Triplets Starting School – Reflections of a Triplet Mum.

triplets starting at school

Author: Larissa Jordan

Since my trio were born, starting school has always been the ultimate goal. Now it is so close, just like a dangling carrot finally within our grasp. My multiple mum friends and I have joked about toasting our champagne glasses as the bell rings at 9am on the first day of school because surviving for five or more years as a mum of twins, triplets or more, really is a massive accomplishment.

I do not feel sad like so many other first-time school mums seem to be, in fact I am rather excited. I am excited to see how much my three will achieve in their first year at school because they have already accomplished so much.

separating triplets at school

Triplets born at 26 weeks and four days

For my triplets starting school, together, and ready, really is a miracle. Born at 26 weeks and four days, weighing under a kilo each, things were touch and go at the start.

In the early days there were mentions of surgeries, diagnoses and complications, but we were so fortunate and escaped relatively unscathed. We still have numerous appointments to attend and have had our fair share of medical issues but the three of them are truly excelling from such humble beginnings.

They are so eager to learn and I’m sure they will thrive in the vibrant school environment. As a primary school teacher myself, it is so exciting for me to see them grasp new skills and concepts that I know means that they are well and truly ready for school.

triplets born at 26 weeks

Separating triplets at school, or keeping them together?

The first question everybody asks when they hear multiples are starting school is will they be together or separate? Classroom placement is always a contentious topic and truly there is no one size fits all answer.

Starting school is a major transition and we have chosen not to add the further transition of separation at this point. Even though our children are quite different and very independent, it is reassuring to know that they will have a familiar face with them as they begin this new adventure. I believe that my children will be able to make the decision to separate in the future, once they have had an opportunity to find their feet, building friendships and confidence in their new surroundings.

There is not only the transition for the students to consider but also the parents. Navigating three classrooms, liaising with three teachers, helping out in three rooms, attending three Mother’s Day events is a challenge I’ll leave for another year. Starting school will be enough of a juggle for now without adding any more balls.

Fraternal triplets starting school

Being fraternal triplets means that my trio won’t face the additional challenge of identity confusion that many identical multiples face. Their school mates will hopefully recognise them as individuals, by name, and hopefully without the cringeworthy label of ‘the triplets’. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that they are triplets, but I don’t want that to be their primary identity.

Even though we have chosen to keep them together, I want their teachers and school mates to know that they are not joined at the hip and do not need to do everything together. They don’t need to do special jobs at the same time or get awards together. Families don’t have to invite all three to a party just because they are triplets.

We very much nurture their individuality even if we chose to do so together, in close proximity. The whole family is about to embark on this massive adventure together and I for one am very excited about this new chapter in our lives. Wish us luck xo

keeping triplets in same class


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