Twins born at 36+2 weeks. My twin birth story

twins in hospital

Author: Victoria Milner

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be a mum to twins!

I always thought as soon as I decided the time was right to have a baby, yes A BABY, yeah one, It would happen just like that. At the drop of a hat.

Finding out we were pregnant with twins

Boy had I got that wrong. It took a few years of trying to conceive, which resulted in a miscarriage at 7 weeks. As time went by we left it and said hey, it will happen when it happens or if not, then it’s not meant to be.  A few months later I was pregnant, at our first scan the only thing I remember the lady saying to us was “do twins run in the family?” shocked and speechless, we couldn’t believe it! two babies!!! it’s hard enough to get pregnant with one, right?

Cervical stitch at 20 weeks pregnant with twins

We had joked a few months before that our friends in the UK were going to have it hard, as they had just told us they were pregnant with twins! We couldn’t believe it! Coming out of our scan appointment we were in utter shock!

Wowsers!! twins, we are going to need two of everything, etc etc, our minds were racing.

Being pregnant with twins was harder than I thought

As the shock wore off and I began to get further into my pregnancy, I begun to feel so sick, I couldn’t even make it into work. I felt so guilty, letting the team & clients down. I was a beauty consultant for Chanel in Myers and also ran my own hair business. For some reason, I always thought I’d be that lady that worked right up until she gave birth! Mistakenly I thought pregnancy would be a breeze, a walk in the park, a piece of cake! Not for me, I guess every-bodies body handles pregnancy differently.

So the blooming stage never came unfortunately. And yes I had server hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) also know as being sick as a dog!

adjusting to having twins

Cervical stitch at 20 weeks pregnant with twins

Around 20 weeks I had to have a stitch put in, to keep the babies in. I had no idea such procedures existed. After numerous scans I was referred to another hospital to check on a water issue that was occurring between the two babies. It was there that it was discovered that my stitch had been put in the wrong place, so it had to be redone immediately!

Fortunately I was in the best hands at King Edwards Hospital and the stitch was done successfully! and my babies were saved and allowed to continue to grow inside me.

Twins born 36 weeks

Twins born at 36+2 weeks

As time went on it was an endurance to force myself to get as far as I could for the sake of delivering healthy babies. I decided on a planned c-section as to be honest I was pooped! and thought it was the best answer for my situation.

At 36 and 2 it was d-day! and it all went well.

Melba was 1ST out! named after my husband’s Mother, it’s a name that has been passed through their family, after (Dame Nellie Melba) one of the most famous Australian Operatic Soprano of the Victorian era.

2nd out! Olivia, sorry no great links there, we just loved the name.

After a week recovering and getting to grips with the all new parenthood gig, we took our twin babies home & slowly began to adjust to our new lives!

The biggest challenges we faced as twin parents to twins born at 36+2 weeks, were feeding & sleep deprivation. I am sure all mums & dads can relate.

And that is where my journey of motherhood begun and how it brought me to create the business twinmums, as motherhood is a bumpy ride! But one that should be enjoyed.

twins and cervical stitch 20 weeks pregnant


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