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Veer Wagons

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When it comes to outdoor adventures with young children, parents often find themselves facing a common challenge - how to navigate rough terrain while keeping their little ones comfortable and safe. This is where spring wagons come to the rescue. Designed for families who love to explore, these versatile and durable wagons offer a unique combination of functionality, style, and ruggedness. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of spring wagons, exploring their history, features, benefits, and how they can enhance family adventures.

So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a thrilling ride!


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Veer: The Pioneer of All-Terrain Adventure

Veer is not just another pram brand - it's a movement that encourages families to push the limits of outdoor exploration. Scrapping convention, the Veer team crafted a rogue, safety-approved, all-terrain vehicle that can tackle any landscape with ease and style. The Veer Cruiser’s innovative design offers the best of both worlds - the functionality and safety of a premium pram combined with the ruggedness and fun of a wagon.

Perfect to get your multiples out and about no matter the terrain.

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Features that set Spring Wagons apart


All-Terrain Performance

One of the key features that make spring wagons stand out is their ability to handle any terrain. Equipped with large rugged tires and front suspension, these wagons can smoothly navigate gravel paths, sandy beaches, and even uneven surfaces. The robust construction and durable materials ensure that they can withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures.

Veer: Versatility

Spring wagons are designed to adapt to various situations and needs. They can be easily transformed from a pram to a wagon and vice versa, allowing parents to switch between pushing and pulling modes effortlessly. This flexibility is especially valuable when manoeuvring through tight spaces or tackling steep inclines.

Spacious and Comfortable Seating

Unlike traditional prams, spring wagons offer ample seating space for multiple children. With the capacity to accommodate two or more passengers, these wagons are perfect for families with twins, triplets, or siblings of similar ages. The contoured and vented seats provide optimal comfort, ensuring that little ones can enjoy long rides without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

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Veer: Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for parents, and spring wagons are designed with this in mind. They meet or exceed safety standards, providing peace of mind for families. The wagons are equipped with 3-point safety harnesses to secure children in their seats, preventing any accidental falls or injuries. Additionally, the wagons are compatible with infant car seat adapters, allowing parents to safely transport newborns.

Easy Manoeuvrability

Navigating through crowded spaces or tight corners can be a challenge with traditional prams. However, spring wagons are designed to offer excellent manoeuvrability. With adjustable handle heights and an ergonomic grip, parents can easily steer the wagon with one hand, making it effortless to navigate through busy streets, parks, or even shopping malls.

Convenience and Storage

Spring wagons come with a range of convenient features that make outings with children a breeze. They are equipped with cup holders and snack trays, allowing parents to keep essentials within reach. Some models even have additional storage compartments for items like diapers, wipes, or toys. When not in use, these wagons can be folded compactly for easy storage and transportation.

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Veer accessories

The Veer has a massive range of accessories.  From car seat adaptors for newborns, to travel bags and all weather covers Veer have you covered.

And their rear storage basket is enormous!

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Twins and veer wagon


The Veer Cruiser

The Veer Cruiser is the original premium pram and classic wagon crossover. It combines the best features of a pram and a wagon, making it the perfect companion for outdoor adventures. With its spacious seating and rugged design, the Veer Cruiser can handle any terrain while keeping your little ones comfortable and secure.


Spring wagons have revolutionized the way families experience outdoor adventures. With their all-terrain performance, versatility, and spacious seating, these wagons offer a unique blend of functionality and fun. Veer, the pioneer of all-terrain adventure, has taken the concept of spring wagons to new heights with their innovative designs and commitment to quality and safety. Whether you're exploring the backcountry or navigating city streets, a spring wagon from Veer is the perfect companion for your family's next adventure. So, gear up, embrace the wild, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. The world is your playground, and the spring wagon is your ticket to endless family fun.

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