Preeclampsia and twins. Part one of my twin birth story.

preeclampsia in twin pregnancy

Author: Kirsten Smith

36 weeks pregnant with twins

Everything was going pretty well in the pregnancy (except for being unbelievably uncomfortable) until our last ultrasound at 36 weeks. In the lead up to this ultrasound I was so big and so uncomfortable and really just quite miserable – and honestly I was just waiting for the doctors to announce an induction date. I was pretty convinced I’d be pregnant forever, but also on constant alert for pre-term labour. It was a very confusing time.

Anyway, the 36 week ultrasound was FINALLY here and I was so excited to finally know when this was all going to end. (I’m such a miserable pregnant person)

So the ultrasound goes ahead, Twin A was doing really well she was head down and her estimated weight was about 2.7 kgs (awesome!)

But we discover that Twin B is still really small, and we suddenly realise why she had been small through out the pregnancy.

Twin B had a minor chord insertion, which basically meant that her umbilical chord was attached at the very end of the placenta instead of in the centre -so she was working extra hard to get nutrients.

So we spoke with the obstetrician and the midwife, and we agreed to set an induction date for the next week. Which would make the girls 37 weeks.

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Having twins – 31 years ago

30 year old twins

Author: Meg Roberts

I saw an ad once for a new birthing centre on the Sunshine Coast.  It said if you have experienced any of these situations, then we are the birthing centre for your next child:

  • High risk pregnancy
  • Low birth weight baby
  • High birth weight baby
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Caesarian Section
  • VBAC

Wow, I didn’t live on the Sunshine Coast and I was done having babies, but I could tick all those boxes.   And I think many of us can.  Having babies is risky business.  But we are very blessed in Australia to have excellent medical care and great health practitioners to help us on the journey.

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Stretch marks with twin or triplet pregnancy

stretchmarks and triplets

Stretch marks with twin or triplet pregnancy

Stretch marks with twin or triplet pregnancy is one of the things that women fear most.   While stretch marks are not harmful, but they can cause women to feel distressed.  Yes, of course we are all grateful for our body and the amazing things it has done in carrying two, three or even four babies at once.  And yes, we all know they are our “tiger stripes which we have earned and that we should wear them with pride”.  

However, like anything, you are still allowed to mourn the fact that they have appeared!  It doesn’t make you selfish or self-centred. 

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Partial placenta abruption with twins at 23 weeks. Twins born at 30 + 5 weeks.

twins born at 30 weeks

Author:  Amanda Munday

When we found out we were expecting twins We were overwhelmed with shock and joy. We would soon be parents of 4 under 4.

Finding out we were pregnant with twins – at 11 weeks.

Our first scan at 8 week’s only showed us one baby.

At 11 week’s after a fall & having a small bleed I presented at the ED, we had a quick bedside ultrasound with the Dr showing us one healthy baby and heartbeat, and him mistaking the second baby as my bladder!  

I laughed and asked why my bladder was moving… not expecting him to tell me “oh wow, that’s actually another baby”

Little did we know our journey was going to be far from easy.

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Twins born at 36+2 weeks. My twin birth story

twins in hospital

Author: Victoria Milner

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be a mum to twins!

I always thought as soon as I decided the time was right to have a baby, yes A BABY, yeah one, It would happen just like that. At the drop of a hat.

Finding out we were pregnant with twins

Boy had I got that wrong. It took a few years of trying to conceive, which resulted in a miscarriage at 7 weeks. As time went by we left it and said hey, it will happen when it happens or if not, then it’s not meant to be.  A few months later I was pregnant, at our first scan the only thing I remember the lady saying to us was “do twins run in the family?” shocked and speechless, we couldn’t believe it! two babies!!! it’s hard enough to get pregnant with one, right?

Cervical stitch at 20 weeks pregnant with twins
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Purchasing our car for triplets | Three across the back

car seats for triplets

Author: Belinda Smith

When I found out I was pregnant I was driving a single cab Proton Jumbuck Ute!  Great for transporting my dogs but definitely not a car you would find in the family garage!  Looking at our finances we decided we could comfortably afford something like a small SUV.  This is of course under the assumption that we were having one baby.  After the complete shock of finding out we were in fact having three babies we knew that the small SUV was not going to cut the multiple mustard!

