Twinterview with 32 year old identical twins – Kimberly and Jemma

adult twin relationship

Adult twins Kimberly and Jemma are 32 years old.   Twinfo recently interviewed them about their twin relationship.

Jemma lives on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia while Kimberly is currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

Are you identical twins or fraternal twins?

J – Identical

K -Identical

What do you like best about being a twin?

J – She is my other half, someone I know who will always love me and be there for me no matter what.

K -That you always have someone to support you – a permanent best friend!

What is the worst thing about being a twin?

J – The comparisons! No one would ever talk about normal siblings being the ‘nicer’ one or the ‘smarter’ one! It is just plain rude, particularly when this is said directly to you both and it is very possible that we can both be equal in our ‘niceness’ or ‘smartness’ or whatever it is we are being called at the time!

K -The fear that anything bad would ever happen to her.

identical twin relationship
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What differences do you have to your twin?

J – I am more anti-social I think! I like to have a small but close group of friends, while Kimberly is a social butterfly and makes friends wherever she goes! Kimberly is more of a gypsy- she has lived multiple lifestyles in our 32 years whereas I have lived one haha!! I admire her bravery in tackling new things and I love that she always has my back, even when I’m being a pain in the ass!

K -We lead very different lives at the moment, she has a family and a mortgage, and I am single and living overseas. She is lovely and kind and worries a lot more than I do. I am quite blunt and take more risks.

What are other people’s reactions when they first meet you and find out you are a twin?

J – Always pleasantly surprised and want to know more about Kimberly and our relationship. We are fiercely protective of each other.

K -They are surprised and excited! They always want to see a picture of her. Some people think it’s weird.

How often do you contact each other?

J – It has been a little bit harder as Kimberly is in Canada but we very rarely go more than a few days without talking… I have 3 small boys too which means I can’t always pick up the phone when I want to! It can range from multiple times a day to every few days…

K -At least once or twice a week now (it was nearly every day but the 17 hour time difference is hard).

identical twins

How often do you see each other?

J – At the moment not much! I wish Canada was closer! But when Kimbo is in Australia perhaps at least once a month or so (we lived 2 hours from each other and I have had three babies over the past 5 years so it was harder to schedule).

K -Now it’s once every year, when I was living in Australia it was roughly once a month (we lived 2.5 hours apart).

Do you have other siblings?

J – Yes, we have an older brother. I love him so much but as Kimberly and I have shared so much of our lives in each other’s pockets, having the same friends and also being the same gender and doing the same things, I think we are closer – we shared a womb!!

K -Yes, an older brother (2 years)

What career path have you taken?

J – I work in the tourism industry and digital marketing, while Kimberly has worked in the media – and is currently working in the finance industry. Even though they sound quite different there are definitely parts which overlap – we were both working in government roles – however Kimberly is much more driven, successful and organised than I am!

K – I am an Executive Assistant at a financial management firm currently, but my career is in the media / broadcast industry.


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