Twins conceived using clomid (serophene) | Twin birth story

twins conceived with clomid

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Behind the apprehension of being parents to twins, we were filled with love and joy and relief that we were growing two healthy little baby boys. Having a bit of a pained history trying to conceive and losing a few of our precious little creations along the way, it seemed fitting to be bringing to life not just one beautiful baby, but two!

Twins conceived using clomid

We had conceived our twins through the drug serophene (more popularly known as clomid), that helps stimulate ovulation. A side effect of the drug includes conceiving (fraternal) multiples due to the release of more than one egg. Due to our history, it is a bit annoying when people ask “do twins run in the family” (the apparently polite way of asking if they’re natural or not), as it dredges up the past which is not really anyone’s business unless I decide it is!

We turned to the drug at the advice of our obstetrician after my cycles had completely blown out as a result of the trauma / hormones of our last pregnancy loss.

Thankfully my twin pregnancy was completely boring. I had no morning sickness, and all the scans came back with wonderfully amazing results. I didn’t really have many side effects of pregnancy besides a few weeks of a very uncomfortable PUPPP rash, some reflux, and growing bigger and bigger by the minute!

clomid and twins

37 weeks pregnant with twins

At 37 weeks in the middle of summer, I was hugely uncomfortable. It was was hot, I was massive, and just all around exhausted. And I was more than ready for my boys to come. I headed off to my checkup and was (perhaps wrongly?) relieved to hear my blood pressure was way too high and my elective cesarean was being brought forward to TOMORROW! I could barely think for the rest of the day, let alone sleep that night! Excuitment had taken hold and I was so wired,  and so thankful that I could put aside all of the pregnancy anxiety because I would finally be bringing my boys into life!

I turned up to the hospital bright and early for surgery, and everything went so smoothly. I remember thinking about how “easy” a cesarean was while i was on the operating table (and now I laugh at that thought when I think about the following recovery!). My boys were born not long after and both came out healthy and screaming and it was such a surreal moment to have them finally in my arms.

Twins born at 37 weeks

We were all so lucky that the boys could come and room with us straight away. The week in hospital was a blur, it was the busiest time of my life in between feeding and settling our bubs, the million hospital staff that all come in and do various things, and the visiting hours.

It was wonderful to finally be back into our house with our new additions to the family. The weeks & months that followed were certainly challenging, there were times of absolute exhaustion, a lot of tears (from all of us!), a lot of uncertainty and lack of confidence. We slowly found our feet, and now at 6 months we have reached a pretty good point, found our confidence and our parental stride! I don’t imagine this will ever be “easy”, but there are lots of moments of absolute joy, happiness, and love! I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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