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Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Twins. My Journey into Motherhood

anxiety and birth of twins

Author: Robynne

My journey into motherhood has not been without its challenges some of which I didn’t even realise I was facing until much later on.

I am one of the very fortunate women who has been blessed with amazing fertility. My whole family in fact. After being on the pill for nearly a decade it only took us 6 months to fall pregnant with our daughter (now 3.5 years old).

The pregnancy itself from a medical standpoint was very ordinary. There were no complications physically, she was growing perfectly! My body did amazing!

Being diagnosed with depression and anxiety while pregnant

My mental health however was declining, rapidly. It wasn’t until my husband finally said something about halfway through about my increasing outbursts and extreme mood swings did I finally realise something was wrong.

Together we booked my appointment to see the GP. I was terrified. I went alone, as that is what I wanted. Taking a deep breath I walked in and immediately burst into tears. I cried so much. I felt like I was failing my unborn daughter and my husband not to mention everyone else in my life. But she reassured me I was in the right place.

Based on the severity of my depression and anxiety a low dose of medication was decided to be the best action for both the health of myself and my baby. It helped. So much. I felt more level, I worried a little less. It helped my husband and I reconnect.

pregnant with twins and anxiety
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IVF identical Twins | The Roller-coaster of Infertility

IVF process and twins

Author: Lauren Smith

Diagnosed with unexplained infertility at the age of 27

Unexplained infertility is not something you are prepared to hear when you’re 27 years old, and have been trying to conceive for over a year. It’s not a commonly used term around friends your age. And it’s certainly not something you’ve thought you may suffer from, particularly at what is seen to be a young age to conceive. But the reality is, 1 in 6 couples will struggle with infertility and it’s a lot more common than people realise.

I was 26 years old when my husband and I starting trying for a baby. No one tells you just how stressful it actually is. At 27 I had surgery for what was thought to be endometriosis. Turns out, there was nothing wrong. This was both the best and worst thing to hear at the same time. I went from relief that I didn’t have endometriosis, to complete sadness knowing there was no reason I couldn’t conceive. And so began our fertility treatments.

unexplained infertility and twins
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Anxiety due to Coronavirus

COVID-19 and anxiety

Author: Amanda Curran, Registered Psychologist

Dealing with the anxiety around COVID-19

Information is coming from every angle, and it’s confusing.

Things are changing by the day, and even by the hour.

anxiety from coronavirus

It would be easy to panic, feel your heart race when someone sneezes or coughs around you, but is this helpful?

For the majority of people COVOD-19 will not enter your home. And if it does you will feel unwell for a week or so (or may not even know you have it) and then recover fully, able to re-enter your life fully after all symptoms have subsided. Some however will get very ill, very quickly and will need medical attention.

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Twin Pregnancy and Bell’s Palsy

pregnant with twins and bells palsy

Author:  Renae Foggiato

Finding out I was pregnant with twins

It was the last day of our first family holiday with our almost 1 year old boy when I found out that I was pregnant again. Right from the start everything felt different with this pregnancy, I was feeling very nauseous and extremely tired, however I just thought to myself, every pregnancy is different.

We had a dating scan at 7 weeks, and the sonographer quickly found the first baby and then he said to us ‘and there is the 2nd one’. I remember asking him again what he said, and his reply was ‘twins’. My husband and I just kind of stared at each other. We were going to be parents of 3 kids under 2. We saw our Obstetrician at about 10 weeks and she confirmed that we were having MCDA twins.

33 weeks pregnant with twins

My pregnancy continued to progress relatively smoothly. I had an appointment with my Dr when I was 32+6 weeks. The Dr mentioned to me that my blood pressure was up a little bit but nothing to be concerned about at this stage. She just advised that if I started to feel light headed etc to go and get my blood pressure checked and then give her a call.

5 days later (33+4), I woke up not feeling the best. I took my son to a regular play group that we attended and on my way home I was talking to my husband and saying that I think I will go and get my blood pressure checked after Lucas woke up as I was feeling a bit light headed. Also I had a slight twitch in my left eye, but I didn’t think much of it, just one of my nerves being a bit funny.

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