Managing the daycare run with twins or triplets. 5 tips to help you.

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Managing the daycare run with twins or triplets

Do you have an older toddler who attends daycare and newborn multiples, or are your twins or triplets starting daycare? 

There are plenty of tips online about choosing a daycare. This blog isn’t about that, it’s about physically getting everyone to and from the daycare safely!

Once you have chosen a daycare, it won’t take long for the panic about the logistics sets in.  How on earth are you going manage the daycare run on your own with twins or triplets AND your older toddler, (if applicable)???  How will you manage to carry several capsules plus carry all the paraphernalia you need to take to daycare AND still hold on to your toddlers hand as you cross the carpark?

If you are just dropping your older toddler off, and keeping your multiples at home, AND you have a partner, see if they can do at least one of the drop offs or pickups.  Or ask a nearby grandparent to help.  This will save you having to take your newborn twins or triplets out at all.

If you can’t do this, then there is still no need to stress……Twinfo has you covered with our 5 top tips for managing the daycare run with twins or triplets.

daycare run with triplets

1. Ask the daycare for some help

Your first step is to call the daycare and have a chat to them.  Explain your circumstances and see what they suggest.   Hopefully they will agree for you to call from the carpark (thank goodness for mobile phones!) and they will send a staff member out to meet you.  

If you are just dropping off your older toddler, maybe they can take him from the carpark and save you even having to unclip the babies.   If you are dropping off your multiples, maybe they can help by carrying one of the babies.   Or alternatively, maybe they can wait at your car to watch the babies in the car while you quickly settle your toddler in.

You may find that they have different procedures for the morning and the afternoons, so don’t forget to ask them about both times.  Mornings can be very busy, as there are lots of little people being settled in.  They may not be able to send a staff member out to help you in the morning, but you may be able to organise for them to bring your toddler out to the car in the afternoon when it’s not as busy.

2. Use a pram for the daycare run with twins or triplets.

Visit the centre to see if you can physically get a pram in and out of the centre easily.  Check for ramps and doors and make sure you will be able to fit through, even if you are laden down with several backpacks.

If you are just using it to drop off your older toddler, then get the lightest pram possible, as you will be lifting it in and out of the boot in quick succession twice a day. 

If you are using it to drop off your twins or triplets for the day, make sure you speak to the centre about storage options and ask if you can leave it there for the day.

getting everyone from the car into daycare safely

3. Invest in a baby carrier and a single stroller

Today there are several double carriers on the market (no triplet ones yet that I’m aware of though).

If you have twins, you could carry them both in a twin carrier, leaving your hands free to carry the backpacks and wrangle doors and hold your toddlers hand.  Or alternatively use a single carrier and tuck the other twin under your arm.

If you have triplets, you could wear two and push one in a single stroller, or wear one and push two in a twin stroller.  Ask your toddler to hold onto the pram strap.

how to get triplets into daycare

4. Look for a daycare that provides everything

The less you need to carry (i.e food and nappies etc) the easier it will be to carry everything in.  It is far easier to just take the children in, not all the additional “stuff”.

This also has the plus side of making your morning much easier.  No need to pack lunchboxes and nappies each day.  Plus no chance of forgetting something!!

If this isn’t possible, and you are at the daycare at least 2 plus days a week, ask the daycare if you can bring in a box of nappies at a time, plus a bag of clothes. 

If you are going to be there the next day, ask the daycare if you can leave their water bottle there, so its one less thing to carry in and out. 

5. Make some friends!!

Hopefully you will meet another parent whose single child attends the same days.  Once you are comfortable with them, you can ask them to help you by either taking your older toddler in for you, or carry a baby for you.   Alternatively, ask them to wait at your car with your babies while you quickly take your toddler in.  

leaving twins in car

Once you have been there for a while, and people realise your predicament, people will start to offer to help.  Take it!!!  Seriously, this is not the time to try to be a super parent!! If they offer to help you, let them.

Remember, like everything when parenting multiples, nothing is set in stone.  What works one day, may not work the next.  Plus the more you do it, the easier it will get.  Also, as your babies and toddler get older things will become easier.  Before you know it, they will all be wearing their own backpacks and merrily skipping into daycare on their own!

In the meantime, I hope these tips to help you manage the daycare run with twins or triplets will make your life a bit easier.    If nothing else, hopefully once the daycare run is over in the morning, you can take a moment to drink a hot cup of tea, and put your feet up for five minutes.

You’ve got this!

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