Separating triplets at school

identical triplet boys same class or not

Author: Belinda Smith

There are decisions that we as parents of multiples make that parents of singletons never have to grapple with.  One that garners many a heated discussion is that of separating or splitting up our multiples when they start school. 

I have seen many multiple birth Facebook groups asking the same questions – “Do I keep them together? Do I separate? What has been everyone’s experience?”

As our boys started Prep this year (2021) I have spent some time over the previous two years asking myself these very same questions. 

I think this decision was compounded for me because I am also a teacher.  My mumma heart was saying ‘Keep them together! Starting school is a big step and they can support each other.’  However, my teacher brain was saying ‘Separate – how will they learn if they are constantly playing up together and not listening to the teacher!’ 

reasons to separate triplets at school
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Twins and Tutoring. Our experience.

choosing a tutor for twins

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Our girl/boy twins turned nine in year three.  We had kept them back a year (they did two years of kindy/pre-school) as they were end of June babies.  In Queensland the cut off is 30 June.  If they hadn’t had been born prematurely, they would have been going to school the following year, so we decided to keep them back.  So far, I don’t regret holding them back at all.

To separate twins at school or not?

Our twins were in the same class in Prep and Year One at school. 

You can read about their first year of school HERE.

We were going to split them in Year Two, however our teacher said that there was absolutely no reason to split them as far as their school work and school relationships went. So why put the extra pressure on myself to have them in separate classes and have to remember two different library days, two different swimming days etc.  She had two children of her own (two years apart). She said if she had a choice hers would be in the same class purely to cut down on the mental load.  

My partner had been away working FIFO for the second half of Year One. We weren’t sure what was happening with his job for the following year. So we decided to keep them together to make MY life easier.

how to find a tutor for twins
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Home schooling twins and triplets due to COVID-19

homeschooling due to covid19

I’m not sure about you, but home schooling twins was never EVER on my radar! 

But thanks to COVID-19 you will be adding another hat to all the others you wear.  You already wear many hats – including cook, nurse, business owner, cleaner, cleaner, meal planner, partner, lover, friend and more.  Thanks to COVID-19 you will also be adding “teacher” to the list. 

I just wanted to reassure you, don’t freak out, you CAN do this.  You aren’t on your own.  Schools will be helping in anyway they can.  They  are providing you with guidelines, worksheets, learning platforms, tasks and so forth.  Depending on the school you may even have access to online webinar style learning, where your childs actual teacher will run classes from their home.

It is important to each school will probably do things slightly differently, so please make sure you stay in close contact with your school and your teacher and follow their directions.

This is an anxious time for everyone; however, health is a number one priority.

Please respect what the health authorities are asking us to do. Please do not allow your children to roam around and mingle with their friends.  Social distancing will only work if we all stay home as much as possible.

twins and homeschooling
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Learning programs and educational apps for school aged children

educational apps for school aged

We all know, being a parent of multiples is hard.  And yes, it does mean that we may need to reach for the i-pads and tablets a bit more than we would like to.  Don’t beat yourself up about it, there is no judgment here! 

The below list is more for older children, which you can use to compliment your children’s learning journey guilt free!

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Anxiety due to Coronavirus

COVID-19 and anxiety

Author: Amanda Curran, Registered Psychologist

Dealing with the anxiety around COVID-19

Information is coming from every angle, and it’s confusing.

Things are changing by the day, and even by the hour.

anxiety from coronavirus

It would be easy to panic, feel your heart race when someone sneezes or coughs around you, but is this helpful?

For the majority of people COVOD-19 will not enter your home. And if it does you will feel unwell for a week or so (or may not even know you have it) and then recover fully, able to re-enter your life fully after all symptoms have subsided. Some however will get very ill, very quickly and will need medical attention.

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Triplets Starting School – Reflections of a Triplet Mum.

triplets starting at school

Author: Larissa Jordan

Since my trio were born, starting school has always been the ultimate goal. Now it is so close, just like a dangling carrot finally within our grasp. My multiple mum friends and I have joked about toasting our champagne glasses as the bell rings at 9am on the first day of school because surviving for five or more years as a mum of twins, triplets or more, really is a massive accomplishment.

