Twins and a toddler – 5 tips to help you get out of the house

how to contain a toddler

So its time to venture out of the house with your babies and their older sibling. How stressed are you at the thought of it? Leaving the house with a toddler is a mission as it is, but when it comes to adding in your baby twins as well, it can become a very stressful thought. However it does not need to be as difficult as it might sound. If your toddler is use to being in a pram and now they have to walk, you might be caught with some resilience from them, however in time they will get use to it. There are a few ways that you can make the outing easier on everyone.

Wear one baby

One option if you are not ready to have your toddler walking is to have one of your babies in a carrier on you. This way you are then able to have the other baby in the pram with the toddler in the other seat. This means that everyone is secure and there is no chance of your toddler running off. You can then swap the babies throughout your time out so that they both get some time up close snuggling with you.

Twins and a toddler – Use a harness or leash

Now, a lot of people will say, normally before they have kids that they are not going to use a harness or a leash with their children. I get it. However, this changes once you have kids – trust me. It is not a way to control your child in a bad way. It is a way to protect them and keep them safe. You can get cute little backpack harnesses that have the lead that you can hold onto or strap on to the pram. This method means that your toddler is able to have their independence and walk, but they are doing so in a safe way. You can keep them as close to you as you like, or give them a little bit of leeway to go a bit ahead of you.

Read more about these here: Backpack harnesses and wrist leashes for twins or triplets

leaving the house with twins and a toddler

Pram attachment for twins and a toddler

The pram companies have now clued on to the fact that people have more than one or two children and at times will need to go out on their own with all of them. They have created a few different attachments that you can connect to your pram for your older children to use. There are seat attachments so that you can clip it on the back of the pram and they have their own little seat. Or there is also a skateboard like attachment where they can stand at the back of the pram and act like the are skating along with you.

These are handy for toddlers that are not ready for walking long distances yet and need a break throughout the trip.

Ask someone to come with you

Why not make your outing into one where you can catch up with a friend or family member? Obviously you wont be able to do this every time, but if you are able to have an extra set of hands there to help you with your toddler than it makes going out so much less stressful. Your toddler can walk holding their hand or in an additional pram pushed by them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone knows you have multiples and a toddler to handle, they will be more than willing to help you out.

how to get out of the house with newborn twins and a toddler

Bring snacks

Snacks fix everything! If you need to use snacks to help keep your toddler in line whilst you are out, then go for it. Let them know that if they are good and listen that they can have a snack. Remember snacks don’t need to be unhealthy foods. Things such as dip and carrot sticks, biscuits and berries are all exciting foods that may help to keep your toddler listening to you during your time out.

The most important thing to remember when leaving the house with your twins and toddler is that it is okay if it does not go to plan. Don’t stress out if you are having a hard time. Take a step back, breathe and try again. Ask for help if you need it and try your best to enjoy your outing.


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