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Twinformation Course

Have you just found out you are pregnant with twins or triplets?

Are you freaking out?

Don't panic! 

Twinformation is here for you.

To help you, inform you and guide you as you navigate the unknown.


At the moment your head is probably reeling from the shock of hearing that you are pregnant with more than one baby. 

Twinformation understands!  And that's why we have created an online platform, just for you.

Learn online from those who have walked the path of becoming parents to twins, triplets or more. 

Let Twinformation share first hand, real life, experiences with you.

twinformation online classes for parents of twins

By the end of your pregnancy do you want to feel confident taking your babies home?

Twinformation is here to help work through the fears you may have about how you will cope with multiple babies.

twinformation online classes for parents of triplets

Imagine having someone share with you ALL the practical information you need to know.

Twinformation will step you through a variety of  topics all related to being pregnant with multiples.

   Log on wherever you are and whenever you want.

   60 modules all jam packed with practical information for those expecting multiple babies.

   All modules are delivered instantaneously.

   Choose what you want to learn about next.

   Re-visit modules as needed.

✓  Become confident in your preparation for bringing your babies home.

Learn online, from the comfort of your own home.  Or on the bus.  Or even while you are on your lunch break.

Unit ONE

  • Hearing the news: You are having multiples!
  • Surviving the second trimester when pregnant with twins or triplets
  • Dealing with advice when pregnant with twins or triplets
  • Telling family and friends
  • Support for families expecting twins, triplets or more
  • Getting the most out of your appointments
  • Multi v single pregnancy
  • Having a student midwife follow your pregnancy with twins or triplets
  • Having a Doula assist - pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Finding out the gender of twins or more

Unit TWO

  • Mourning the loss of the parent you thought you would be
  • Practical tips for preparing for maternity leave
  • Getting a good night sleep when pregnant with multiples
  • Equipment - What you really need 2 or more of
  • Choosing a pram for twins or triplets
  • Exercising when pregnant with twins and more
  • Life organisation - BEFORE your babies arrive
  • Baby Shower for twins and triplets
  • Babymoon when pregnant with twins or triplets
  • Choosing names for twins and triplets


  • Working while pregnant with twins
  • Life admin - BEFORE your babies arrive
  • Asking for help - how to do it, what to ask for help with
  • How Grandparents can support your multiple birth pregnancy
  • How partners can help during pregnancy & birth
  • Talking perinatal depression & anxiety
  • Packing your hospital bag
  • Preparing siblings & pets
  • Your pelvic floor and multiple birth pregnancy
  • NICU and SCN -  What to expect and tips for your stay


  • Surviving the third trimester
  • Creating your birth plan
  • Bedrest during twin or triplet pregnancy
  • Caring for other children while pregnant with multiples
  • Preparing your home & car for your babies arrival
  • Maintaining an intimate relationship during pregnancy
  • Logistics of three or more
  • What to expect with a vaginal birth with twins or triplets + vaginal birth stories
  • What to expect with a c-section + c-section birth stories
  • Birth stories - Babies born between 25 - 28 weeks


  • The science of sleep
  • Sleeping options for twins and triplets
  • Situational circumstance - stories by parents of multiples
  • The importance of baby first aid
  • Maintaining your relationship after multiples
  • Nappies - cloth v's disposable
  • Breastfeeding your multiples
  • Expressing for twins or triplets
  • Formula feeding for twins or triplets
  • Birth stories - Babies born between 29 - 32 weeks

Unit SIX

  • Who is doing what - Tracking your babies inputs and outputs
  • Meal prep and snack prep
  • Newborn sleep
  • Importance of routines with newborns
  • Attachment parenting and multiples
  • Treating your multiples as individuals
  • Birth recovery prep & loving your new body
  • Helping your toddler adjust to your newborn multiples
  • Bringing your babies home
  • Birth stories - Babies born 33 weeks plus

Online classes delivering all the practical information you need to know when expecting twins, triplets or more.

 Are you ready to learn ALL the practicalities of multiple birth pregnancy? 

course for twin pregnancy
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Got questions?  Find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

If you can't find the answers you are looking for, send us an email at and we will get back to you.

course for triplet pregnancy
How long do I get access to the course?

You will have access to the course for six months from the date of purchase.

What payments methods do you accept?

Payments may be made by either Credit Card or Paypal

I am already 5 months pregnant with my multiples. Is it still worth it?

Absolutely!  You will get immediate access to all 60 lessons.  Even though we have broken the course up into approximate weeks all the information will still be relevant.

Can I get a refund?

As all 60 lessons are delivered instantaneously no refund will be given.    Twinformation does not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. But please contact us if you have any problems with your order.

Do you offer medical advice?

No.  We are not qualified to offer any medical advice.  Twinformation is a course jam packed with all the practical stuff you need to know.

Do I have to do all the units in order?

While we recommend you do work through the units in the order provided, you can certainly pick and choose what unit you do next.

Is this just for "Mum"?

Absolutely not.  In the course we try to refer to "you" as the person doing the course.  But this could be a mum, a dad or a partner.   Twinformation does not discriminate.

Can't get to an in-person class? Twinformation classes are available for everyone, no matter where you live.