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Super Boober | Food for your boobs!

Multiple Birth Parent: Yes
Australia Wide Postage Available

Lactation products with no nasties, researched and created by a triplet mum.


Super Boober is your one stop shop for all your breastfeeding needs. They produce a range of lactation and pregnancy cookies, granola bars, crackers and teas that are totally free of all artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Best yet, they taste amazing and give your breast milk supply a huge boost!

Super Boober also sells a range of organic oil blends, nipple balm, breast pumps, pads, feeding covers, nursing bras and other supplies to support your breastfeeding journey.



All treats are lovingly made with premium all natural ingredients. Having just two Super Boober treats a day can help boost your supply.


Lactation treats to get your mouth watering and breast milk flowing!


Super Boober Lactation Foods

A range of lactation foods all of which contain no preservatives, no artificial flavours and no colours.

Lactation tea breastfeeding twins

  • Lactation Cookies (including dairy and egg free)
  • Lactation Granola Bars
  • Chia and Sesame Lactation Crackers

You can view (and order) the entire range HERE.



Lactation Tea

Super Boober has a range of teas available depending on which stage you are at – from conception to breastfeeding.

Lactation tea breastfeeding twins

Choose from milk boosting ‘Lactation Tea’, Morning Sickness relief ‘Pregnancy’ tea, and Raspberry Leaf Blend ‘Labour tea’.

You can view (and order) the entire range HERE.


Super Boober Balms and Oil Blends

Super Boober has a range of balms and oil blends to help you through all stages of your breastfeeding journey.

sore nipples breastfeeding twins


  • Mastitis Oil blend
  • Milk Boosting Lactation Oil Blend
  • Nipple Balm
  • Stop My Milk Blend
  • Belly Butter
  • Morning Sickness Nasal Inhaler

You can view (and order) the entire range HERE.


If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ page HERE.



Breastfeeding accessories

Find all the things you need to help keep your boobs comfy!

Find reusable breast pads, nursing covers and more HERE 

Silicon breast pumps, so you don’t lose a single drop of your liquid gold, HERE

breastfeeding triplets



About Jennelle

Jennelle is mum to four year old triplet boys and little sister Madelyn. She has breastfed and pumped for all of her children, but it certainly didn’t come easily! Super Boober was born out of Jennelle’s sheer desperation to continue breastfeeding her little girl.

She wanted a natural solution to boost her supply and extend her breastfeeding journey. After significant research, Jennelle created a range of products that not only get that breast milk flowing, but actually taste amazing.

Since establishment, the range has expanded to include a wide array of breastfeeding supplies, making Super Boober your number one go to for building, sustaining and enjoying your breastfeeding journey.


You can find out more about Jennelle and her breastfeeding journey HERE.


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