Fun Triplet Words for Parents of Triplets

fun triplet words trisane

Having triplets is amazing! Its not all hard work, there are many moments where there is triple the joy.

Here are some fun triplet words

Triagonising – When you don’t have enough arms to hold all three babies at once and they are all crying

Triathlon – what you feel like you have done when you try to get out of the house on time in the morning

Tricitement – The reaction upon finding you are pregnant with triplets

Triffic – What it’s like to be a parent of triplets

fun triplet words Trigantic

Trigantic – The size of your belly just before you have birth to your triplets

Tripinnately – How well your triplets know each other

Triplash – what people do as they walk by you and realise there are THREE babies in the pram

Triplete – when your family is complete upon the birth of triplets

Triplication – making sure that something can done three times so everyone gets an even turn

Triplings – When your triplets are are all crawling in different directions at your feet

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Triplode – How a full day on your own with the triplets can make you feel

Triplosion – What your house looks like after a day at home with your triplets

Trippers – Three things that cause you to see psychedelic lights because you are so tired

Trippin’ out – What people do when they see you have triplets

Trired – When all three of your babies are overtired.  And so are you.

Tripsane – What your triplets can cause you to feel

Tripsistent – When all three of your triplets want the same thing

Tripspiration – When you look at just how far they have come since they were born

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Tripspirators – When your triplets conspire against you

Tripsults – when one triplet insults another about being a triplet

Triptastic – When your triplets are playing nicely together

Triptation – When you go on vacation with your triplets

Triptators – When you feel like it is your triplets that are in charge…..not you!

Tripwreck – What your car looks like when your triplets have been snacking in the back seat

Triveting – Hearing other people’s opinions about your triplets

Truncle – Uncle of triplets

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Twinfo hopes you enjoyed these fun triplet words!

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