Nicknames for twins and triplets

nicknames for triplets

Recently on the Twinfo Facebook page we were discussing nicknames for twins and triplets. There were so many great replies that I decided to share them with you.

There were certainly some common themes.

The classic Twin A and Twin B or Baby A, Baby B and Baby C were an obvious forefront runner. However, did you know that there is a medical reason for this?

cute nicknames for twins

Classically Baby A was always the label used for the first baby born. However with todays amazing technology, the babies need to be correctly named while in the uterus. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, this is to make sure that each baby is tracked and plotted correctly against itself, as opposed to its wombmate. Secondly, It helps if congenital defects are picked up via ultrasound while the mother is still pregnant. Thus the babies are now all allocated names at the first ultrasound. For example, Baby A.

It can also be very important immediately post birth to know which baby is which, in case one requires immediate treatment. Therefore in prenatal ultrasounds the baby positioned lowest in the uterus is named Baby A, and Baby A will be the first born in a vaginal birth. It does happen that the babies can swap positions though, or alternatively during a c-section, and Baby B is born first. Regardless of the birth order it is essential that the babies keep their original labels.

Nicknames for twins

Many of the popular Twin nicknames incorporates the word “twin” in it somehow. Examples include:

• Twinadoes
• Twirlys (twin girls)
• Twinnie winnies
• Twinkles
• Twinnigans
• Twits
• Twinjas
• Twinnies
• Twinzies
• Twinnigans

nicknames for twins ideas
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Other popular names seem to be the result of the chaos that multiples are so good at leaving in their wake. For example:

• The Cyclones
• Hurricane XXX and Hurricane XXX
• Heckle and Jeckle
• Des and Troy
• Search and Destroy
• Chaos and Mayhem
• The Monsters

Nicknames can also come from their digestive traits!

• Pooey and Spewey
• Spewy McGooey

A unique way of giving them a nickname is to combine the two first names:

• Willma – a mixture of William and Emma
• LewLaw – a mixture of Lewie and Lawson

Other common ones that I have heard in the past or were mentioned were:

• Jelly and Bean
• Apple and Banana (A play on Baby A and Baby B)
• Pink and Blue
• Dynamic duo
• Mr Men
• Bill and Ben (the flower pot men)
• LT and RT or left twin and right twin
• B1 and B2
• Peanuts – two nuts in a shell
• Cheech and Chong
• Bert and Ernie
• Thing one and Thing two
• Tweedledum and Tweedledee

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Nicknames for triplets

Interestingly, when it comes to triplets the theme is similar in that many of the “popular” triplet nicknames incorporates a number three in it somehow. For example:

• The Triangles
• The Trio
• The Trilogy
• The Triplicates
• The Trips
• The Trebles
• Tricklets
• Triple Treats
• The Twiplets (commonly used if there are a set of ID twins and a singleton that make up the triplets)

Some other popular triplet nicknames were:

• The Bettys (ie The alphabet – Baby A, Baby B and Baby C)
• Peanut, Butter and Jelly
• One, Two and Three
• Huey, Dewey and Louie
• Rock, paper, scissors
• Cut, copy, paste
• The boys
• The girls
• The sisters
• The brothers
• The kids / kidlets
• Three Musketeers
• Three Amigos
• The Three Stooges (or Moe, Larry and Curly)
• Search and Des and Troy

So there you have it……..A fun list of nicknames for twins and triplets.

Regardless of their “cute” nicknames, always try to call multiples by their individual names and don’t refer to them as a unit. Just because they shared a womb and most share a birthday, they are all individuals.

nicknames for triplets ideas

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