Bathing newborn twins or triplets

bathing twins

Author: Hannah Jarman

Congratulations, you’ve brought your twins (or more) home! Now the reality has hit you and you’ve realised you need to bathe them! So how do you do it?

Here are five options for bathing newborn twins or triplets, from one multi parent to another!

outdoor bath for multiples

Freestanding bathtub

For those early days with your tiny newborn this is definitely one of the easiest options. You can set it up on a bench or table so you’re not having to bend down whilst you’re recovering and you get full range of access so your little one can enjoy their time floating in the warm water.

Want something like this for longer than the newborn stage? There are some great options like the Shnuggle that can be used up until 12 months of age (or more depending on their size).

how to bath newborn triplets

Bath aid in the bathtub

There are a great variety of options available for this nowadays that I’m sure our parents and the parents of older multiples wish existed back in their day. Whether they’re unrestrained bath supports or proper bath seats (or even high chairs to make the clean up easier) there are so many choices to bathe your multiples one at a time or together.

From the Angelcare bath support, to the bathing chair, a high chair seat to pool noodles in a laundry bag the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination.

bath aids for newborn twins

Bathing newborn twins or triplets freely in the bathtub

Once they’re moving around too much or able to sit up unassisted it may be time to move to bathing without any support. They can lay on their back and enjoy the sound of the moving water or may want to sit up and show you how good they are at splashing. If you’re worried about them getting cold whilst laying on their back, place a wet cloth on their stomach to keep them warm.

Doing bath time by yourself? Set your other multiples up in a swing, rocker or their high chair with some toys where you can keep an eye on them so you can focus on one baby at a time.

Bathing newborn twins or triplets freely in the bathtub

Bathing newborn twins or triplets in the laundry or kitchen sink

It may seem silly but not every house has a bathtub so if you’ve got a baby that is sitting up why not use the biggest sink in your house. This could either be in the laundry or the kitchen. Make sure you put some anti-slip mats in there if you’ve got an adventurous future escape artist on your hands!

Bathing newborn twins or triplets in the laundry or kitchen sink

In the shower

In this day and age so many of us have the removable shower heads or can control the stream so why not make bath time a bit of fun and set them up in the shower. This one also comes in handy when you and your multiple need to urgently shower after they take a swim in a poo they did during some nappy free time… not that I’m writing from any experience.


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