Twing Swing – Where to find one in Australia

twing swing at local park

We all know how much kids enjoy going to the park. And now, some parks have made it much easier for twin parents! (Sorry triplet parents!!!)

Drumroll please…………….and enter the twing swing!!!

The technicalities of the twing swing

Let’s get this covered first and foremost so we can move onto the fun stuff!

Formally, they aren’t called a ‘Twing’, and technically they are not designed for twins. It was just a cool name I came up with one day when I saw my first one.

Officially they are called a “toddler swing” and they typically have two sets of leg holes, one larger than the other to accommodate different size children, including those with mobility issues. They are not actually designed to put two children back to back as swinging children back to back could cause a clash of heads. So by putting two children in one swing, you are not using it for its intended purpose.

By using one of these “toddler swings” as a “twing” you are doing so at your own risk!

park with double swing

Benefits of swinging

Swinging is one of the best activities for young children to develop their sensory system. When a child swings, they are developing their ability to adapt to different sensations.

Swinging can help them develop their fine motor skills and hand strength via gripping and as they get older it helps develop their gross motor skills via the pumping of their legs.

One of the main benefits of swinging though is the development of core strength and balance.

Believe it or not, the twisting “up” of a swing and allowing them to “spin down” is also good for children’s development. Spinning on a swing simultaneously stimulates the different parts of a child’s brain. This is important for learning skills such as muscle control, balance, rhythm and spatial awareness.

public parks with double swings

The benefits of a twing swing

For me personally, the benefits of a twing swing far outweighed the risks. However, each family needs to make their own judgment call on this.

  • You only need to push ONE swing. No need to run back and forth between two swings
  • There are no arguments about who is swinging higher
  • Usually, at a park there is one ‘toddler’ swing and one ‘big swing’. A twing swing saves a lot of arguments about who is going to go first
  • Both babies/toddlers are contained in the one twing swing so you don’t need to panic about the one crawling around looking for cigarette butts to eat while you push the other.
  • You don’t need to worry that one toddler is going to toddle in front of the swing and get bowled over, as they are both contained in the same twing swing
  • Did I mention………you only need to push ONE swing!!
family swing

Where can I find a twing in Australia?

Look no further! Our lovely members in the Parents of Multiples Facebook group have been busy scouting them out for us.

Click on the map below to find your closest Twing.

There are several varieties of twings. Some even allow an adult to swing at the same time.

Click HERE to find the closest twing to you.

Do you know of a twing that isn’t listed?

Complete THIS form, and we will get it added ASAP.

If one of the markers on the map isn’t quite right, please take a screenshot of our map and mark exactly where the twing is, and we will get it updated.

Please email your screenshot through to and we will be able to correct it for other families to find.

twing swings

Happy twinging!

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