Treetop Twins Adventures series at McDonald’s

Treetop Twins Adventures

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Would you like a book with that?  Yes, you read that correctly.  Not fries, or even a toy, but a book! McDonald’s will now give you a choice when you order a Happy Meal – a toy or a book.  And not just any book, but a book where the main characters are TWO sets of TWINS!!!!

Introducing the Treetop Twins Adventures series!  An exclusive 12-book series written by Cressida Cowell, and only available at McDonald’s.  This novel idea (see what I did there???) has been designed to promote literacy in children, something that, naturally, appeals to any parent.

Cressida Cowell is a mother of two children, and the author and illustrator of the “How to Train your Dragon” series.   She is also the wife of Simon Cowell, the reality judge on shows like American Idol etc. 

Cressida Cowell has written a series of 12 hardback books called the Treetop Twins Adventures, with two new titles available every eight weeks.  The books are about two sets of twins, Asha and Alfie and Tulip and Ted, and their parents Professors Pablo and Penelope.   In this series they travel in a time machine that can also travel under water, across snow and ice, through jungles and plains to study amazing animals, past and present.  They will run with dodo birds, save pink dolphins and more!

Treetop Twins Adventures Series

With 12 books in the collection, you’ll explore distant lands and learn about different creatures across the globe from the past and the present, including endangered and extinct animals.


Book 1 – The Twins Follow a Polar Bear

The Treetop family transform their time machine into a snowmobile and travel to the Arctic. Join them as they look for the magnificent polar bear. Read on to find out their encounter with the largest land carnivore in the world!

Some other books in the series include:

Book 2 – The Twins meet a Quagga

Book 3 – The Twins Help a Pink Dolphin

Book 4 – The Twins Discover a Dodo

Find out more about the Treetop Twins Wilderness series HERE.


Books with Happy Meals are not new to McDonald’s

Since 2001 McDonald’s have distributed more than 400 million books in Happy Meals, around the world, as part of our Happy Meal Readers initiative. McDonald’s aim to make reading fun, and inspire a lifelong love of reading for kids.

And the good news is, Happy Meals have certainly become healthier.  Gone are the days of just having a choice of nuggets and chips.  You can now choose from wholemeal snack wraps, grilled chicken bites, grape tomatoes, apple slices and yoghurt.

See the whole range of McDonald’s Happy Meals HERE.


As a twin mum myself I know that sometimes you’ve just got to do, what you have to do.   And if that means the odd drive through meal, then so be it.  It is nothing to be ashamed about.  I certainly do it! Having twins and triplets is HARD, so cut yourself some slack.  Let your kids enjoy the occasional Happy Meal and build up a collection of books about Twins in the process!

The twins discover a dodo

McDonalds Happy Meals are not just making our kids happy, they are also making parents happy!  Develop a deeper love for reading with your family and bond over the fun of story time.  It’s important to remember though, that the books are offered in sequence.   As a result, you may find yourself going through the drive though a bit more often to collect the entire series! There will be two new books every two months.

Find out more about the Treetop Twins Wilderness Adventures series HERE.


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