Disadvantages of Twin Side by Side Prams

doorways and twin prams

Choosing a pram is a stressful, but necessary, part of twin pregnancy (I haven’t forgotten you triplet parents – yours is coming!!)

This is part two of our twin pram series where we will be covering the advantages and disadvantages of side by side and inline/limo prams.

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As mentioned in the previous article, the main thing to consider when choosing a pram is your lifestyle.  Work out what you need your pram to do for you, and then work backwards from that list.

In this blog post we are going to talk about some of the disadvantages of choosing a twin side by side pram.

prams for twins side by side

Doorways and shop aisles with a twin side by side pram

Let’s talk about the biggest disadvantage first.  Doorways and shop aisles.  According to the building code in QLD the clear opening needs to be 850mm (or more) when the door is open.  However, this is not always the case!   

Please note: I have not checked all remaining states and territories in Australia and I have no idea about shop aisle code.   But let me tell you now, even a single pram is almost impossible to get through Chemist Warehouse and the likes!!

Frustratingly some prams simply will not fit through certain supermarket checkout lanes, doorways and shop aisles.

disadvantages side by side pram twins

The fighting, the snack stealing, and all the other fun things twins can get up to

A twin side by side pram can mean that your twins have free access to each other.  While this can lead to the “cute” moments showcased in the advantages of side by side prams, more often than not it may lead to some more disagreeable moments such as snack stealing, toy stealing and general arguing between your twins.    I’m sure you have all seen the image of the triplet Dad who popped carboard between the car seats of his triplets to stop the fighting!

 If you haven’t, you can see the photo HERE.

The weight of a twin side by side pram

Unlike most inline prams the seats in a double pram do not generally come out when you fold it up.  This can make lifting it in and out of the car quite a strenuous exercise. A 4WD car may not have the “lip” that a sedan has in its boot, but generally this means you need to lift the pram higher to get it in the back.  And a sedan style car generally has a lip that you need to lift the pram up and over to place it in the boot.  Considering twin side by side prams weigh approximately 15kg this can be a significant disadvantage for some people.

choosing a pram twins

The folded size of a twin side by side pram

One thing to consider is how much space the pram takes up when it is folded.  You need to measure your car boot. Remember, you will still need to fit in the nappy bag, groceries plus other general paraphernalia that you may keep in your boot.

It is also worth thinking about where the pram will be stored in your home when it is not in use.  Will you keep it set up, or will it be stored folded in a cupboard etc.

Footpaths can sometimes be difficult to navigate

Again, footpaths etc should be a simple thing to navigate, but sometimes there is no consideration in regards to the placement of lamp posts, street signs and kerbs etc.  The simple combination of a kerb and a lamp post may render your ability to push your babies safely on the footpath. 

twin side by side pram

Its “obvious” you have twins in a twin side by side pram

When you have two babies in a world facing twin side by side pram it is VERY obvious you have twins.  So you will be stopped 99 times each time you go to the shopping centre to be asked:

*Are they twins?

*You’ve got your hands full!

*Are they identical?

*Did you do IVF?

*I guess you had a c-section?

*It’s a shame you couldn’t breastfeed them as they are twins?

*Do twins run in the family?

*Which is your favourite?

*Better you than me!

*How do you tell them apart?

Of course you will be asked these questions constantly anyway – but a twin side by side pram means well-meaning little old ladies can spot you a mile away!! 

We hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any questions about twin side by side prams, please leave a comment below and we will be happy to help!

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