Private hospital for twins or triplets

giving birth to twins private hospital

One of the first “care” decisions you will need to make when you find out you are pregnant with twins or triplets is if you will birth in a public or private hospital.

We asked some of our Twinfo members why they decided to birth in a private hospital for twins or triplets.

Private hospital for twins or triplets


We chose private as I was high risk with my own medical conditions, and after ivf we wanted our own private doctor, I needed my own room as I have anxiety and stress around others.  And wanted my husband to be able to stay.  I was told with being public having him stay wasn’t able option.  Our health fund paid majority of it which is fantastic. We chose our hospital for the facilities though, as they have a pregnancy assessment unit.  Plus our OB’s office is a street behind the hospital.  Great facilities (wards, food wise, rooms, NICU etc) and we live 30 minutes away. We were out of catchment zone for their public hospital though.

choosing a private hospital for twins


I went private for our twins. The reason for it was that the birth of my 1st born went really wrong (sunny side up and looong labour where we thought we might loose our daughter several times), then I had my son and got a swelling and bleed on my pituitary gland after. This is really rare, but means I’m under yearly supervision of an endocrinologist. So went private when I found out I was pregnant and when I found out it was twins it was even more the right choice.  We had the best nurses, midwives and SCU staff anyone could wish for. It was by far the best experience of all my labours and even though my boys stayed in SCU for 2.5 weeks, I also remember that period fondly.


We had gone through fertility treatment and our specialist was an OBGYN.  Ultimately we conceived via international egg donation and our specialist managed the pregnancy.  Given everything we had been through up to that point we wanted to deliver with him at the private hospital he was connected with.  We had planned an elective csection but ended up with an emergency csection a week earlier. Was still able to have our OBGYN deliver the twins.  It was also the hospital closest to home.


We choose private for a few reasons – continuity of care is a big one. We have the same OB, deal with the same team and everyone knows us. The level of care at Mater Mothers is exceptional. It was like staying in a hotel but with amazing midwives. Having my husband able to stay was a massive help and lessened my anxiety and allowed him to bond with our girls.


I went private and it was during Covid….what I loved about it is that my husband was with me from the second we entered the hospital until we were discharged on Day 5. I couldn’t have done it without him and he deserved to be there for it all. I’m not sure if that would have been an option in public.


I went private because I wanted to have the same OB and midwife for my whole pregnancy and the birth. I also wanted to avoid a particular public OB  Plus after paying insane amounts of PHI to cover pregnancy for years I wanted to get my monies worth!   Once in the hospital it was great because I had my own room and bathroom and less strict visiting hours. Also because my c section was booked on a day my OB wasn’t on call for the public patients there was no issues with it being bumped for an emergency unless it was one of his own patients so much less likely.

choosing a private hospital for twins


I chose a private hospital for twins because my gynecologist who was also my fertility specialist and my OB only delivered at the private hospital. I stayed 5 days in a private room. And then roomed in for two nights before taking the girls home. All the rooms were wonderful and the staff weren’t run off their feet and the care was outstanding.


I switched to a private hospital for twins because my twins were both breech and I wanted the option to birth them naturally (in the public system I felt somewhat supported, but would be at the mercy of who was on that day). I chose an OB skilled in breech birth who supported my choices.


We went private because of a high risk pregnancy and we weren’t in the catchment for the hospital we preferred so they wouldn’t accept us publicly. As said above we went to the mater Brisbane which has both public and private floors. PH covered most of it and they let us stay 7 nights!


We had the most beautiful experience at a private hospital. Faultless. The private OB is one of the funniest/wisest/kindest person we know and we had a huge private room with a double bed. I was able to stay (with my wife) for 5 nights. 24 hour room service menu! We had cheese and crackers in the middle of the night, and berry pancakes for breakfast each morning. The room didn’t look like a hospital room – all of the stuff is hidden behind wooden panels. We had a bar fridge and coffee machine in our room too. We often joke that it’s worth having another baby just for the pampered week. If you can afford it, definitely go private. Those 5 nights we spent as a little family getting to know each other was priceless.


Delivered in private as my obstetrician worked privately. Also have top private health cover. I also wanted the option to stay in hospital for longer if the twins ended up in the scn (which they did). We all were discharged together as a family on day 8.


Why- my first born was in our public hospital. I became high risk but still wasn’t told a consistent message from the team there, as well as the post delivery care being dreadful. I saw an OB/GYN for some gun issues related to my first birth after the same hospital palmed me off. She went through my history and shared what she would have done differently for me. I went home with my 6 week old and told my husband next baby I was going under her. She only delivers out of our local private hospital.

What was great- it was more about my OB than hospital choice. She was consistent and honestly the best decision we made. After being sent to Sydney in pre term labour, then to the local public with ruptured membranes she fought to get me transferred to the private even thought I was below their accepted delivery weeks. Continuity of care has been incredibly professional yet caring. The private team were amazing- the unit and ward…I was in and out like a frequent flyer for monitoring, fed, cared for my concerns always listened to. The health of the three of us were always the priority. Babies currently in SCN here and I am completely at ease. No forcing to feed in one way or another (unlike the public). I hated my four day stay there during this pregnancy before I was transferred. After being at the public hospital and monitored very closely our local public was below ordinary and I was extremely worried about delivering there.

What not so great- I guess the cost associated having top health insurance, excess and private OB bills. But if I was to have more kids (I’m not!) I would do the same again.

