Course Agreement for Twinformation

  1. Introduction 

By purchasing this Course, you are agreeing to the terms stated within this agreement contact us before purchasing if you have any concerns.  

If anything in this Course Agreement is unclear, please seek independent advice to ensure you fully understand your rights and obligations.

Welcome to the Twinformation, online classes for parents of twins or more.  We welcome constructive feedback as an opportunity to review and improve our Courses. Please feel free to contact us at to discuss any issues that arise.  

Twinformation is an online Course for parents of multiples (twins, triplets and more). The Course is designed to provide you with the practical aspects of multiple birth pregnancy and parenting. This is not a medical based Course; it is important to note this information provided within this Course is from individuals who have consented to sharing their own personal experiences. Any medical concerns should be taken up with the relevant health care provider.

The Course is also designed to support the mental wellbeing of parents but is not a substitute for mental health care or treatment by a qualified health professional known to the Course participant.

a. Important Dates 

The Course content is designed to be consumed over a period of 6 months.  Once the 6 month period is over you will no longer have access to the Course.

b. The Parties 

This Course Agreement is between: 


ABN: 93906475282

Email for Correspondence:

Founders: Naomi Dorland and Tiffany Visser

In the rest of this document, the entity providing the Course will be referred to as Twinformation

And You, the “Course Participant.”

By purchasing this Course, you personally agree to become a participant in the Twinformation Course and to be bound by the terms of this agreement. 

c. Contact 

Please allow up to 2 full business days for a response to any email correspondence to the above email address.

  1. Payment 
    Payment Terms 
  1. By purchasing the Twinformation Course, you agree to pay the advertised price in Australian Dollars (AUD). 
  2. The Founders reserve the right to change prices from time to time.
  3. Payment is taken via a secure third party – namely Stripe or Paypal
  1. Refund

As this is a digital online Course where all content is delivered instantly, refunds will not be provided. However, please contact us if you have any problems with your order.

  • The Course
  • Course Content and Structure 

You understand and agree:

  1. Course participants will have 6 months access to the video and downloadable content.
  2. Course participants are required to have internet access to complete the Course.
  3. Twinformation is not responsible for your failure to complete the Twinformation Course due to any disruptions to phone, internet or any other services that the participant encounters, that is outside the control of the Course or Founder. 
  4. Course Delivery
  1. Online content is delivered via the MemberVault hosting platform
  2. Course Participants are required to access the content via a unique ID and password that is provided to them via email immediately after purchase. 

You acknowledge and agree that: 

a) You are solely responsible for the protection and confidentiality of any password that may be issued to you for access to Course content; 

b) You will not reveal (or cause to be revealed through any act or omission) your password to any other person; 

c) You will immediately notify us if your Password is lost or becomes known to any other person; 

d) You are solely responsible for all access to and use of the Course platform via your password; and 

e) Your personal information will be managed strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy at

c.  Third-Party Links 

Twinformation may include links to other websites which are not controlled by the Course Facilitator. 

  1. These links are provided for your convenience to provide you with further information for context for your learnings and to share ideas and options. 
  2. You acknowledge that you access third party websites and links at your own risk and you are responsible entirely for your decision on how to incorporate information via third party websites and links into your learning and practice. 
  3. Twinformation has no control over the nature, content quality, relevance, and availability of websites and third-party links provided in the Course. 
  4. There may be instances when we promote, market, share or sell Courses, products or services for other partners and in exchange we may receive financial compensation or other rewards. Twinformation is highly selective and only promotes the partners whose Courses, products and/or services we respect. At the same time, you agree that any such promotion or marketing does not serve as any form of endorsement whatsoever. You are still required to use your own judgment to determine that any such Course, product or service is appropriate for you. You are assuming all risks, and you agree that Twinformation is not liable in any way for any Course, product or service that we may promote, market, share or sell through the Course materials.
  • Participant Responsibilities 

a. Obligations 

As a participant in the Twinformation Course, you understand that you are expected to: 

