Cloth nappies for twins or triplets

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Working on the assumption that a baby uses 5 nappies a day (which is probably an underestimated figure!) you will use approx 5,500 nappies per child for the estimated three years they are in nappies.  That’s a whole lot of nappies when you multiple that by twins or triplets!

Sadly disposable nappies have not come as far as we would like and the components in most mainstream disposable nappies will not decompose and the nappies will stay in landfill for over 200 years before it breaks down. This is such a scary thought and although there are now a number of bio-degradable and compostable nappies on the market, many of these still need to be in certain conditions for them to actually break down and the Australian landfill tips do not always have the right conditions.

This is one of the reasons that cloth nappies are becoming popular again and a lot of new mothers are starting to use them. There are many benefits to using cloth nappies for twins or triplets aside from reduction in landfill. And the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

twins and cloth nappies

Environmental reasons to use cloth nappies for twins or triplets

Cloth nappies reduce the need for disposables to go into landfill which is a huge environmental factor. In your three years of using cloth nappies you can save at least 10,000 nappies from going into landfill. The other environmental factor is that if more cloth nappies are being used then less disposable nappies are being produced which then reduces the carbon footprint of these companies. There are a lot of plastics and chemicals that go into the production of disposable nappies and these can cause a huge impact carbon footprint being made by us.

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Cost of cloth nappies for twins or triplets

The initial cost of using cloth nappies can be an expensive exercise. You need to purchase enough nappies for each baby to last a couple of days (depending on how often you want to be washing).

Once the initial cost has been paid for, there is not many other expenses that you need to worry about. Studies have shown that the extra load of washing per day has not really increased the costs of water or electricity bills which means you are not in for a big surprise there.

Not having to buy boxes of disposable nappies each week for the next three years is definitely going to be financially beneficial for you. Thousands of dollars can easily be spent by a parent on disposable nappies each year – and for you, double that number!

Most modern cloth nappy brands state that their nappies should last you until toilet training which means that you should not need to replace nappies once purchased. Some people have been able to use the same nappies across multiple children, reducing their costs even more.

Gentle on the skin

Disposable nappies do contain chemicals and plastic. There are many children that react to certain brands of nappies, this also can get expensive if you are having to swap and change brands after using only a few out of each box.

Cloth nappies are just that – cloth. There are not chemicals added to the cloth and they are softer and more gentle on bub’s skin. Cloth nappies are great for children with sensitive skin and that are prone to nappy rash. Many of the cloth nappies have a microfibre inner layer. This draws the moisture away from bub so that they are not sitting in a wet feeling nappy.

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Stylish reasons to use cloth nappies for twins or triplets

Another perk of using cloth nappies so they are so darn cute! There are so many different designs and styles that you can buy. Over the summer months a cute little cloth bum and singlet are perfect for keeping bub cool and still looking gorgeous. Cloth nappies can also be made by special order with embroidery on them. Many people use a special cloth nappy in their 1st birthday cake smash photos and match it to the theme of the day.

Cloth nappies are simple to use

Many believe that cloth nappies are difficult to use and worry about pins and snappi’s and whether they are doing it right. Cloth nappies have come a long way and not many use pins or snappi’s anymore. The modern cloth nappies all do up with either Velcro or press studs and go on exactly the same as a disposable nappy would.

So before you go out and buy boxes and boxes of disposable nappies, take a moment to look into cloth nappies and the benefits to you, your babies and to the environment. Just be careful you don’t become addicted to buying cloth nappies!! And if it doesn’t work out…..they make an excellent play item for the babies!!

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