Supporting employees pregnant with twins, triplets or more

team member who is expecting twins

Author: Sarah Lavis

Is your colleague expecting twins, triplets or more? How can employers best support employees bringing multiple babies into the world?

Being pregnant with multiples is such an exciting time, but there are a few things employers should be aware of during the pregnancy, maternity leave period and the ultimate return to work. It’s quite different to expecting one baby and comes with a unique set of challenges. Being informed of what a multiple birth pregnancy entails, knowing how to support an expectant multiple birth parent and ultimately being their advocate will set your employee up for success in the workplace.

Note: This article is written about mothers welcoming twins, but much of it applies to those expecting triplets or more as well as partners.

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Multiple birth pregnancies are a different type of pregnancy

A twin pregnancy comes with higher risks which means more appointments. Be aware that there will be multiple scans, tests and more that will require time away from the workplace. And with each appointment comes a quite a bit of stress due to the complications which can occur with twin pregnancies.

Supporting employees pregnant with twins or multiples: There are some off-limit conversations

Please do not ask your colleague if the twins were conceived through IVF. Fertility is such a personal topic and this is information that your colleague will share with you if comfortable, not for you to ask. Do not ask if this was a planned pregnancy, you generally can’t plan for twins! And do not ask about birth plans.  C-sections are often not how twin mothers want to give birth, but sometimes they don’t have any other option. 

Expect your team member to finish early

Many twin pregnancies result in babies born before 36 weeks. Expect your team member to go on maternity leave earlier than a singleton pregnancy. Also growing two babies is exhausting, so don’t be surprised if your team member wants to wrap up early. Have the conversation regarding when they would like to take maternity leave. Planning for a maternity leave cover to be trained up and ready to go is key. 

coworker pregnant with twins

Supporting employees pregnant with twins or multiples: Don’t be surprised if your team member doesn’t get to do a handover

With the risk of premature birth being higher, please recognise that your colleague may go for a routine appointment and give birth to their babies that day. 

If your colleague does have premature babies

Make sure they know the company and the team is supportive of them. Going through a premature birth experience can be incredibly traumatic and often challenging for weeks to months ahead. 

Supporting employees pregnant with twins or multiples: When the babies arrive

Learning how to parent one child is challenging enough. Learning how to parent two at the same time is a whole new ballgame! If your colleague had a c-section, they won’t be able to drive for at least six weeks and will be housebound while recovering.

If you want to send a gift, send the gift of food! A voucher to The Dinner Ladies is a fantastic gift and takes the pressure off cooking. When in the newborn phase of three hourly feeds around the clock, the last thing new twin parents want to think about is their next meal.

Many families opt to have their twins immunised at six weeks and won’t bring their babies into the workplace until after the eight week mark. Do not push your colleague to bring the babies into the workplace. They will do it when they are ready and it is unlikely to happen before the eight week mark and for many it might be months after the twins are born. 

The stress of trying to get two babies out of the house in between feed times is like preparing for a space shuttle launch. If you want to meet the babies while they are newborns, offer to visit your colleague at their home and do not visit if you are sick.

staff pregnant with twins

Don’t be a stranger

Maternity leave is far from a holiday, it’s hectic and also isolating. Reach out to the team member and invite them to company events, Christmas functions, etc. Keeping in touch days are great for strategy planning and other team building days. Keep your team member on any social chat groups so they still feel they are part of the team. You’re likely to get some very cute baby photos! 

Keeping in touch days

They’re great for keeping in touch! Suggest your team member come in for a few key meetings, but do try stick to the dates and times you originally planned. Moving times and dates around is frustrating as it is likely your team member had to organise care for the twins in order to attend the keeping in touch day. 

Supporting employees pregnant with twins or multiples: Returning to work

Allow your team member to come back to work gradually. Potentially starting off as a part-timer and then increasing days as they work out how to balance work and family life. 

Returning to work is a period of adjustment! Sending one child to childcare is a big adjustment, sending two is an even bigger adjustment.  It’s hard for the children and the parents. The first year of childcare is riddled with every illness imaginable. Be patient with your colleague as they return to work and make sure you support them on their journey.

pregnant employee with twins

Wearing invisible capes

Twin parents are superheros and the ultimate multi-taskers. Don’t underestimate what they are capable of. Always offer the opportunity to have a conversation about where they want to take their career. 

Just because your colleague brought two beautiful humans into the world and their priorities may have shifted a bit, they still might want to grow their career and have professional development opportunities. Give them opportunities to thrive in the workplace. You might be surprised how much these amazing multi-tasking parents can do to support your business’ goals. 


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  1. Great article! I’m sharing on LinkedIn. Ironically my leader is also a twin mum, so I have felt nothing but support and positivity from her, but I can see how many others mind find it challenging.

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