My calm twin birth

Calm birth for twins

Author: Melanie Geary

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with fraternal twins, my dreams of a natural calm birth felt like it was slowly slipping away.

The only stories I had heard of were c-sections, or an attempted vaginal birth then emergency c-section, and very premature babies to top it off. I was petrified and spent the first few weeks considering just booking in for a c-section rather than attempting vaginal at all.

Thankfully my midwife was so supportive of my wishes for a natural delivery, as was the obstetrician that oversaw my pregnancy (if twin A was head down). The hospital strongly recommended an epidural and considering up the pro’s and con’s to this was on my mind for months. I was also concerned as I was a public patient I would get whichever obstetrician who was there on the day and they might try to change my birth wishes.

The preparation for my calm twin birth

I prepared like you would for any birth, lots of positive affirmations and learning to trust the process and my body. By 36 weeks I didn’t think I could go on, I was in such physical pain and I was getting very nervous for the birth. I made it to 36+6 weeks and my waters broke spontaneously at 8.30am Sunday morning. I couldn’t believe it was happening! 

My husband and I spent the day relaxing, going for walks and then I began to feel feel contractions around 5pm. We arrived at the hospital at 7pm, rested in birth suites and got checked around 8.30pm and was already 5cm. I couldn’t believe it the contractions were barely painful I could talk through them and they simply felt like mild period pain. 

Twin A was head down and twin B was transverse so the go ahead was given for a vaginal birth.

I kept envisioning the calm twin birth I was hoping for and tried to be as positive as I could even though I was very nervous.

I had decided to get an epidural as I didn’t want a general anaesthetic in case of an emergency for twin B so the epidural was placed at 9pm. For all my worries the epidural was actually beyond easy and painless I couldn’t believe it. I could still feel everything, could walk and move my legs. It just took most of the pain away. I felt in control and very ready to smash this birth out!!

My calm twin birth

I got checked at 2am and I was 9cm, so my midwife starting organising the doctors for delivery. We were so excited. Around 2.45am doctors and paed’s came in to deliver as I was feeling so much pressure down in my bottom. I began pushing and two pushes later our little girl River Lyn was born. The room was full of laughter, cheering, smiles and most of all it was calm. There was no fear; it was only positivity and encouragement.  I had a quick cuddle before she was taken to be checked over on the table next to us.

The doctors had ultrasounds on my stomach to see what position Twin B had taken since there was all that room for her to potentially spin. She began to go head down, so they eased her down with some gentle movements and told me to tell them when I felt pressure in my bum again.

They broke her waters and she engaged with some help from the doctor. The doctors told me I had to start pushing again to get her further into the birth canal, and another two pushes later Hunter Lily entered the world.

twins calm birth

We were over the moon. They were both perfect and my calm twin birth couldn’t have gone better. The girls both got delayed cord clamping and plenty of skin to skin. Both needed help with getting mucous out of their lungs as they were born very quickly.

twin birth calm birth

River weighed 3.15kg and Hunter was 3.69kg!! There was no NICU time and the girls stayed with us the entire time, when we were all discharged on day three. Their calm birth was everything I had dreamed of and more.

twin calm birth

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