12 ways to protect the Christmas tree from twins or triplets!

Christmas tree and twins

Christmas is a magical time for children of all ages, so naturally they will be drawn to the tree.   This is no doubt causing you some extra stress as you worry how on earth you will keep your multiples from destroying the tree.

Don’t worry, as always, Twinfo has you covered.    Here are our top 12 ways (in no particular order) to protect the Christmas tree from twins or triplets!

1.      Don’t put one up!

 Now before you start calling me the Christmas Grinch, this won’t appeal to everyone.  But for some families it makes perfect sense to not put one up.

We decided not to put one up for our twins first Christmas.  We were going away over Christmas, and we were too sleep deprived to even care about a tree.  Neither of us could summon up the extra energy required to out it up, nor could we fathom the thoughts of having to pack it away!   So, we just didn’t bother.  Our twins were 6mths old.

Alternatively, decorate your living area with lights and ornaments, to give the full festive atmosphere, but just don’t use an actual Christmas Tree.   There are several great alternatives you can use as a tree.

Alternatives to a Christmas tree when you have toddlers

2.      Felt tree.

A felt Christmas tree is a fun way for even the smallest family members to be included in the decorating festivities.  Felt Christmas trees can be attached to a wall or window, and you don’t need to worry about protecting a Christmas tree from twins or triplets!

Alternatively, you can have both, a real tree and a felt one, but use the felt one as a redirection tool from touching the “real” tree.

3.      Just tell them not to touch it!

I can see you rolling your eyes as you read this.  However, you may be surprised.  A firm “no touching” may work.  You just need to be consistent from the start and tell them that the tree is only for looking at.    Or allow them to touch it, but just gently.   

Hopefully they will understand.   It’s a bit like the oven.  Most children understand from a very early age that they can’t touch the oven.

4.      The progressive Christmas Tree

Put the tree up with no ornaments for a few days.   Let them get used to it, and then slowly add ornaments, starting at the top and working down.  

Ensure that all the glass ornaments and fragile or sentimental ornaments are at the top, and then place the ones you don’t mind them playing with on the bottom.

5.      The hanging Christmas Tree

A trend that is becoming more popular is the “hanging Christmas Tree”.  While you take a minute to picture this in your head, let me tell you that it is a surprisingly great idea. There are no worries about children (and pets!) bothering it, and it is keeps it out of peoples way.  Plus makes cleaning around it easier!

This obviously only works though if you have an area in which it would work.

Hanging Christmas tree

A growing trend is the “upside down” hanging Christmas tree.

6.      Just let them touch it

Let them touch it, let them feel like it is their tree as well!   Christmas is about letting them join in. They can decorate it however they want, even if it’s not perfect. Let them hang some felt ornaments, or even plastic ones on the bottom half of the tree and let then rearrange them. 

You may find that they even add small toys of their own sometimes, which is very cute!

7.      DIY ornaments

Depending on the age of your multiples, maybe consider leaving the store-bought ornaments in a box this year and having a few fun DIY craft sessions.     If your twins or triplets are really into craft, then consider hand made ornaments.  Think paper chain link garlands, paddle pop stick stars, paper doily snowflakes and other easy Pinterest ideas.

paddle pop ornaments

That way if they pull stuff down and damage it you won’t be broken hearted.

DIY decorations for the Christmas tree

Obviously if glitter gives you more heart palpitations than the thought of the Christmas tree itself, then this option isn’t for you!

8.      Put the tree in a different location to its “usual” spot

 You may choose to put your tree in a different location where it was more visible for you and out of their play area.    That way you can keep a better eye on it.   This may even be on the deck, or in the dining room, rather than the loungeroom.

Hopefully, this will help protect the Christmas tree from twins and triplets while allowing you to still enjoy its magical presence.

9.      Pop a playpen around the tree

While this is an obvious one, sometimes the big bulky plastic play pens can and ruin the “look” of the tree.  There are lots of different play pens out there these days, so you may find one that won’t interfere with the aesthetics too much! 

A play pen also has the added bonus of keeping any presents ‘safe’ from prying little fingers as well. 

If you don’t have a playpen, then another option is wrapping some large heavy boxes and placing those around the tree, to form a barrier of sorts.

saving the Christmas tree from twins

10.      Only use the top half of the tree

One solution to preventing helpful little hands from reaching the tree is to only put branches on the upper half of the Christmas tree!   Be warned though, you will need to secure it, as this may lead to some “pole dancing” practice from your littles family members.

This is also a good solution for those of you who also have pets who want to get in on the Christmas tree action.

11. Put the tree out of their reach

Another way to protect the Christmas tree from twins or triplets is to put it out of reach by placing it up on a coffee table.  Pop a pretty tree skirt on as a festive table cloth which will cover the table legs.   You can then put some of the presents in front of the tree on the coffee table and some were on the floor in front of the table.

12. Buy them their own tree

Purchase a cheap tree just for them.  Then go through your decorations and give them the soft and unbreakable ones and put them in a box of their own.   By letting them have full control of their own tree you will hopefully find that they won’t touch the main tree.    They will love decorating “their tree” and the bonus is they can re-do it as many times as they like.

how to distract twins from the christmas tree

Safety tips for Christmas trees and twins and triplets!

Regardless of which option you choose, always make safety your number one priority. Here are a couple of tips to help you make your Christmas a safe one.

Ensure that the tree is attached to the wall somehow to prevent the tree being knocked over or pulled down.

String lights (and tinsel and anything else on a wire or chain) up and down instead of wrapping around the tree. That way, if they do pull on them, they will just come off instead of pulling on the tree.

You can read more tips on how to survive Christmas with your multiples HERE.


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