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Hold on to your hats, grab the tissues and weep fellow multi parents.  The Coles Stikeez are back.  And you know what that means…………….you need to get TWO or even THREE full collections.   Triplet parents, this is one time I am glad I don’t have triplets (the other time is at fingernail cutting time!). 

Yes, you read that correctly parents, as of TODAY the “delightful” Coles Stikeez are back.   And you have until 11.59pm AEDT 24 March 2020 to collect not one, but TWO (or even three) sets.  And that’s not taking into consideration any other beautiful singleton children that you may have. 

Coles Stikeez terms and conditions

Let’s get the boring things out of the way first.

As per usual, you will be “blessed” with one Stikeez with every $30 you spend in one transaction.  I will leave you to check out the Coles full terms and conditions and cut to the chase.   

Note though, a maximum limit of twenty Coles Stikeez per qualifying transaction applies for Coles Online.  Also the Collectables are for those aged 5 years and older. Adult supervision is advised for those aged younger than 5 years of age due to the risk of choking.

Rare Coles Stikeez

All in all, there are 29 unique Collectables, which includes five rare Collectables. What I can share with you is the four SUPER RARE Stikeez that you can apparently flog on e-bay for eye watering sums of money.    The ones you are on the lookout for (apparently!) are the rare glittery Connor Corn, a glow-in-the-dark Chip Cheese, a bronze Ella Egg, and a silver Buster Burger.

On top of this, if you find a RARE avocado Coles Stikeez you can win a Smeg FAB 28 Fridge and a $100 Coles Gift Card!  But you need to be quick, as there are only 100 Golden Avocados to be found.  You do need to enter your unique code found on the leaflet in your Stikeez wrapper to unlock your prize.

This time, as an extra ‘added incentive’ (can you feel the sarcasm??) and to help track your ‘progress’ & reach your ‘personal goal; you can either collect a FREE Coles Stikeez placemat in store or download the FREE version HERE.

Serving sizes for twins, triplets or more

On a serious note, Coles do have a good explanation of what a serve of protein, fruit, calcium grains and vegetables is.   I don’t know about you, but for me, the most stressful thing about having twins was making sure they ate a balanced diet.  I mean, they ate a balanced diet BETWEEN them. However, I don’t think that the fact that one twin ate ALL the fruit and vegetables and the other ate ALL the meat and grains would pass the local Child Health Nurses definition of a ‘balanced diet’.  So for me, this handy guide is really helpful.  Even though my twins are nearly 9 I still worry about if they are getting a balanced diet or now.  Especially as Miss 8 is predominantly vegetarian.

A serve of protein

Either two eggs or approx. a palm full of chicken.   Includes a handy list of other proteins.

A serve of fruit

A couple of peaches a day or a handful of berries.  Fruits include berries, apples, stone fruit and bananas.

A serve of calcium

Can include two slices of cheese or a tub of yoghurt.

A serve of grains

Grains include pasta, bread and rice.  One of your four serves a day can be a slice of bread or half a cup of cooked pasta.

A serve of vegetables

To get your five serves a day, include a cup of salad or a half cup of veggies.

Let’s talk about the environment and these crazy supermarket ‘collectables’

The best news is that the Stikeez returned to Coles Supermarkets will be recycled! There will be white bins at the front of each Coles.

coles stickeez recycle

But let’s face it, you are a parent of multiples.  You don’t just need one set, you need two, or even three, and if you have other kids even more.  So I highly doubt you will be returning any!!!  Instead, you will be meeting other random parents and doing ‘deals’ in parking lots to swap Chris Chicken for Benji Bread.  Or Chelsea Chilli for Maddy Milk.

And according to Coles’ chief marketing officer Lisa Ronson; ‘They’re also wrapped in responsibly sourced paper that’s fully recyclable in kerbside recycling bins at home.’ 

Bonus Coles Stikeez

Now, if you are a serious supermarket collectable chaser, you will know by now that you can usually collect a BONUS Coles Stikeez when you purchase a participating product! 

According to the Coles website, one Bonus Collectable Coles Stikeez will be awarded when a customer spends $30 in one transaction and also purchases one or more products from a participating brand family or product range indicated below. Excludes Coles Express. Don’t forget though, a maximum limit of one Bonus Collectable per participating brand or product range, per transaction applies.

  • Wonder Loaf or Wrap range
  • Coles Finest by Laurent Loaf range
  • Primo Sliced Meats 80-100g range
  • Dairy Farmer’s Thick & Creamy Yoghurt Range
  • Sunbites range
  • Old El Paso Meal Kits or Tortillas range
  • Nescafe Blend 43 range
  • Colgate Dental range
  • Head & Shoulders range
  • Finish range
  • I’m Free From Chip range
  • Coles Mum’s Sause range

If you grab petrol from a Coles Express then one Bonus Collectable Coles Stikeez will be awarded when a customer spends $30 and purchases any sandwich or wrap product at Coles Express in one transaction. 

Happy shopping fellow multi parents.  Let’s see who the first to collect the whole set in our closed Facebook group ‘Parents of Multiples’ is. 


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