Twin Talk – Crytophasia – in Multiples

twin secret language

Do your multiples appear to have a secret language?

It can look like they are using their own little language to speak to each other than no one else can understand. Well – they are. The official name for it is cryptophasia, more commonly known as Twin Talk. Cryptophasia translates to secret speech and that is exactly what they are doing, secretly speaking to each other.

Multiples are known for the way that they interact with each other and the special bond that they have with each other. It is a beautiful thing to watch and can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Crytophasia is more than just speaking in secret to each other. Some multiples are able to interact and understand each other in more ways that just speaking. They mirror each others actions, using actions to get their message to the other twin and then the secret language which we can spend hours trying to understand and get nowhere with it.

twin talk in triplets

How common is Twin Talk?

Studies have shown that up to 50% of multiples use this secret language to communicate with their sibling at one point or another, creating the special bond for years to come. The reason that people believe that the twin talk is the way it is with twins is because they are able to communicate with each other they do not feel the need to try and interact with the outside world as much – their sibling is their world in a way.

Crytophasia can have both positive and negative affects on the twins and their development.

Using the twin talk between themselves helps to build their relationship and the bond between them and many twins grow up and continue to be very close to their mirrored counterpart.

However studies have also shown that there have been links to language delays in some twins and their development slightly behind. Some professionals believe that this can be linked to the twin talk and the fact that they are not wanting to learn to communicate and interact with the outside world as much.

Once your multiples start to learn and speak the normal language their need for twin talk decreases and they begin to use proper words and communication techniques to communicate with their twin and family.

Crytophasia in twins

Tips for parents experiencing Twin Talk

While it is cute to see your multiples chatting away in their own secret language, you should always encourgae correct speech.

Some way to do this include:

  • Read to them, as much as possible. 
  • Repeat back to them the correct words once they have finished speaking, putting an emphasis on the incorrect words.
  • Don’t let one multiple speak for another.  Encourage each child to speak for themselves.
  • Split them up for playdates etc.  By encouraging them to interact with other children while their sibling is not with them will ensure they have to use correct language.
  • Ask open-ended questions

Should you need more advice on overcoming twin talk, our friends at SPOT Therapy can help.

Crytophasia can also differ between different sets of twins

To you and I the twin talk may sound like gibberish and not make any sense but to your multiples it is a real way of communicating and they know exactly what the other is saying. Twin talk can also differ between different sets of twins. Talk that can be understand by their own sibling may not be able to be understood by another set of multiples.

Being a multiple comes with a lot of great and exciting perks including being able to share clothes, maybe even trading places to play tricks on your family and friends at time. Twin talk is just another one of these great perks and one that will help to build a lasting relationship between your multiples for years to come.

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