Presents for one year old twins and triplets

present ideas for one year old twins

When it comes to buying presents for one year old twins or triplets, as always, it depends on the situation. Should you get the same same, or same but different or totally different?

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Duplo is one of those “perfect gifts” for multiples.  Here are my 10 reasons why.

  1. There is no WRONG way to play with Duplo.  You can either follow the kit instructions, or free build with it. 
  2. It develops colour and shape recognition.
  3. Duplo helps to develop fine motor skills.
  4. You can use it to develop language and counting skills.
  5. It promotes sharing, which is something that our multiples need to learn as early on as possible.
  6. Duplo can be added to for future birthday or Christmases by you or by loving Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents etc. 
  7. It helps develop hand eye coordination.
  8. Its fairly easy to store, and its pretty easy to pick up.
  9. Your multiples will learn problem solving skills.  Be it trying to attach two bricks together or simply finding the right sixed piece they need, right through to basic engineering principles.
  10. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much as Lego if you stand on it in the middle of the night!!!

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christmas presents for one year old twins

Twin Swings  (Triplet swings available on request)

Swinging is one of the greatest joys of childhood, and a twin swing is guaranteed to bring double the smiles and giggles.

The Twin Swingz is portable and can be hung indoor or outdoors.   Choose from one of the set colours or mix and match your own colours.

All Twin Swingz come with free shipping.

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one year old twin presents

Triplet swings available on request.

triplet swing

Water Tables for twins and triplets

When my twins were younger I had a prescription that got me though some of the hot, tired long afternoons when I was home by myself with them. 

Grumpy babies?  Just add water for instant relief!

Water tables are so much fun.  They are perfect for those who are not yet walking, as they are the right size for them to stand and hold on to.  And they are perfect for those who are walking, as they can walk around the table to get to the other side to reach a particular toy.

Water tables are also great learning tools.  Your multiples will have fun, and without you, or them knowing, they are developing some pretty cool skills while playing.   Water tables are a fabulous form of sensory play – and you can use them for sand, as well as water.  They build communication skills and develop hand eye coordination all while introducing the basics of maths and science.

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Nesting Dolls

This is my personal “go to” present for any one year old I need to buy a present for.  I simply love them, and so do the kids.   Not only are they cute, but they also develop fine motor skills and are great to introduce the concepts of maths (bigger/smaller and counting).

Shop for NESTING DOLLS here.

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Bouncy Animals

Another toy that is guaranteed to give them hours of entertainment, and hopefully you an opportunity to sit and watch them while you drink a hot coffee!

These bouncy animals are lots of fun and help your little ones develop confidence and develop muscle tone.

Shop for BOUNCY ANIMALS here.

Little Tyke Cozy Coupe

These are ALWAYS a huge hit at playgroups etc.  And if you have room for it, a perfect addition to your back deck or patio. 

The only problem is……………do you get one or two?

Shop for the LITTLE TYKE COZY COUPE here.

one year old triplet presents

Rocking Horse (or Fox or even a Rocking Lama!)

A Rocking Horse provides a great sensory experience for children, in the safe confines of your lounge room.   Let your multiples develop a sense of rhythm, while learning how to balance and develop their motor skills.   Plus it is a great way for a child to burn off some energy.

Shop for ROCKING HORSES and other animals here.

Presents for one year old twins and triplets

I hope these ideas for presents for one year old twins and triplets has been useful.  It certainly gave me a trip down memory lane, back to when my twins were roughly 12 months old.

While the below blog was written with Christmas in mind, it is still very relevant to first birthdays.

Surviving Christmas with Multiples

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