Guess with finesse: my favourite gender reveal ideas for twins and triplets

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Author: Amy Lucas, Tylumo Creative

Ooh, boy or girl? If you’re answering this question more than once, then go big with your gender reveal! I’ve rounded up the ultimate collection of gender reveal ideas to announce more than one baby.

Up, up and away on your multiple birth gender reveal

This one is a classic, but when you’re doing it twice (or three times!), the effect is magical. Balloon reveals can take a number of different forms – from single balloons filled with coloured confetti, to boxes filled with helium balloons that burst to life, to the family dog streaming across the backyard with a coloured balloon tied to their collar.

You can have plenty of fun with these reveals and they don’t require a huge amount of time or money. Another great twist on the balloon reveal is a themed photograph of you and your partner holding one balloon of each colour – this is the perfect opportunity to tie in a pregnancy photoshoot with the big announcement. You can check out our photography service providers here for some inspiration.

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Layer it up – the ultimate cake reveal ideas

I love a good cake reveal. Cut into the cake as everyone cranes their neck to see the pink or blue filing. But with twins or triplets, you can have a double or triple layer filling that takes this to another level. If you’re expecting a combination of genders, this one works especially well as you’ll be adding layers of different colours.

This is a relatively simple and cost-effective option, but does require a bit of pre-planning. If you want to take it a little further, enlist the help of a local baker to create a generous multi-layered cake or split the cake into two or three coloured sections, so you can cut into it more than once!

Not into big cakes? Try cake pops. Hand these out to your guests and as everyone bites into them at the same time, you’ll have some hilarious reactions as they look around excitedly to see what colours are revealed! Keeping your guests waiting until just the right moment to take a bite will be the hardest part.

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The answer is right under their noses. Gender reveal ideas for twins and triplets

Love puzzles or a good game of trivia? If you’re planning to do your gender reveal at a baby shower or other celebration, this is a great chance to work the answers into some fun games. This will no doubt bring out the competitive spirit in your guests, and you’re sure to get some laughs as everyone fights to get the answers first.

You can use crossword puzzles, word searches, trivia games or charades to spell out the answers – the possibilities are endless!

This is a great option for anyone who has a little bit more time to plan their gender reveal and wants to get really creative. You can also keep any game cards and answers, and include them in your babies’ memory books for an extra special touch.

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Siblings are the sweetest – getting older children involved in your gender reveal

There is something very special about getting your other children involved in your multiple birth gender reveal. They might be too young to understand how their lives will change with more than one little sibling on the way, but they can definitely get involved with the celebration.

Try a coloured T–shirt or singlet, or coloured hair bows. Hand painting is also a great option. You can reveal the newest artwork with two or three very special coloured handprints framed on the wall.

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You can stand under my umbrella, baby

Another cute option, and a relatively simple one, is to get creative with umbrellas. You can design these reveals in many different ways. From coloured confetti that flutters out as you open the umbrellas over your head, to standing under a clear umbrella whilst coloured paint is poured over the top (a slightly messier option!). You can also try lining the inside of an umbrella so that the colour pops out from underneath as it’s opened.

This is also another great option if you have siblings or other children you’d like to involve. They will have an absolute blast standing under the umbrellas as they rain down in confetti.

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Double or triple the classics: Gender reveal ideas for twins and triplets

Looking for more gender reveal ideas for twins and triplets? These ones can easily be adapted to a multiple birth:

  • Confetti cannons – pre-order the requisite number of pink or blue cannons. For a twist, try ordering a different colour and loading those ones up first, just to keep your audience waiting a little bit longer! 
  • Matching shirts or onesies –  printed baby shirts or onesies can be revealed at a baby shower or celebration, or in a photo shared with your family and friends. This is also a very sweet opportunity to announce the multiple birth itself, if you haven’t already, or to announce names if you are revealing those.
  • Nursery reveal – if you’ve gone all out on your nursery styling and decor, you can share a special photo or video as you open the door to the room, revealing not only all your hard work, but who’s going to be sleeping in there. This one is a super cute option if you have names on the wall already too.
  • Artwork – looking to add a special piece to your home or nursery? Why not commission a piece from a local artist that incorporates the colours you need? Or have a go at painting your own masterpiece?
  • Pinata – not just for kids parties! Use 2 or 3 pinatas filled with coloured items and let your friends and family go bananas as they try to smash through for the answers.
  • The ultrasound – with approval from your doctor, you can record the ultrasound as you find out the answers. Alternatively, share a photograph of your latest ultrasound picture with a pink or blue heart. Simple, but cute.
  • The sweet little moments – if you want something low-key, then consider recording a video of you and your partner opening the envelope for the first time. This is the perfect way to share the moment together. Plus you will have that memory to show your babies too.
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Gender reveal ideas for twins and triplets: The extra special touches

If you want to be surprised too, leave all the planning to a close friend or family member and give them free reign to plan the reveal as they see fit. Your family and friends will get a kick out of seeing your reactions. And no doubt the person you trust to organise it will keep you guessing until the very last minute!

Haven’t told anybody you’re having twins or triplets yet? Why not tell them at the gender reveal? This one is a sure recipe for some stunned reactions. Just make sure you have someone recording for you. You’ll definitely want to capture and replay all of those moments!

Do you have a unique multiple birth gender reveal story you’d like to share with Twinfo? Get in touch for the opportunity to be featured on the blog and tell your story!

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