefully prevent it from happening again.

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Bringing your babies home from the Special Care Nursery

Author: Twinfo


Many families worry when they take their babies home from the Special Care Nursery (SCN). SCN is for sick and preterm babies.  A lot of multiple birth babies do not need to ever go to SCN.  Some may have to go just for a few hours for monitoring; others may have an extended stay in there.  If your multiples are in there as a result of being preterm, then you can usually expect to be able to take them home around the same time as their projected due date.  While there is great relief in finally taking your babies home, it is also the start of a different set of challenges.  It is perfectly normal to have conflicting emotions.  Remember, the hospital won’t release them until they are confident that the babies will be fine at home with you.  Hopefully this also means your babies will no longer require any medical equipment, such as oxygen or feeding tubes at home.  The hospital will have been “preparing you”, maybe without you even being aware of it, by getting you to do as much of the babies’ cares as possible.  However, in saying that, it can be very overwhelming.  Do not feel ashamed to reach out for some help, be it from family or friends or from professionals.

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Twin Babywearing

Author:  Naomi Burgess

I didn’t start baby wearing my oldest until she was a few months old so when I fell pregnant the second time I was looking forward to being able to wear a newborn. I had visions of wearing my little baby while dropping my oldest off at preschool and avoiding the hassle of getting the pram in and out of the car every time I went anywhere. Then at my 12 week scan I discovered I was having twins…

Suddenly the whole idea of baby wearing was up in there air. Could I wear two babies at the same time? Would it be possible or even practical? I had so many questions but many got pushed aside as I dealt with more urgent twin related decisions and research. I quickly checked that my beloved sling I had with my oldest could handle newborn twins and left the rest to deal with later.

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Dealing with the possibility of anaphylaxis in multiple birth families

Author: Anonymous

We did BLW (Baby Lead Weaning) with our twins. BLW means not worrying about spending ages making different purées and just letting your babies feed themselves. Seriously – who with twins has time to make combinations of pureed sweet potato and peas????

All went really well………………until……………I inadvertently introduced a “high risk allergen” food, without even knowing it! The humble kiwi fruit.

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Breastfeeding twins. From expressing to tandem feeding.

Author – Anonymous

Our twins were born at 34 weeks and spent 5 weeks in NICU/SCN, mainly learning how to feed. I had done the ABA breastfeeding course, and while I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, I felt well prepared. In the end, however, I had had an emergency c-section at 34 weeks, and wasn’t really with it after the birth. As I didn’t have my babies physically with me, the hospital moved me to a gynae ward, rather than maternity, as the maternity ward was so full. At the time, I didn’t mind, but thinking back, it was not the right place for me to be. No one spoke to me about expressing colostrum etc. It wasn’t until I was wheeled down to NICU/SCN to see the babies that one of the nurses asked me if I had any to feed them with. I felt so stupid, and was quite angry with myself once I found out that I could hand express it and they could tube feed it to the babies. I knew the value of colostrum, but it never occurred to me to try to hand express it. I went back up to the ward with a renewed sense of purpose, and basically demanded that someone come and show me how to hand express. As it was not a maternity ward, my request was quite low on their priority list, but eventually a nurse came and helped me. I called and orderly to request a wheelchair to get to the colostrum to babies, but by the time that was organised it was way past their feed time and they had had to give them some formula. By then, the babies were 48 hours old and my milk was starting to come in. I started using the hospitals double electric pump and was soon producing good volumes of milk. I remember after I had had my first “decent” cuddle with Alexis, which lasted just over an hour, I was able to express 80 mls. Not bad for my third day!!!

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Raising Twins And Multiples- How To Survive The First Year

Did you just find out that you will be raising twins?  All of a sudden the doctor looks at you with a big smile, and says “there are 2 heartbeats, you are having twins”. You are shocked, excited and scared all at the same time.  There are a million thoughts running through your head. You look over to your partner and they have gone a very pale shade of white. What have we done!

The first year is crazy, hectic, exhausting and completely overwhelming. Being a mum to just one baby is overwhelming let alone 2 babies or more. It is a life altering event but an experience and blessing you wouldn’t change for the world!   

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