Owed to a Mum

poems by twin mums

Author: Abbey Free

As I lay in bed,  I find my mind race 
I’m exhausted by life being so fast pace
But when it slows down, even for a day 
I find myself not even wanting it that way 

Being a mum, comes wherever you go…
Even at night when times running slow 
You want to switch off, you want to have a break 
But you’re minds always going, how much more can I take

But then when you wake up and your kids smile at you
You know there’s nothing in the world you’d rather do 
Times goes by so incredibly fast
& you start to realise this time doesn’t last 

In the blink of an eye your baby is gone 
And then the next stage, well it doesn’t last long 
You want to soak it all in, and enjoy every day 
But there’s lots said in society that get in your way
twin mum poems
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