Presents for two year old twins and triplets

present ideas for two year old twins

When it comes to buying presents for two year old twins or triplets, as always, it depends on the situation. Should you get the same same, or same but different or totally different?

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Three wheeled scooters are a great way to introduce your little ones to the joys of scooting.  Scooting is great for kids.  It helps them develop balance, promotes muscle development, coordination and decision making skills. 

Scooters allow you to get out and about as a family.  The parents can walk, and the kids scoot.  Fresh air, sunshine and good times!

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twin presents two years

Don’t forget the helmet!

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presents for triplets two years

Funsquare Modular Play Sofa

These have the benefit of being practical AND fun. 

Funsquare Play Sofas are designed with little (and big) kids in mind to encourage interactive learning through open ended play. Build your own tree house, race a racing car or jump through crocodile infested lava pools, all in the comfort of your own home.   The Fun Square has the advantage that you can purchase additional bit for it, perfect for birthdays, or even for Grandparents or Aunts and Uncles to buy.

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ideas for presents for two year old triplets

Obstacle Course

One of our favourite things to do in the back yard at the end of the day is to build an obstacle course.  It gets us out of the house and onto the grass.  This has the benefit of the fact they aren’t creating MORE mess inside, but the connection to the grass at the end of the day grounds them and allows them to burn off that last bit of energy before dinner and bed.

We use all sorts of things that we have laying around the house, but we also purchased some specific things to make the obstacle course more exciting.  And the best thing about creating an obstacle course is no two courses are the same.  And of course, you need to play “the floor is lava” while completing the obstacle course. 

Twinfo tip: If you need some time to sit down and relax, maybe with a cheeky beverage before tackling dinner, then tell them that you are the time keeper!

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Balance Bikes

Our twins absolutely LOVED their Mocka balance bikes, and I credit them for my daughter being off her training wheels at 3 ½ years old.   Balance Bikes help children learn balance and steering (and have a whole lot of fun and adventure doing it!).


ideas for presents for two year old twins

Or Vuly also do a really nice one as well.


present for twins two years old

Don’t forget the helmet!

Shop for HELMETS here.

Bubble See Saw

Bouncing around on a see saw makes for great fun in the back yard!  These amazing seesaws have 360 degrees of rotation, adding a whole new dimension to bouncing.

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Dress Ups

Dress ups are a great way for your little ones to really immerse themselves in their play.   

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Play Kitchen

Play kitchens are an open ended source of play, creating and fun.    Just one tip from me is to make sure they are large enough for all your multiples to play simultaneously.  There needs to be room for one to cook and the other to prep simultaneously.  And if you have triplets, hopefully room for one to wash up!!!!

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two year old twins present ideas

And don’t forget they will need some food to go with it!  I do like these wooden sets where they are held together with Velcro in the middle so they can “cut” up their apple.  I’ve even seen cute little wooden sushi sets that the kids can “slice up”.

Shop for WOODEN FOOD here.

ideas for 2 year old triplets

Music and Dance Parties

A Xylophone is probably one of the least offensive sounding musical instruments when in the hands of a rambunctious two year old!!!  Particularly if you buy one that isn’t too “tinny” sounding.

Shop for XYLOPHONES here.

There are a whole range of shakers out there.  We had ones with bells on them, tambourine stye ones, egg shaped ones with beads in them and I even made some from the little plastic airline wine bottles from our trip to New Zealand!!  I popped some kidney beans in one, some rice in another and hot glue gunned the lid down!

Shakers are lots of fun.  We used them on their own, and also to play along with popular tunes – like the Wiggles.

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And of course, no dance party is complete without some twirling ribbons!!!


presents for two year old twins or triplets

Presents for two year old twins and triplets

Buying presents for two year old twins and triplets can be difficult, as there are SO many things out there these days. I hope these gift ideas have been useful. 

While the below blog was written with Christmas in mind, it is still very relevant to second birthdays.

Surviving Christmas with Multiples.

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