About Us

Twinfo is an Australian first.  An online Australian directory of products and services; created to help overcome the challenges, and to help maximise the joyous moments, associated with raising twins and higher order multiples.  Twinfo is a niche style directory, built to assist those families who face the unique problems and challenges that come with multiples.  Our products and services have been chosen to make raising multiples that little bit easier, leaving you more time to enjoy those precious moments.

Being a parent of multiples means you are raising two (or more) children simultaneously in a singleton world.  Our service providers all understand this (many of them have twins themselves) and are here to help guide you.

Raising multiples does not have to be the daunting task that complete strangers feel the need to tell you it is.  Twinfo brings together the multiple birth products and services that can assist your family. Our comprehensive directory is constantly growing.  If you can recommend a product or organisation that has helped you on your multiples journey, please let us know via our contact tab so we can contact them.

Alternatively, if you are a product or service organisation that has multiple birth experience and you wish to advertise with us, please don’t hesitate to visit our Submit Listing page