Fun Twin Words for Parents of Twins

Fun Twin Words for memes

Congratulations on being blessed with twins! Having twins can be so much fun……and then there are the times where you have a “twincident” and its not so much fun!

What is a “twincident” I hear you ask? Well….read on to find out.

Fun Twin Words for Parents of Twins

Twiblings – Siblings who are twins

Twiglets – When your twins act like little piglets

Twhingers – Twins who whinge.  A lot.

Twinadoes – Like a tornado.  But there are two of them.  And they live in your house permanently.

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Twinathons – The amount of effort it feels like to strap your twins in their car seats

Twinces – Boy twins (twin princes)

Twinception – The moment your twins were conceived

Twincesses – Girl twins (twin princesses)

Twincharged – When your twins are bouncing off each other’s energy

Twincident – When your twins are together and get into everything and cause trouble

Twinclone – Identical twins

Twincredible – The fact that at one stage you had 3 heads, 6 legs and 30 fingers

Twincubator – Being pregnant with twins

Twindependence Day – When your twins insist on putting their own shoes on

Fun Twin Words for Parents of Twins

Twindividuals – How your twins want to be treated

Twinepathy – The art of contacting your twin subconsciously

Twinfo – Australia’s largest online resource for parents of twins (and triplets!)

Twing – A swing that holds twins.  Check out the Twinfo ‘Twing Directory’ HERE.

Twingenuity – When twins work together to achieve a common goal (generally up to mischief!)

Twingers – Twins who have ginger hair

Twinglish – The secret language only your twins speak and understand

Twinititus – When you can’t hear anything over the constant noise your twins cause

Twinjas – When your twins both use their ninja moves to outwit you

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Twinkles – The twin lights of your life

Twinly – Something done or felt in a manner only possible to be understood and felt by twins.

Twinnection – The connection between twins

Twinning – The act of Winning and being a Twin.. simultaneously

Twinnuendo – When one twin makes a joke about the other twin

Twinsane – The amount of crazy comments that random strangers feel the need to make about your twins or your twin pregnancy

Twinsanity – A word to describe your life

Twinside Joke – An inside joke between twins

Twinsistent – When both your twins insist on “me do it”

Twinspect – When each twin must check what the other twin has to ensure it is fair

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Twinspiration – When you look back at how far your twins have come since they were born

Twinstars – The stars of your life

Twinstigator – The twin who started the trouble

Twinstinct – When you just know your twins are getting into mischief

Twintastic – When your twins are behaving and being nice to each other generally the best 10 seconds of your day!

Twinternet – When one twin just knows what the other twin is thinking

Twisdom – Things only other twin parents understand

Twisters – Twin sisters

Twit – The random stranger at the shops who says ‘Oh, yes I know what it is like have twins, after all my children are only x months apart!’

Fun Twin Words for Parenting twins

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