Outdoor activities with 2 year old twins or triplets 

Outdoor activities with 2 year old twins

Getting your kids outside and enjoying the environment is always a good thing. It gets them out in the sun, exploring new things and keeps your house clean for just a little bit longer. Outdoor activities for 2 year old twins or triplets is just perfect – they are walking, beginning to talk and are beginning to become VERY independent!

So what are some good outdoor activities to do with your 2 year old twins or triplets?

Water Play 

Everyone loves a bit of water play! My personal motto when my twins were young was “cranky babies, just add water”. Honestly, it works. Be it outdoors or indoors.

Set up different sizes buckets and containers with various amounts of water in them. Throw in a range of little toys; cars, cups, dinosaurs and let them go for it. Pouring the water from one container to another will help with their hand eye coordination. Let them find out which of their toys will float in the water and which will sink. If you are brave enough, even add a little bit of food colouring to the water so they can play with all different colours water.

Outdoor activity ideas for 2 year old twins

Outdoor activities with 2 year old twins or triplets: Gardening 

Gardening can be fun for all ages. It gives your toddlers a chance to learn about different plants, get dirty and watch their plants grow over time. Spending time outdoors with your toddlers gardening is a fantastic activity. Starting an herb and veggie garden with them is a great idea, it means that they can tend to their garden each day, watch their plants grow and eventually get to pick and eat them. It may also help with getting them to eat their veggies!

List of outdoor activities for 2 year old twins
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Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts don’t need to be kept just for Easter. It is a perfect outdoor activities with 2 year old twins or triplets. Setting up a little treasure hunt in the backyard is a great way to get your little ones moving around and exploring the outdoors. Hide little toys around for them to find and bring back to you. This is great for the next budding pirate ????

Fun outdoor activities with 2 year old twins

Car Tracks

Boys and girls alike both love running cars through dirt tracks. Set up a car track around your yard and equip them with an assortment of cars and trucks and let their imaginations go wild. There will be plenty of laughter and running around racing. It is a great way to get them up and moving.

Outdoor activities with 2 year old twins or triplets: Picnics

Setting up and going for a picnic with your little ones is great fun for everyone. You can even just have the picnic in your own backyard. There is something about sitting on a blanket on the grass to eat which magically keeps toddlers there at their plates – it is so much more successful than sitting at a table! Let them help you with the set up of the picnic and preparing the food. At the end you can sit and relax with a book whilst they run a much.

Outdoor activities with 2 year old twins or triplets

Adventure Walk

Go on an adventure walk and look at the different parts of natural. Get your little ones to point out different bugs they see. Ask them to find certain coloured flowers and teach them about the different things you see. Be warned though, there will be at least one instance where dog poop is pointed out to you!

Nothing beats getting outside and enjoying some time in the sun. Don’t forget to always pack their hats and sunscreen – even if you are just playing in the back yard. The best bit about outdoor play is when it is time to come back inside they have normally used up quite a lot of energy which means hopefully (fingers crossed) they are ready for dinner, bath and bed.

Outdoor activity ideas for 2 year old twins or triplets

Make sure you also enjoy your time outside with them. Grab a good book, get comfy and enjoy yourself.


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