I do not feel sad like so many other first-time school mums seem to be, in fact I am rather excited. I am excited to see how much my three will achieve in their first year at school because they have already accomplished so much.

separating triplets at school
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Coles Stikeez


Note from Twinfo: This post has not been sponsored or endorsed by Coles and Twinfo is not affiliated in any way, I’m just sharing the news! Images courtesy of Coles.

Hold on to your hats, grab the tissues and weep fellow multi parents.  The Coles Stikeez are back.  And you know what that means…………….you need to get TWO or even THREE full collections.   Triplet parents, this is one time I am glad I don’t have triplets (the other time is at fingernail cutting time!). 

Yes, you read that correctly parents, as of TODAY the “delightful” Coles Stikeez are back.   And you have until 11.59pm AEDT 24 March 2020 to collect not one, but TWO (or even three) sets.  And that’s not taking into consideration any other beautiful singleton children that you may have. 

Coles Stikeez terms and conditions

Let’s get the boring things out of the way first.

As per usual, you will be “blessed” with one Stikeez with every $30 you spend in one transaction.  I will leave you to check out the Coles full terms and conditions and cut to the chase.   

Note though, a maximum limit of twenty Coles Stikeez per qualifying transaction applies for Coles Online.  Also the Collectables are for those aged 5 years and older. Adult supervision is advised for those aged younger than 5 years of age due to the risk of choking.

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Treetop Twins Adventures series at McDonald’s

Treetop Twins Adventures

Note from Twinfo: This post has not been sponsored or endorsed by McDonalds and Twinfo is not affiliated in any way, I’m just sharing the news! Images courtesy of McDonald’s.

Would you like a book with that?  Yes, you read that correctly.  Not fries, or even a toy, but a book! McDonald’s will now give you a choice when you order a Happy Meal – a toy or a book.  And not just any book, but a book where the main characters are TWO sets of TWINS!!!!

Introducing the Treetop Twins Adventures series!  An exclusive 12-book series written by Cressida Cowell, and only available at McDonald’s.  This novel idea (see what I did there???) has been designed to promote literacy in children, something that, naturally, appeals to any parent.

Cressida Cowell is a mother of two children, and the author and illustrator of the “How to Train your Dragon” series.   She is also the wife of Simon Cowell, the reality judge on shows like American Idol etc. 

Cressida Cowell has written a series of 12 hardback books called the Treetop Twins Adventures, with two new titles available every eight weeks.  The books are about two sets of twins, Asha and Alfie and Tulip and Ted, and their parents Professors Pablo and Penelope.   In this series they travel in a time machine that can also travel under water, across snow and ice, through jungles and plains to study amazing animals, past and present.  They will run with dodo birds, save pink dolphins and more!

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Going on holidays with twins or multiples – are they actually a “holiday”?

Port Douglas Sea Temple

Let me preface this with the fact that our twins are now seven years old, and we travel quite a bit.  What we don’t really do is “holiday” though.  As in stay in one place for more than a couple of nights.  Unless we are staying with family, we tend to move on every couple of days and find a new destination, explore a new area.  

Going on a “holiday” was quite a new concept for me, so going on holidays with twins was a huge step!!!

Travelling as opposed to holidaying – yes, there is a difference!

I remember when we went to Bali when the twins were two.  Everyone kept asking us where we were staying.  I always replied that I wasn’t really sure, but that each hotel was quite central etc.  It turns out that most people don’t go to Bali and stay in 5 different cities/towns/villages in two weeks!! Apparently most people check in once, upon arrival and then check out of their “resort” on departure. 

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Multi Mums who drink: is it a problem?

Mums who drink

All those Facebook memes about motherhood and parenting are very funny, mostly because they are completely true. But we’ve noticed a bit of a regular pattern when it comes to the familiar ‘mothers and wine’ memes; they are getting more and more common. Are all these memes just harmless fun, or should we be a bit more concerned about this increase in mums who drink?

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