Post-partum hair loss after twins or triplets

twins and hair loss

Post-partum hair loss after twins or triplets

When it comes to pregnancy, we are often faced with different symptoms and side effects. Fortunately, many of these disappear once we have delivered our babies. However, there are a select few that decide to show themselves after we have given birth. Such as post-partum hair loss.

After birth and up to around the 6 month mark post-partum you may start to notice that you are developing a lot of hair loss. Not just the usual few strands being left behind here and there, but losing a LOT of hair. If you have noticed this happening, don’t stress – it is completely normal. It is a hormonal change that many of us go through after birth.

Let’s take a look into post-partum hair loss after twins or triplets in a bit more detail.

Post-partum hair loss and twins

What causes post-partum hair loss after twins or triplets?

The hair loss that you start to notice after you have given birth is normally a lot more than you would normally lose. During your normal, everyday life you are expected to lose between 50 – 100 hairs a day. Whilst you are pregnant and your body is going through all the different hormonal changes, one change that happens is a change to your hair. During pregnancy you actually stop losing as much hair. You may notice that your hair is fuller and thicker during pregnancy (YAY).

Once you have given birth and your body starts producing your normal levels of hormones, it means that it is time for you to start losing hair again. All those extra hairs that you kept during your pregnancy start to come out, sometimes in large amounts, all at once.

Thankfully, post-partum hair loss after twins or triplets is not any worse than if it was just a singleton pregnancy. So that is reassuring.

Post-partum hair loss after twins or triplets

How long does post-partum hair loss last?

The upside to the post-partum hair loss is that it wont last forever. The time it takes for the excess hair loss to subside can depend a lot on your circumstances.

If you are breastfeeding your babies, this can help your hormone levels to stay heightened. This means that you might hold onto the thicker hair a bit longer.

Everyone recovers from birth differently and some people may have their hormone levels return to normal within a couple of months. Whereas others may take longer. It can take up to 12 months for your hormones to return to their correct levels. Which unfortunately means you may have to put up with the hair loss for that long as well.

How can I deal with the hair loss?

There is no way to stop the post-partum hair loss, so even trying is going to leave you feeling disappointed. However there are things that you can do to help maintain healthy hair and make the process less stressful and upsetting on you.

  • Healthy eating and keeping hydrated. By keeping yourself healthy and hydrated it can help to nourish your hair and reduce any extra hair (on top of what is already falling out) to come out as well.
  • Avoid using hot treatments such as blow dryers or straighteners on your hair. Also avoid steaming hot showers. These can try your hair out and cause breakages and extra hair loss.
  • Be gentle on your hair during the hair loss period. Gently brushing your hair, soft washing and not pulling your hair too tight when tying it up. Too much added pressure on your hair can contribute to breakages and additional hair falling out.
  • If you are concerned about the amount of hair you are losing, speak to your doctor about it.
hair loss after twins

Post-partum hair loss is generally not something medically to be worried about.

It is your bodies way of getting back to normal and bringing your hormones back to where they should be. And just because you birthed more than one baby, it doesn’t mean it will be worse than if you only had a singleton pregnancy.

If you are at all worried about the hair loss or it seems to be a lot more than you would have expected, visit your doctor and have a chat with them.

If there is anything underlining that is causing additional hair loss they will be able to give you recommendations on how to proceed.

Just remember, your hair will grow back. Enjoy those first few months with your new little babies and don’t stress too much. After a few months they will probably start pulling on it themselves!

One thing to be concerned about with post partum hair loss

Stray hairs getting wrapped around one of the babies toes (and other appendages) can be extremely dangerous. If it becomes tightly wrapped, it can result in swelling and complications can arise due to the lack of blood flow. So if your baby is inconsolable, and you have checked the ‘normal’ things, then make sure you check their fingers, toes and if you have a boy, his genitals, for a hair. If there is, you need to act quickly to remove it. If you can’t cut it, try using a depilatory cream, such as Nair. Alternatively, you will need to seek urgent medical advice.

One way to prevent this from happening is to wash babies clothes on their own. Additionally, turn onsies and socks inside out so the hairs cant hide in the toe area. When dry, give them a good shake before turning them back the right way.

hair wrapped around toe


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