  1. Follow safe sleep guidelines at all times. General Safe Sleep Guidelines and specific Co-Sleeping Safe Sleep Guidelines can be accessed via the following links:
  2. You accept and agree that fully responsible for your progress to complete the course within the timeframe that you have access to the Course.
  3. You accept and agree that you purchase the Twinformation Course and engage with and apply the information and education provided at your own risk. 
  4. You accept and agree that you are entirely responsible for how you choose to apply the information and learnings provided within the Course and that Twinformation is in no way responsible for any negative outcomes as result of incorrect application of the Course.
  5.  You accept and agree that all information provided is given as guidance and should you have any concerns you will consult the relevant medical practitioner to discuss your personal situation.

b. Resources 

In order to participate in and complete this Course, participants will need reliable internet access.

c. Maintaining Contact Details 

The personal details you provide at sign up will be used to maintain our database of current members, notify you of changes to the Course and provide you with updates to ensure you get the most value from the Course. Should your details change at any time you must notify Twinformation of the change as soon as possible. 

  • Disclaimer 

a. Important Information 

  1. You understand and agree that: 
  2. The Twinformation Course is provided as an educational and informational product only. 
  3. It is not a substitute for individualised medical advice and cannot be used as such. 
  4. All information, support and guidance provided in the Twinformation Course is general in nature and does not take into account the individual circumstances of participants and their children. Participants are solely responsible for deciding whether the information and guidance are applicable to them and their children, and for any action they may take as a result.             

b. Medical disclaimer 

  1. The information in this Course does not constitute medical or health advice.
  2. If at any time while participating in the Course you have a concern about your health or your children’s health, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional.                                                                                                          
  • Intellectual Property & Privacy 

a. Copyright 

  1. All Courses and materials available on this platform and within any Course created by Twinformation are the property of Twinformation and/or our affiliates or licensors and are protected by copyright, and other intellectual property laws. 
  2. All material including but not limited to content, manuals, videos and all other material is provided solely for your personal non-commercial use. 
  3. You may not use any of the materials available on this platform or within any Course in a manner that infringes any of our rights or that has not been authorised by us.
  4. You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, translate, sell, create derivative works, exploit, or distribute in any manner or medium (including by email or other electronic means) any material from this platform or any Course.
    b. Your Confidential Information
  1. Your Personal data refers to information such as your name, address, email address, geographic location, purchase history, gender, credit card information and browsing habits on our site. This information is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be read here.
  2. Sensitive data refers to data that includes details about your race or ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, sex life, sexual orientation, political opinions, trade union membership, information about your health and genetic and biometric data. Sensitive data is not collected as part of this Course or via our website. 
  • Dispute Resolution 

a. Negotiation 

  1. If either participant or provider have any concerns arising out of this Agreement or your participation in the Course, we agree that we shall communicate with the intention of making a genuine effort to seek a win/win solution and resolve any dispute by negotiation and discussion.  
  2. If you have a concern arising out of this Agreement or your participation in the Course you agree to submit your concerns via email:
  3. All information exchanged during this communication or any subsequent dispute resolution process, shall be regarded as “without prejudice” communications for the purpose of settlement negotiations and shall be treated as confidential by the Parties and their representatives, unless otherwise required by law. However, evidence that is independently admissible or discoverable shall not be rendered inadmissible or non-discoverable by virtue of its use during the dispute resolution process.

b. Mutual Non-Disparagement 

Each of the parties agrees that it shall not publicly or privately disparage the other or the agents, servants or employees of the other, but rather shall act in good faith to refrain from any conduct or communication which might reasonably be expected to interfere with the business and/or personal interests of the other.

  • Limitation of Liability 
  1. In no event shall Twinformation be liable to the Course Participant (or their children) for costs, loss, injury or damage to the Course Participant (or their children) or the Course Participant’s belongings [that is not directly attributable to the negligence of Twinformation or its employed staff].
  2. You expressly agree that if this clause is unenforceable for any reason, total liability for loss or damage you suffer or incur from services provided by the Twinformation Course is limited to re-supplying the Services to you, or, at the Facilitator’s option, refund to you the amount you have paid for the Services or products to which your claim relates.