A natural triplet birth story. Triplets born at 33 weeks

natural triplet birth story

Author: Danielle Lyne

Where to start really?

We had 2 girls who at the time were 3 and 8 months. We thought we would try for one more as we really wanted a boy to finish our family off. First month trying and we conceived. The first ultrasound is one I will never forget. As the wand was put on my belly I immediately saw 2 sacs. I gasped and said ‘oh no’ my ob put the wand back on my belly and then we saw 3. I swore….a lot. All 3 babies looked great with nice strong heartbeats.

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My triplet pregnancy story

My pregnancy was pretty smooth sailing. We found out at 17 weeks we had 3 boys. All separate sacs and placentas. We were warned of preterm labour and expected the boys to be here between 28-32 weeks. Week 33 rolled around and here I was measuring 54 weeks and feeling ginormous.

My natural triplet birth story

My doctor came and saw me and gave me the stretch and sweep of all stretch and sweeps then said to get walking and once I’ve had a couple of contractions they would move me to a delivery room. I walked and walked and walked.

My mum and partner left about 9:30pm as there was nothing happening.

10:30pm contractions started. Straight down to l&d and 2 frantic calls to get my mum and partner back up. Partner had to drop out 2 girls at his sisters house on the way.

1am it time to start pushing. The first baby, Baby A, came out at 1:42am head first. Baby B was footling breech born at 1:52am. Baby C was also footling breech. To get him out my ob was elbow deep in me trying to get him to come down. Thank god for epidurals! He was born at 1:59am. Their weights were
A 2.1 kilos
B 2.5 kilos
C 2.1 kilos

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My pregnancy and labour was an amazing experience.

I would do it all again tomorrow. My boys ended being in hospital for 17 days for feeding. After pumping for the first 2 weeks we switched to formula as it was all a bit too much for me. We went from being a family of 4 to 7 overnight. They were pretty content little babies and we never had any issues health wise thankfully. It was super hard at times especially at night time but we knew it would be.

Dealing with all the questions from people about our triplets

The comments when out with the kids were constant. Even doing food shopping every second person would stop us and constantly ask questions….some very personal-were they natural? Did you have a c-section – did you breastfeed. The worst one of all was an older man asked me what I did in a previous life to end up with triplets. To me, it felt like it was said in a nasty way.

Then there are the people who take sneaky photos of them. I would demand they delete them. Don’t take photos of my kids.

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Where are they now?

The boys Jet Jai and Jagger are now 5! They are the best of friends and I hope they always love the special bond they share. I have found them easier to look after as newborns then 3,4 and 5 year olds haha. But at the same time we have loved watching them grow into the cheeky loveable handsome little boys they are today. I wouldn’t be without them for anything.

When the boys were 3 we wanted to have another baby. We fell pregnant with twins. Twin girls. Perfect text book pregnancy until 24 weeks when sadly one of our girls passed away without any explanation. At 37 weeks I was induced. Very bitter sweet and such an emotional day. I often wonder if our surviving twin feels like she is missing something.

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Note from Twinfo: Danielle has very kindly agreed to write her story about the loss of her twin girl. You can read that story HERE.


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