Choosing a twin pram. 7 tips from a twin mum.

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Author: Rachel Pollard

Rachel is a twin mum herself, and a self confessed pram nerd.   She loves them so much she has set up her own business, Polish My Pram, cleaning and selling second hand prams.

Here are her top seven points to consider when choosing a twin pram.

Travel System Compatibility in twin prams

If you are going down the route of getting a travel system, make sure your get a decent capsule that will last the time in order to get your moneys worth. For example -Maxi Cosi Adaptors which are Compatible with a lot of model of prams, not just Maxi Cosi fits – Joie, Nuna, Cybex all fit also!

You are not limited to that ONE brand (and in my opinion all of the above are honestly better than the Maxi Cosi capsules). Travel system prams are a god send in themselves. Such ease of use when out and about, especially for those first 6 months (just a guideline for use- you can get up to 12 months + with certain capsules).

twin pram travel system
Maxi Cosi Dana for 2

Car space for a twin pram

Is the pram going to fit in your car comfortably? Especially if you have separate bassinets or seats. This is key to make sure you still have space for other things or even other children if your using additional seats in the rear.

The fold & weight of twin prams

Some double prams fold with both seats on (bonus) and then some are separate folds. Take into consideration the lifting you may have to do, if you have a c- section also take note into that recovery time, even though its not permanent it can affect your ability to go out and about earlier on. Also if you have back issues this needs to be noted, you may have a duel cab ute you have to take your pram in and out. A lot of key notes you have to consider in that respect too…along with not being too confusing and needing to get the instruction manual out or youtube ‘how the F do I fold my pram again’ it happens to both Mums & Dads I can assure you that!

picking a twin pram
Mountain Buggy Duet

Adjustable handle & height

When choosing a twin pram, you need to take special consideration of the handle. You may be 5ft 3 and your husband is 6ft 4. You both must comfortably be able to push that pram! An adjustable handle in my opinion is essential when choosing a twin pram so it can suit everyone’s needs.

tips for choosing a twin pram
Baby Jogger City Select

Choosing a twin pram that is parent facing or world facing

Whether you chose a twin pram with bassinets or just seats having your little ones facing you can keep your mind at ease whilst also watching your little ones grow. This isn’t essential but is what most parents prefer for those first few precious months.

second hand twin pram
Baby Jogger City Mini

Width of a twin pram

Most double prams fit though a standard doorway. You may think they are a huge carriage and question that, but they do honestly (mostly!) fit. In saying that some places aren’t as pram friendly as you think. This is where an inline double can be more useful to some! Tight spaces, small shops can be a pain when needing to go to them (for myself I have another inline pram just for these type of trips)

An example with the Donkey twin – amazing piece of workmanship BUT when the capsules are on you CANNOT fit though that standard doorway due to the protruding handles on the side of the pram. This does make it difficult in some places and I’ve personally found some ‘older’ parent rooms too I cannot access because of this.

twin pram models
Bugaboo Donkey 2 Duo Seat

Price Point

There are twin prams out there for $500-$1000.

There are twin prams out there for over $2000.

You have to be savvy with what you’re wanting, while also sticking to a budget (if required).  If you are having a baby shower instead of gifting various pieces of clothing a good way is to make a baby wish list or request gift cards, for such big purchases as this. This can take the stress off you financially, as we all know having multiples isn’t cheap, so to speak.

twin pram
Joolz Geo

Buying a Second Hand Twin Pram

Buying a Preloved Pram can save you a good amount of money! You may be skeptical but there are some good bargains out there to find. Don’t be afraid to search your local marketplace, gumtree or even interstate, you never know, you may find exactly what you need at a fraction of the cost.

If buying interstate, some people will courier to you, this is something you need to discuss with the seller if that option is available. I, myself have bought and sold prams across Australia using various couriers and have always had a good experience.

You will be surprised, but nearly every pram you find on the market there will be a ‘Buy, Sell, Swap of that Brand’ Bugaboo, Joolz, iCandy, Steelcraft, Mountain Buggy – all of those brands have groups run by other Mums & Dads to help others to sell their second hand goods and just for the love of the brand.

If you do buy a second hand pram you can get it professionally cleaned, sanitized and have it looking like new again! There are many pram cleaners across Australia too like myself. If you do go down the second hand route make sure you do a thorough check prior to purchasing. Check over the pram, make sure it functions as it should and all safety aspects like harness/straps, brakes all are in working order.

Nuna Pipa Capsules

Choosing a twin pram – some final advice

Go test them out, ask friends on recommendations, ask people on groups, and look at reviews.

Don’t be afraid to ask if they will offer a discount for multiples, some stores do this on the sly. Keep an eye out for sales like EOFY, Boxing Day sales and so on. A lot of factors as above need to be in consideration with choosing a twin pram. These days prams are the price of a second hand car (no joke) and you need to make sure all of the above in practicality, functionality, budget and needs are a;; taken into consideration when making your final decision.

In the end it is your choice as to what suits you and your family best!

Happy Pram Hunting!

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