Twin Pregnancy Poem: In the Light of Four Eyes

Twin or Triplet Pregnancy Poem

In the quiet night, she feels the strain,
Twin lives within, a beautiful gain,
But oh, the toll it takes on her frame,
A mother’s journey, both joy and pain.

Her body stretches, her belly wide,
A growing world where two reside,
Each movement now, a heavy sigh,
As weeks crawl by, the end seems nigh.

Aches in her back, sharp and deep,
Legs that tremble, yearning for sleep,
Yet rest evades, elusive, rare,
For comfort’s gone, and slumber’s unfair.

Twin Pregnancy Poem_ In the Light of Four Eyes
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She shifts and turns, the bed a maze,
Seeking solace in the night’s haze,
But pillows fail, and sleep’s a dream,
In the night, she stifles a silent scream.

And then she gives up, moves to the couch,
In the recliner, finds a place to slouch,
A moment’s peace, a brief respite,
From the endless ache, the sleepless night.

Her feet swell, a daily plight,
Hands that tingle in the night,
A heart that races, breath that’s short,

In her reflection, battles are fought.

Amidst the ache, a mother’s grace,
With tender love, she finds her place,
Though burdened by the growing weight,
Her spirit stands, resilient and great.

Poems for pregnant with twins

In every kick, in every twist,
She finds a reason to persist,
For twin hearts beat within her own,
And in their rhythm, strength is shown.

So as the months crawl to their end,
And labour’s trials soon descend,
She knows the pain is but a part,
Of the journey etched within her heart.

For when the dawn of birth arrives,
And she gazes into four new eyes,
The aches, the pains, will fade away,
In the light of their first day.

Twin pregnancy classes australia

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