Choosing a daycare for twins or triplets

Choosing a daycare for twins

Choosing a daycare for twins or triplets can be a big decision.

Whether you are looking at sending them to daycare because you need to go back to work or if you want to give them a bit of time to socialize and get to learn new and exciting things, it can be difficult on you as a parent.

It is a time when you start to be away from your children, they learn a lot more independence and you have to learn to spend your days not chasing after their every need (which can be a nice feeling).

When choosing a daycare for twins or triplets there are a few things that you should consider.

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Types of daycare for twins or triplets

There are a few different options when it comes to daycare and each system is set up a little bit differently.

  • Centre based daycare – If you choose a centre based daycare your children will be in a centre that is able to cater to a larger amount of children and generally have separate rooms based on the ages of the children that are attending. Centre based daycares have a larger amount of educators to account for the number of children that they have and they tend to stick to set activities throughout the day and depending on the centre may even include ready for school programs.
  • Home based daycare – A home based daycare is a centre that is set up within the home of an educator. There are rules around home based daycares and then number of children that they are allowed to have. The atmosphere in a home based daycare is a lot closer due to the limited number of spots available.
  • Au Pair / Nanny – Another option is hiring an Au Pair or Nanny who will look after the children within your home for you. This is an option that can be suitable for those who want to still have their children close but having the assistance of someone else caring for them.
Twins starting daycare

Daily Schedule

It is important before choosing your centre that you have a chat with the owner or the director of the centre along with the staff that will be looking after your children so that you can find out a bit more about the centre and the way that it runs on a day to day basis.

This is a good time to chat with the staff about any concerns that you may have in regards to learning for your children and whether they are able to cater to this and assist with the learning process.

Finding out about the menus is also another good point to check with the staff. Some centres require you to bring your own food. This means you need to know which foods are able to be brought in and which are not (due to allergy risks). For those that supply meals it is important for you to raise any allergies or intolerances that your little ones may have.

Rooms / Arrangements

Another question that you should ask is whether your children will be in the same room or in separate rooms.

If there is the option for them to be in separate rooms, you will need to decide if this is something that you would like to do.

There are benefits to both having them together and having them separate. However this is a personal choice that only you can decide on.

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Personal Feeling

The most important thing when choosing a daycare option for your twins or triplets is your personal opinion on the centre and how you feel when in there. It is a good idea to organise to go into the centre, get to know the staff and how the centre works.

This will help to make you feel comfortable with the centre and decide if it is something that you are happy with and confident in sending your children to.

Without a feeling of security and comfort within the centre you run the risk of spending your days worrying and feeling insecure.

Choosing a daycare for twins or triplets

Its important to understand that choosing a daycare for twins or triplets can be a lengthy process. Finding a centre with availability for multiple children can be tricky. Particularly if you have set days you need. Start the process early, as, depending where you live, daycare can be limited.

You may find that you may have to start them a bit earlier than planned, just to hold the spots, for when you do actually need to return to work. This can be unexpected and frustrating.

Starting daycare can be a big thing for little people. Talk to them about it and get them excited for the next chapter in their little lives.

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