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I chose a private hospital for twins because I wanted more choice over my birth. I didn’t want to share a room or be pushed to the extreme for a vaginal birth and then discharged a day later like the major public hospital in my city. Turns out I had twins and probably would have had all those choices any way. I also wanted continuity of care. The private room was what I really wanted, it’s the most life changing event and I wanted that to be with just hubby and I. That alone was worth the cost. I can’t fault the care I had with my OB and giving birth at Calvary. No I can the hot water in my shower was a bit dodgy, not very good pressure, but that was it. I have friends who had really traumatic experiences in the public system and I wanted to avoid that.


I went private. I loved that I could choose my obstetrician and had the same one at every appointment. Being able to build that relationship with someone was priceless. An ultrasound at every appointment. My partner and mum being able to alternate staying with me at the hospital was fantastic, plus the room service. The hospital also offers mum a hairdresser to wash, blowdry and style you hair before you go home and the craziness begins. The hospital also has a monthly mothers group with a midwife to answer any questions. Perfect start to motherhood

private hospital for triplet birth


We too went private with our twins as we had a slightly riskier pregnancy. We had a wonderful OB who took care of me from day 1. He would also regularly visit the SCN (daily or every 2nd day) to see how our girls were going.


I went private as we wanted our own OB and had top hospital cover. I was in hospital for a few weeks prior to delivery due to preeclampsia (admitted the after I finished work!) and on bed rest. It was great to have my own room during this time. Once the twins were born they were in SCN for 4 weeks and I was able to stay for about a week after the birth to recover and stay close.


We went private as I wanted a vaginal birth and the closest public hospital to us didn’t support this for twins. (DCDA twins and not meeting criteria for the hospital). I chose an OB who specialised in vaginally twin and breech deliveries. As it turned out, twin b went oblique and he had to do internal manipulation to get her out. The midwives told me with nearly any other OB, it would’ve ended in a c-section. One of the best decisions of my life choosing him.


I always wanted to have my baby/ies at the private hospital. Ideally I wanted where I was born but my OBGYN didn’t deliver there. I was lucky where I went as the hospital is interconnecting with the public hospital which has the only NICU in our state. I loved having the same obstetrician all the way through my pregnancy. Plus knowing all the staff in the OBGYN rooms. In the end, I was so grateful to be private as I had pre-eclampsia and was hospitalised for 5 days about 2 weeks prior to giving birth. This meant I had my own room while there both times. I also could stay as long as I wanted too once I gave birth as my obstetrician would allow it. Definitely found I was given exceptional care as a private patient.

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Went private because I wanted to choose my doctor and have continuity of care plus I wanted a guaranteed private room so my husband could stay. We were at mater mothers. It was great my husband could stay but the daybed was super uncomfortable for night time sleeping and my chosen OB was amazing and managed all of my pregnancy issues really well. I was in hospital for 2 weeks so things I liked at our private hospital (not sure if any of this applies to public as well) were room service, in room Netflix, private lounge in SCU and your own swipe card to get in and out of SCU. Things I didn’t like about going private is all the out of pocket expenses. Turns out to be way more expensive for the patient when you go private even with top medical cover.


We had the top private health cover and chose our obstetrician who worked privately. I work in public health and comparison of service and care is so different (I don’t blame the staff- I too, worked under the pressure of short staffing!) My OB was a qualified sonographer too so our scans were consistent. She was literally always just a phone call/ text/ email away. I was able to pop in for a reassurance scan whenever I was worried. In terms of private hospitals, my twins were born in the middle of a pandemic whereby partners could stay briefly during birth before being kicked out however my husband was allowed to board with me for seven nights (five days usually for a c-section but we had a weekend of mother crafting too). We had our own room and wonderful facilities. We didn’t feel rushed at being discharged. Also the food was 1000x times better than the food I’ve seen dished up haha I don’t know about anyone else but once my milk came in, I was a ravenous beast and the three course meals and snacks were everything.


I chose to go private as I’d heard great things about an OB that I was lucky enough to have great me through my whole pregnancy, that continuity was important to me. Also, I was admitted to hospital at 27 weeks and stayed for 3 weeks before delivering, for the whole time I was there I never had to share a room and was about to get used to all the midwives/nurses before I had my girls. I was known by all the staff by the time I went home 1 week after delivering at 30 weeks. And when coming back to visit my girls was able to stop and chat to everyone for the entirety of their 10 week NICU/SCN journey. The only out of pocket I paid for the 3 of our stays was my $500 excess, and looked on my insurance statement, if I didn’t have insurance, I’d have been out of pocket over $60k in hospital fees.

private hospital for triplets


I chose private because of the OBGYN, who was amazing, and because I could choose to birth the kids in a hospital where I wouldn’t be separated from them if something went wrong. Unfortunately everything else about the private system seemed to let me down after the birth. The aftercare was atrocious: from me hearing a nurse berate me for not breastfeeding straight after my emergency c (when I was in recovery and so tired that they literally had to remind me to breathe), to having to wait almost an hour from pressing the nurse call/buzzer before they came in because I needed my first toilet break and they had to do an ultrasound first, to really opposite and very different advice on breastfeeding, to having to specially ask on our last (5th!) day in hospital for help as to how to bathe our babies. (The twins were our first). There was no home visit afterwards either because we lived ‘too far’ (30mins) away. It was a horrible start to parenthood and I really don’t recommend private.


The only issue with private is some won’t see you if you have complications before a certain gestation & you may be in public anyway. Also if the hospital doesn’t have a NICU your babies could potentially be at 2 different hospitals.


Our experience was great. We arrived for an emergency c section and the staff treated us like they were expecting us, and we had a booking. Quality of staff, care, rooms, food were all great. We spent 4weeks in special care and the service and care was amazing. Having the option to keep both our twins together in private hospital special care was incredible. And all for a $500 excess. And an anesthetist bill. Would never do it any other way.

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