Toys that can be shared by twins and triplets

toys designed for sharing

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Buying toys is always a dilemma, so much so we have written a whole blog on it, which you can read below.

Buying toys for twins and triplets

This blog isn’t about if you should buy same same, or same but different. This blog is purely to give you some inspiration on toys that can be shared by twins and triplets.

Toys that can be shared by twins and triplets

Personally I think “share” toys are fabulous for multiples, as they encourage the family to play together.

Magnetic Tiles

These were a HUGE hit when my twins were younger. They lead to so much creative unstructured play. Sometimes they would be a apartment block for the TY soft toys, other times a garage for the hot wheel cars.

Being translucent they look like a big stained glass window – so very pleasing on the eye.

And lets not forget the added bonus of the fact they quite easy to pick up!!!

Shop for magnetic tiles here.

Toys that can be shared by twins triplets and more

Osmo – Coding Starter Kit

This is still going strong in my house, and our twins are 11 years old now. i figure, if they are going to be on the i-pad then they may as well be doing something education (that is fun!).

Children interact with actual hand held pieces and an iPad, bringing a child’s game pieces and actions to life. My children used to work on the problems together.

Shop Osmo here.

Toys that can be shared by twins and multiples

Vuly trampolines

I find with my kids that they are either both on the trampoline, or none at all. After talking to other parents of multiples, its the same at their house as well. The common consensus was to therefore get the largest trampoline you can afford (that fits in your garden of course!).

I love our trampoline. We often go out into the garden while dinner is cooking to have one final burst of energy over and done with. They love it if I squirt them with the hose. We do “high jump” and they have to jump over the stream of water etc.

I bought some soft pool balls that they bounce around in there (I didn’t want hard balls, as I could see a rolled or broken ankle happening as a result). But these ones are made totally of soft foam.

We even used our trampoline to learn letters and do sight words on.

Shop Vuly trampolines here.

what to buy triplets

Uniden Walkie Talkies are perfect and practical toys that can be shared by twins and triplets

We initially bought these for our big adventure trip to Cape York. And they have been a hit at every camping trip since. We are lucky enough to live opposite a very large park, so often the kids will go over there and play hide and seek with the walkie talkies.

They come in 2, 3 or 4 packs. Some of which are even colour coded, if thats your thing!

Shop walkie talkies here

outdoor toys for twins

Floor Puzzles

Floor puzzles are great for the whole family. They are perfect for developing gross motor skills, but you will find that your children will crawl around the floor to get to the various pieces, so they will develop muscle tone as well.

I also like them because they promote conversation and they naturally help each other out.

Plus, I get to sit on the floor and relax for a few minutes!!!

Shop floor puzzles here.

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Vuly Swing Sets

Where were these when I was younger? I simply cant get enough of these. A nearby neighbour of ours has one (coincidentally she has twins as well!), and I am jealous every time I drive by to take our twins to school!

You choose what swings work best for your growing family, and with over 10 different accessories, the fun never ends.

Shop swing sets here

swing sets for twins

Play-Doh works well for toys that can be shared by twins and triplets

Play-Doh is so good for hand strength. Plus its cheap and easy to make.

Again, this is such an open ended toy. Add in a few of these cool accessories, and your kids will be preparing themselves for school without them even realising!!! Hand strength is the key to handwriting.

I just apologise in advance for how many Play-Doh meals you will be handed and expected to eat.

Shop Play-Doh sets here

Toys that can be shared


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