Buying toys for twins and triplets

choosing toys for twins

When you blessed with twins, or really blessed with triplets, there are times where you do have to buy multiple items.  (Have you ever tried fitting two babies into one car seat?).  However, when it comes to toys, then there are many exceptions to this rule.

When it comes to buying toys for twins or more, as always, it depends on the situation. Should you get the same same, or same but different or totally different?

toys for triplets

Here are seven things you need to think about when it comes to buying toys for twins or triplets.

1. Let them choose if they want the same toy or different toys

Now I know that bribing your children with a toy at the end of a shopping trip is frowned upon, but let’s be honest.  We have all done it!  In this case, allow them to choose their own toy.  If they choose the same one, then so be it.   If they choose different ones, then that’s fine as well.  There is no need to try to direct them to buy same/different ones.  Let them decide.  And when they start fighting over it, then you need to remind them that that is the toy that they chose.

2. Twins are great at sharing, said no twin parent ever!

There were times where I did buy two of the exact same toy, and then they would still fight over the exact same toy!  Honestly, being a twin or triplet parent means you just have to pick your battles.  If you think that they will be able to share a toy, then that’s great.  If not, then you will need to probably buy two (or three in the case of triplets).

The downside of buying the exact same toy is they often will not know whose is who, so they will fight over it regardless.

3. It depends on the toy

There are some things that they just won’t ever share, and that’s OK as well.  Twins and multiples are forced to share things all the time (even pyjamas and socks!).  It is more than OK for them to have their own things, even if they are the same!  If your multiples are crazy over Bluey, then it simply wont work buying one Bluey and one Bingo!

4. When buying toys for twins or more consider if there separate components that can combine to be used together?

The bonus of having twins or triplets is that you can buy them individual parts of a set, that make up an even bigger set that they can share.   Things like Duplo, train sets, kitchen sets are great for sharing.

toys twins can share

5. Do your twins or triplets have “their own colour”?

Some families choose early on to “colour code” their multiples.  So Twin A always has red things (for example, drink bottles, clothing, toys). And Twin B always has green items. When the toy is the same, but a different colour for example, they can occasionally fight if one takes the others toy, but it’s very easily resolved because they know it’s not theirs.

Bear in mind, however, if this is what you have decided to do then it may be hard to always get the same toy in a specific colour.  If you are buying two, or more, then you may be better off going for the same toy in a neutral colour. 

6. It depends on their age

There is no use buying babies the exact same toy, as they haven’t yet reached an age where they will argue over it.  However, while toddlers are ‘learning’ to share and ‘learning’ what is theirs and what isn’t, it is sometimes just easier to buy two of the item (price depending obviously).  Thankfully as they get older, and you can reason with them, life becomes a lot simpler.

7. They are going to fight over it anyway!

Some families are of the opinion that “they are going to fight over it anyway. So you may as well save your money and just buy one! 

So, as you can see, there is no hard or fast rule when it comes to buying toys for twins or triplets.   It is going to entirely depend on the age of the children, the toy in question and how your household operates!

buying toys for triplets


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