Presents for three year old twins and triplets

present ideas for three year old twins

When it comes to buying presents for three year old twins or triplets, as always, it depends on the situation. Should you get the same same, or same but different or totally different?

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Easels make a fabulous present.  Inspire your budding artist with the tolls to create masterpieces for years to come!!!  ThEasels make a fabulous present.  Inspire your budding artist with the tolls to create masterpieces for years to come!!!  There are so many different types to choose from, but its not really a present you can just get one of. Regardless of your aspirations that one child will happily paint on one side, while the other draws on the chalk board, I can guarantee that that won’t happen!!!   They will all want to paint….AT THE SAME TIME. Trust me.


presents for 3 year old twins

Don’t have room for multiple easels?  Check out these MegaSketcher and AquaDoodles.

Twinfo tip:   MegaSketchers are great for the car!!


presents for 3 year old triplets


Three wheeled scooters are a great way to introduce your little ones to the joys of scooting.  Scooting is great for kids.  It helps them develop balance, promotes muscle development, coordination and decision making skills. 

Scooters allow you to get out and about as a family.  The parents can walk, and the kids scoot.  Fresh air, sunshine and good times!

Shop for SCOOTERS here.

twin presents two years

Don’t forget the helmet!

Shop for HELMETS here.

presents for triplets two years

Vuly trampoline

A Vuly trampoline offers the perfect platform for an endless supply of high-energy trampoline games.  And being a multiple, it means you always have at least one jumping buddy.

Trampolines are a great way for your children to have fun while increasing their muscle tone.


present twins aged three

Funsquare Modular Play Sofa

These have the benefit of being practical AND fun. 

Funsquare Play Sofas are designed with little (and big) kids in mind to encourage interactive learning through open ended play. Build your own tree house, race a racing car or jump through crocodile infested lava pools, all in the comfort of your own home.   The Fun Square has the advantage that you can purchase additional bit for it, perfect for birthdays, or even for Grandparents or Aunts and Uncles to buy.

Shop for FUNSQUARE here.

ideas for presents for two year old triplets

Aqua Play

These were one of my inquisitive childrens favourite toys.  And mine! Splashing in water always makes kids happier.  And with the Aqua Play your kids can learn while playing.  Principles of cause, effect, as well as movement and direction are learned.  Regulate flow thanks to the hand crank, children can determine the flow directions and speeds in the water channels. So boats can get faster or slower

All Aquaplay waterways are compatible and can be extended at any time. So it is the ideal gift for all multiple birth families for future presents, or combined presents from other family members.

Shop for AQUAPLAY here.

3 year old twin christmas gifts

Vuly Swing Sets

There’s no such thing as too much fun with our Vuly swing sets and playsets. These customisable swing sets are designed to last and grow with your family.

Swing sets have been an iconic Aussie staple in backyards for decades. Using the Hills Swing Set as inspiration, Vuly have truly pushed limits with thier award-winning kids swing set. With a thicker, more durable powder-coated steel frame than competitors, the Max swing set comes with dozens of fun add-ons and accessories to customise how you play.

Shop for VULY SWING SETS here.

combined presents for three year old twins

Musical Instruments

Everyone knows that music is good for you.   Albeit when you have an impromptu jam session with your tribe of three year olds it can get a bit noisy!!!

At the age of three, you can start to introduce some more refined instruments, like a keyboard and a drum kit. 

Shop for KEYBOARDS here.

third birthday present twins

Shop for DRUM KITS here.

twins aged three birthday ideas


While being a multiple means you always have a built in buddy, sometimes you need a little bit of space.

A Teepee allows each child to have their own private space, for those moments when they need some quiet time.

Its also a great place to read some books about twins or triplets!!

Shop for TEEPEES here.

triplet birthday presents age three

Buying presents for three year old twins and triplets

Buying presents for three year old twins and triplets can be difficult, as there are SO many things out there these days and when you are buying two or three of some items it can get very expensive! . I hope these gift ideas have been useful. 

While the below blog was written with Christmas in mind, it is still very relevant to third birthdays.

Surviving Christmas with Multiples.

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