Partial placenta abruption with twins at 23 weeks. Twins born at 30 + 5 weeks.

twins born at 30 weeks

Author:  Amanda Munday

When we found out we were expecting twins We were overwhelmed with shock and joy. We would soon be parents of 4 under 4.

Finding out we were pregnant with twins – at 11 weeks.

Our first scan at 8 week’s only showed us one baby.

At 11 week’s after a fall & having a small bleed I presented at the ED, we had a quick bedside ultrasound with the Dr showing us one healthy baby and heartbeat, and him mistaking the second baby as my bladder!  

I laughed and asked why my bladder was moving… not expecting him to tell me “oh wow, that’s actually another baby”

Little did we know our journey was going to be far from easy.

15 weeks pregnant with twins

At 15 week’s, suffering terrible migraines and pain under my right rib cage we were sent for another scan, for us to be told twin B was shrinking & would most likely be absorbed into the placenta.

We were referred to Canberra Hospital where we found out all was well and both babies were developing perfectly. Our nerves calmed.

Partial placenta abruption with twins at 23 weeks

23 weeks pregnant and I suffered a partial placenta abruption with twins

The next few weeks seemed like everything was finally going our way. That was until I woke at 3am on the 24th September, at 23+1 gestation, to what I first thought “I just wet myself”.

I hoped out of bed feeling a huge gush, realising that my water had actually broken. I quickly got myself to the bathroom to then realise I was bleeding. Little did I know I had actually suffered a partial placenta abruption with twins.

My husband had only just left for work about 30 minutes prior and traveling in an area of no reception.  I had to make a decision on what to do. I had my 3 year old & almost 2 year old asleep in my bed. Making a snap decision, I woke them up and placed them in my car and proceeded to my Aunties house 2kms up the road.

I then went from there via ambulance to our local hospital (45 minutes away) with my aunty following behind. Eventually my aunty got a hold of my husband and he quickly made his way to the hospital.

Our local hospital was not equipped for twins being born before 37 weeks

Upon arrival, things really didn’t look good.

Our local hospital only being a small hospital in the location of Bega NSW, not equipped to deliver before 37 weeks or twins at all. I was told I had ruptured membranes with Twin A, however nothing was said about the bleeding.

Our fantastic OB quickly made the decision to get the babies and I to a hospital who could deal with such premature babies. Unfortunately, our closest major hospital (Canberra 3hours away) had no NICU beds, so that meant we were getting airlifted to Randwick Royal Women’s Hospital. Over 6 hours away from our family & our children.

Partial placenta abruption with twins twins born at 30 weeks

Partial placenta abruption with twins

Once we arrived, we thought we’ve got this. We are in the best hands. And we really were, we can not fault the staff that helped us on our journey. But little did we know, just how bad things were looking.

I was told I was suffering a partial placenta abruption. This had been caused by a blood clot forming behind the placenta, resulting in it pushing it away from the uterus wall. We, unfortunately, had to make a decision on what to do. Seeing the stats we made the decision to let our babies peacefully pass away if it came to that. All medical professionals told us we’d deliver within 24 hours.

We started planning our unborn babies funerals

From there we planned our unborn babies funerals. Many many tears, many moments of hating my body for not doing what it was suppose to do. We did however decide not to bring labour on & we would wait to see what my body would do.

Thankfully, we made it passed the 24 hours. As we progressed through the week we said yes to resuscitation. We were then airlifted to Canberra hospital, were my body was amazing and held onto our babies until 30+5 weeks.

Before the babies arrival at Canberra hospital, we had weekly scans, every 2nd day bloods and CTG check ups. My aunty even came and did maternity photos while I was still admitted. We stayed the first 4 weeks at the residence of the hospital, where our children joined us. Then the remaining of our journey at Ronald McDonald house which is based inside the Canberra hospital.

Giving birth to twins at 30 + 5 weeks

The morning of 16th November 2019 I woke to a very familiar pain & I knew it was the day our surprise gender twins were going to enter this world at 30 weeks and 5 days.

I took myself upstairs to the birthing unit, while my husband stayed downstairs waiting for a friend to come get our children. Unfortunately, our babies ended up in distress and I was rushed for an emergency c-section without my husband.

My spinal wore off halfway through delivery.  I heard twin A cry and then I experienced a pain I had never felt before. They quickly put me under.

I woke up in recovery, not knowing the sex of my babies, not knowing if my husband had been informed his twins were here, and not knowing what was happening or how our twins were.

About 3 hours later I was taken upstairs to the NICU with my husband, he told me the sex of our babies. We had welcomed 2 beautiful baby GIRLS. We were now proud parents of a boy & 3 girls. With our twin girls arriving a day before our daughters 2nd birthday.

twins with Chronic Lung Disease

Twins born at 30 + 5 weeks

We were also informed Poppy (twin A) had very underdeveloped lungs, her right lung had collapsed quickly after birth, and developed sepsis. We were given a very small percentage of survival. On the other side of the room was Grace (twin 2) she developed perfectly and was a healthy baby for a premature baby. I was given the all clear to have a little cuddle of her.

Thankfully Poppy made a very quick recovery & only required micro low flow from 6 days of age until 37 week gestation, she was diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease. We however did have another few hurdles, we had a professional tell us they believed Poppy had a trisomy disorder and the term “trisomy 13” used a lot. Scared mum I was demanded genetic testing, which we wouldn’t know the results for some time after. But I’m happy to say, the results were negative.

Poppy also, somehow after birth, developed a dislocated elbow at 35 week gestation.

twins in NICU at Christmas

Bringing our babies home

The time came to get ready to go home, our home was under threat from the bush fires. Our home town, and every other town in the Bega Valley, was surrounded by fires. All roads in and out shut. The hospital told us to look for accommodation in Canberra. We decided to stay at the hospital until we could eventually make our way home.

Our twin girls are now 5 months old, thriving and meeting all their milestones. 

twins born at 30 plus 5 weeks


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