Outdoor activities for four year old twins or triplets

Outdoor activities for four-year-old twins

You have survived the terrible twos and the threenager stages. Woohoo! And now you have a couple of four-year-olds running around wanting to be kept busy and entertained at all times. They are at an age where their energy levels are high, they are becoming more adventurous and pushing boundaries left, right and centre.  

This is an age where outdoor activities are great for them. It gets them outside, running off that energy and provides a lot of great learning experiences. So what are some activities for outdoor activities for for year old twins and triplets?

Bike Riding 

If you have not already gotten your twins bikes, this might be a great time to start. Head out to a local part or riding area with the kids and let them work on their bike riding skills. They may already have their training wheels off or they could just be learning how to ride. Either way they will enjoy being able to ride around on their own and feel like they are in charge. 

Outdoor activities for four-year-old twins or triplets

Outdoor activities for for year old twins and triplets: Bush Walking 

Short bush walks on easy tracks are a great activity to do at this age. Not only is it getting you all outside and getting some exercise but it has many other benefits. It gives them a chance to learn about nature and the different aspects of it. You can point out different plants and animals you see along the way. It also helps with building strength and coordination whilst walking. There are many bush walks that lead to small rivers or water holes so you can even go for a quick swim at the end of it. 

Obstacle Courses / Playgrounds 

There are some really amazing playgrounds around these days. Many of them also have obstacle course sections as well. A simple day out at the park can create all kinds of excitement. It gives your miltiples a chance to run around, climb on things (other than your lounge) and tackle the different slides.  

They will be building their strength, coordination and concentration whilst playing at the park. They will also have the opportunity to interact with other kids at the park giving them a good social aspect to the activity as well. 

Outdoor activity ideas for four-year-old twins
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Swimming pools 

If the weather is warm enough, a trip to the pools is always encouraged. Kids love being able to play in the water and many swimming pool centres now also have playgrounds and water playgrounds that they can play on as well if they are not confident in the pools. Depending on whether they have had swimming lessons or not and if they are confident you can take them in the full-size pool or simply play in the children’s pool.  

If you’re interested in teaching your twins or triplets to swim, check these fantastic tips HERE.

Outdoor activity ideas for four-year-old triplets

Outdoor activities for for year old twins and triplets: Picnic

Picnics are always a lot of fun. Choose a spot where there is play equipment close by to make a full day of it. Let them help you prepare the food for the day, set up the picnic blanket and get everything ready. After the picnic is finished they can play on the play equipment whilst you relax with a good book in the sun.


This is an activity where you will need more than one adult. Fishing is a lot of fun for the whole family and at this age they are starting to understand how to hold a rod and what they need to be doing. A lot of supervision is still needed for this – sharp hooks however it is a great teaching moment with the kids. They can learn about the different fish, the different parts of the fishing rod and what they need to do. It also helps develop their patience and concentration.

List of outdoor activities for four-year-old twins or triplets

When out and about with your twins or triplets, make sure you take hats, sunscreen and water. And probably a change of clothes or two – we know what these little people are like!


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